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Belgard® EVN

Antiscalants for Seawater Distillation Plants

Description Usage
Belgard EVN is a liquid product for the control of *Please consult with your BWA Water Additives
alkaline scaling (calcium carbonate and representative to determine optimal dosage
magnesium hydroxide) in all types of seawater recommendations for your system.
distillation plants. Belgard EVN is a neutralised
aqueous solution of a synthetic polymer based Packaging / Weight
on hydrolysed maleic anhydride. Used alone or Drum 550 lb 250 kg
in conjunction with a sponge ball cleaning
*Consult your sales representative for availability.
system its effectiveness has been demonstrated
in distillation plants operating with top brine
Physical Properties
temperatures up to 120ºC.
Appearance Pale amber liquid
Application Odor Slight
Solids content 40-45% w/w
Belgard EVN can be used in all types of o
Specific gravity 1.26 to 1.30 at 20/20 C
distillation plant but is particularly suitable for
use in multi-stage flash plants. pH 8.0 - 9.0
Boiling range 100 - 102°C (213-217°F)
Belgard EVN is a neutralised aqueous solution (760 mm Hg)
of an organic acid. There are no special Freezing point 0 to -10 C
requirements regarding materials of Solubility in:
construction of dosing equipment. -Water Miscible
Appearance Pale amber liquid
Recommended injection points are either into
the seawater make-up line after any external Further details are available in the safety data sheet
de-aeration and decarbonation equipment, or
into the recycle brine stream at a suitable point
after the blowdown and typically into the
discharge of the recycle brine pump.
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