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The Pyke Syndicate is a criminal organization of spice dealers based out of their home world of Oba

Diah, a system located just outside the Kessel Run. Their reach in the distribution of spice extended
throughout the galaxy. The Pyke Syndicate was led by Lom Pyke and made up entirely of members of
the Pyke species. The organisation had formed an alliance with Shadow Collective, a criminal
syndicate formed by Darth Maul and Savage Opress during the Clone Wars.

Recently, a Nikto Bounty Hunter, tasked with transporting a shipment of spice, absconded with the
shipment, costing the Pykes a lot of money and some reputation. While The Pykes wanted to make an
example of this Bounty Hunter, it was soon discovered that he was using an alias. It was also
discovered that the Bounty Hunter had ties to the Black Sun criminal organisation.

The Pykes have therefore hired the PCs to travel to the galactic capitol of Coruscant, find their way
into a Black Sun facility, steal the data that will reveal the true identity of the Bounty Hunter, and
deliver it to their contact on planet, a Besalisk slicer named ‘Chopper’. Once the data has been
analysed, and the name of the Bounty Hunter established, the PCs will need to track down the Bounty
hunter and deal with him...