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Rohann Smith rohannsmith4343@gmail.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Mobile: +27 78 848 2576

Sales & Operations Consultant

Passionate about Delivering Value, Saving Time and Creating Consistent,

Repeatable Results. Divergent Thinker. Intrepid Leader. Problem Solver.


• Adaptable, Patient, Firm Leader • Soft Skills, EQ & Diplomacy on all

• Balanced, Articulate Communicator Levels of Company Hierarchy
• Sales - Prospecting, Filling Pipes, • Consistency in Performance
Presenting, Negotiating & Closing • Creative Problem Solver
• Expert in Generating Rapport and • Disciplined in Setting and
Trusting Relationships with Clients Achieving Goals, KPI’s and Targets
• Composed & Present Listener • Clear and Calm Decisions in
• Competent Public Speaker Tough, Pressurized Situations

Task Competency (In Order of Relevance)

• Identifying and Correcting Wastes in Production, Manufacture and Work Execution

– Ensuring every possible resource is used with the aim of 0% waste
• Prospecting, Negotiating and Closing Sales of Products & Services in New and
Existing Market Segments - Keeping a full pipeline -NON NEGOTIABLE- and
ABC (Always Be Closing)
• Developing, Testing, Implementing Procedures that Lower Operational Costs and
Improve Profitability of the Organization – Transforming outcomes & profits by
gradual, compounding persuasion of people who naturally resist change
• Creating new and Improving Existing Methods of Delivering Value to Clients and
Prospects – Always Ensuring the Organization Keeps a Sharp Edge in USP’s,
Customer Service, Innovation and Solution Delivery
• Training Staff on Operational Procedures, Systems and Standards – Focusing all
Eyes on the Same Goals, Vision, Expectations and Outcomes.
• Achievements: Managed 4000+ Solar Installations, Maintained 40+ Retail
Outlets, Offices, Restaurants. Grew Xula 13% in 1st year of operation.
Sold/Co-sold ±R 44m of product in 18 years (Average R11k per sale).

Work Experience

Xula Consultants - Director Sep 2015 – Present (3 Yrs, 10 Mos)

Solco Pty Ltd - GM Operations Dec 2002 – Jul 2015(15 Yrs, 6 Mos)


• College Dropout with 18+ years of autodidacticism and practical experience.

• Permanently growing Udemy, Google & other course certifications.