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There are many different definitions but you can think of Nahuales as Mayan spirits. Your
Nahual is assigned to you at birth and has a heavy influence on your character and
misdemeanor much the same way the zodiac does. Each Nahual is associated with an
animal of importance to the Maya as well as associated traits, qualities and tendencies.
Within the Mayan culture it is said that each one is related to an animal that is who
directs him, as a guardian angel, someone with whom he identifies himself, with whom
he is spiritually connected. It is also said that each person is even born with the spirit of
an animal, and this is responsible for protecting and guiding the person.
B’alam Kitze’
The energy of fire



This archetype is motivated by a powerful craving for new experiences and will do almost
anything to avoid boredom and entrapment even if it means not knowing what might be
coming next. Highly individualistic, the Explorer gains self-understanding by discovering
the reflected self in the external world. Ultimately the Explorer strives to be authentically
true to the self, while reconciling a way to still belong to the world.

An intrepid traveler whose quest for meaning is characterized by bold, dynamic, risky and
adrenaline-charged challenges. Thriving on the unknown, the Explorer is in constant
motion journeying internally and/or externally. Has a deep-seated need to tangibly feel
and experience the realness of life and is after the thrill of simply being alive and the
development of a perspective gained from the accumulation of real-world experiences.
Enchanted by the diversity of great stimuli available from culture, science and the arts,
possesses an underlying belief that life is a ready treasure trove of experiences. The
fascination and curiosity with a wide breadth of knowledge creates a sense of urgency to
enjoy the next place, person or thing to learn about, sense and explore. Is capable of
success across diverse domains and a groundbreaker able to courageously leave behind
the known for the promise of what might be. This archetype creates the path rather than
looks for it.

Open-minded, ambitious and relentlessly honest, this archetype exudes energy, faith and
creative potential, connects with the inner self and finds inner meanings by exploring and
questioning both the external and internal environments and epitomizes the call to find
meaning and is on a path to find wisdom and truth wherever it may be.
B’alam Aq’ab’
The energy of earth


With an aura of organization and order, this archetype is a model of proper behavior
while exuding an untouchable quality of privilege and royalty. Under constant public
scrutiny, the Sovereign is controlled, watchful, measured and cautious with words and
deeds. This archetype is connected with tradition and status, and it exemplifies dignity,
benevolence and serenity.

Motivated by the desire to bring people together to see disputes resolved, adeptly
navigates organizational complexity, astutely reads people and situations and promotes
long- range thinking. This archetype values continuity, harmony and stability. Public
relations expert, trained listener and sensitive mediator, the Sovereign is known to have
an easy manner characterized by charm, persuasion, tolerance, patience, skill, good
judgment, multilingualism and peace making. Idealistic with a strong sense of personal
honor and an inherent need for balance and fairness, is driven to manifest its vision of the
fair and just distribution of power. Commonly, this archetype is the family head of a
hierarchical structure providing oversight, governance and protection. Adept at
managing and distributing duties, the Sovereign is expected to attend to, defend and
protect those in its custody, even if that entails forsaking personal needs. Demonstrating
self-control, experience and command, inspires in others a sense of security, certainty,
respect and assurance.

Representing power and control, is naturally motivated to lead. Able to successfully drive
a vision in pursuit of challenging circumstances within constantly changing contexts, this
archetype calls on individuals and society at large to step up and take responsibility for
the world we create. Understanding that with great power comes great responsibility, the
Sovereign is generally forthright, direct, grounded and powerful.
The energy of air


Through the ages, people have sought the advice and counsel of Sages, given their
ability to transcend the personal in order to discern and uncover symbols and signs
hidden in life’s challenges. With a foundational identity attachment to the belief that
thinking is what defines the human experience and that truth is the ultimate goal, this
archetype is motivated by independence, cognitive fulfillment and a serious need to
know. The Sage possesses great knowledge gained from deep experience and is
immersed in the inner land-scape of knowledge and contemplation, practices non-
attachment and usually has achieved some level of transcendence from the material

A tireless bloodhound who, at the symbolic level, ventures into the deep psychological
recesses where the answers to people’s behavior live. Possesses a keen sixth sense and is
guided by a need to uncover and understand by finding and fitting together the puzzle
pieces of life so that knowledge and truth are served.Is essentially a teacher and trainer
who supports not only learning but also character development in order to prepare
others to meet life’s challenges, Additionally, the Sage is a good listener who can hold a
large container of seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces. With an empathetic voice of reason
and a developed capacity for hearing limiting beliefs, this archetype represents the wiser
qualities within us, often acting as a secondary conscience by offering gifts for others to
use along their journey.

With an overarching desire to be of service to humanity, the Sage is able to access

various states of consciousness, perspectives and ways of seeing, motivated by the
single-minded dedication to the path of enlightenment, no matter what the cost. This
archetype can facilitate the release of limiting ways of thinking by offering experiences
that trigger strong responses to changes in sensory input. The Sage can be described as
the messenger of meaning since naturally draws on the language of archetypes to cross
boundaries of gender, culture and time to tap into meanings that are universal to the
human race. Characterized by high intellect, cognitive discernment and a strong intuitive
capacity, this archetype is motivated by a fascination with how people create meaningful
lives for themselves.
Ik’i B’alam
The energy of water



Driven to understand the fundamental laws of the universe in order to make dreams into
reality, the Magician connects to experiences of synchronicity, flow and oneness, with a
curiosity about the hidden workings of the universe. The Magician associates and aligns
with truth to create mutually beneficial outcomes. Using ritual and forces from above and
beyond, the Magician manifests ideas into reality, transforming the earthly plane for

Known to be dynamic, influential, charismatic and clever, this archetype has a highly
evolved perspective and an ability to view the world through many different lenses. The
Magician is a knower of secrets who moves effortlessly between inner and outer worlds,
innately understanding energy dynamics, seasons, the stars and the soul. Driven by a
selfless desire to work for the greater good, as a source of change, this archetype can
improvise novel approaches to life’s puzzles and mysteries and its brilliance powerfully
removes obstacles. A long-term thinker, this archetype shuns shoddy solutions rife with
ugly externalities and is dedicated to the highest order of truth and the pursuit of elegant
theory and formal proofs. A change agent, skilled at converting one kind of matter into
another and interpreting symbols, the Magician  can turn negatives into positives, muck
into miracles and fear into courage. Is considered to be spiritual, mystical and
mythological. This archetype has the highest and purest longing to understand spiritual
forces, this longing attracts an immensely powerful light of a very high vibration into the
heart of the Magician.

Possesses a unique blend of the scientific and the spiritual and is motivated by the
potential to create a new vision of the world. This archetype is willing to experiment and
is known as an opportunity hunter. With head in the clouds and feet on the ground, is
characterized by rigorous research and development, willpower and imagination. Is a
trend spotter, able to smell high-potential concepts a mile away. Possessing high
intellect, infectious curiosity and passion, and great powers of observation and insight, is
able to champion new ideas and inspire teams to pursue them. With a natural inclination
to change current realities, the Magician enables change by alleviating general fears of
the unknown, communicating visions of what could be, what might be possible to
motivate others to accept change.