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1. Entrance

There’s 7 doors in Istiqlal mosque with named after Asmaul Husna (good names of Allah
SWT). And divided into main entrance and supporting entrance. The main entrances are the
doors with name Al Fattah, As Salam, and Ar Rozzaq. And the supporting entrances are Al
Quddus, Al Malik, Al Ghaffar, and Ar Rahman. Those entrances lead to main building for pray.

2. Buildings

The buildings in Istiqlal mosque, divided into main building and supporting building. The
main building usually use for praying and the supporting building can also be use for praying if
in the main building can’t hold the prayers.

1. Main building

The main building with 60 m height, 100 meters length and width is a mosque with 2
floors. The first floor use for offices for Islamic organization, meeting rooms, maintenance room,
toilets, and rooms for wudhu. The second floor, there’s a main room for praying and a wide open
terrace use for pray Ied Fitri and Ied Adha if the main room can’t hold the prayers.

The room for prayer in the main building can hold the prayer until 200.000 people which
is divided into rooms. The main prayer room included balcony and the wide open terrace can
hold at least 61.000 prayers. This main room for praying headed to Mecca and the wide open
terrace headed to National Monument. In this building, there are spaces, such as:

1. A space for Imam to lead the prayers and also a pulpit for Imam give his speech
2. The huge dome with 45 m of diameters and it symbolize the Independence of
Indonesia and propped by 12 pilars which symbolize the birth of Prophet Muhammad
SAW. Under the dome, there’s a calligraphy of Surah Yasin by K.H. Faiz.
2. Supporting building

A supporting building with 52 m height, 33 m length and 27 m width is a 5 floors. This

building use for transition to main building and also can be use for a prayer room if the main
building is full with prayers. The room in the supporting building can hold 8.000 prayers. An
open terrace in the 2nd floor can hold 50.000 prayers and all of the corridors in the building can
hold 81.000 prayers.

This building has useful spaces, which is:

1. A huge terrace with 29.800 m wide, use for Ied Fitr and Ied Adha prayer, religious
events, and a preparation for Hajj. It can hold at least 50.000 prayers.
2. Corridors with 165 m length and 125 m width.
3. The tower with 90 m height (6.666 m for the body of the tower and 30 m for the
pinnacle)use for Muadzin for Adzan. The number 6.666 is symbolize the ayat in the
Holy Qur’an and 30 symbolize juz in the Holy Qur’an.
4. Ground floor use for offices of Islamic organizations, offices for maintainers of
Istiqlal mosque, toilets and room for wudhu. And room for praying is in 1st floor.

3. Facilities

Istiqlal mosque offer many facilities for the prayers, such as:

1. Library. Even this library don’t have many books like other Islamic library, it can
facilitate the prayer who want to read a book about Islam and it can be a place to wait
for Shalat.
2. Elevator for disable. This elevator is very useful for disabilities because it can help
them go to the prayer room easily and this kind of elevator is very rare in any other
3. Madrasah or school. Maybe it quite confusing why this mosque has school in it. This
mosque has it, from kindergarten to junior high school.
4. Clinic. The maintainers and the prayers can use this clinic. It offer general meditation
and generic medicines. Only bring the ID card, the meditation is free of charge.
5. Employees cooperatives. It run like any other cooperatives and also it provides daily
things like rice, sugar, soy sauce, ketchup, flour and etc.