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Monday, April 29, 2019

Otso Diretso slate

in full force in Gebu
BY WENDELL VIGILIA proclamation rall;. presidential elections in 2016 to Taloot, Argao
Cebu has at least 3.08 million then Davao City mayor Ro&igo Latet in the aftetnoon, the slate
ALL eight opposition senatorial votem as of December 2018, or Duteite who received at least P1 1 . attended an event of the Ahon
candidates urider the "Otso Di- about five petcent of the total milLion votes in the province. Laylayan Coalition at the Plaza
retso" slate campaigned together national votes. Roxas, te electionist Sen. Paolo Independencia in Cebu City v'here
yesterday io Cebu, apparently Some of t}le Otso Ditetso bets Benrgno 'tsam" Aquino, Rep. Ga4. they were joined by Robredo.
dras'n by *re huge number of r'-ot- campaigned in the province earlier Alejano (PL, Magdalo), human "All Cebuanos wete invited to
els in the ptovince. Last month, former president tights lz*1'er Jose Manuel "Chel" attend dre er.ent, especially *rose
The Cebu sortie, which rvas only Benigno "N o,r'oo-r'" Aquino III Diokno, formet solicitor genetal who tequested to heai the (sena-
the second time the opposition joined the opposition slate but Floria Hilbal', election lawl'er Ro- totial) candidates that we're sup-
bets sho-l'ed up in full fotce, was .failed to rrin the support of local mulo N{acalintal, former Quezon porting," she told a weekly radio
held with litde or no suppott fiom officials. Rep. Loreozo "Etin" Taiada, program before the event.
local ofdcials. Aquino woo big in Cebu when and Marawi clvic leadet Samira The Vice Presiddnt did the same
The first reas in Naga City, he ran for president in 2010 but Gutoc campaigned at the Plaza tlLinglast February21 when she ac
hometorvn of opposition leader Manuel A. Roxas, formet intedot Independencia in Cebu City in the companied some members of the
Vice Presideot Irni Robredo, last secretarv ald now one of the Otso afternoon after a multi-sectotal
' )
February duting the Otso DLetso's senatorii candidates, badly lost the dialogue at the a coveted court in See OTSO Page 83

OTSO of local suppotg saying it forces change" frreled by ordinary folk.

elected of6cials to sr{tch 1o-tl-le Macalirrtal, Robredo's counsel
slate in Cebu City during a dialogue party of the winning president to io tie electoral complaint 6led
with the same coa.lition. secute rheir political interests. against her by former senator
'qWe understand local ofGcials. Ferdinand'Bongbong, Marcos
UPHILL BATTLE, It's nothing oew, really that those Jr, said a caodidate's victory lies
who are in favot of the admtris- in the haads of votels and rrot
The opposition's campaign in ttation are doing so because v,.e local politiciaos.
Cebu is cleatly ao uphill batde be- dont have a strong political system. "If they (adoinisttation) are
cause the former Liberal Patty has They can rransfer from one pa.rty saying that Cebu's elected of6cials
lost many of its allies to the now to anodrer in otder to secute tle are fot them (admioistration ben),
ruling PDP-I-aban palty. political interest so we can't blame then so be it. To me, drougb, what
Mandaue City Mayor Luigi them," he said. wete after is the real voters of the
Quisumbing, for one, a former But Alejano said many local province of Cebu," Macalintal
LP member, endorsed the admio- officials are secredy backing Otso said.
istration's Hugpong ng Pagbabago Diretso. Gutoc asked local executives to
senatorial slate while Cebu City Hilbay said that even as local ex- allow Otso gandidates to campaign
Mayor Tommy Osmeia is no ecutives seem to be shutting their in their areas and to endorse them
Ionger allied with the LP because doors to Oso, the opposition is if possible.
he was seen campaigning with re- able to counter the "hakot" crowds She asked that they be notaftaid
electionist Sen. Grace Poe, who is of the administration senatorial of having their internal revenue
an independent. candidates with its own "hugot" allotmens (RA) kept from them
crovrds ot those vrho are faustrated ot having thei names included in
NOTHINGNEW vrith the administmtion. the so-called narco list.
He said the opposition's voluo- "Don't be aftaid, governor,
Alejano said campaigning with teers are making a difference be- mayol Please consider that the
no suppolt ftom local of6cials is cause they "ate making a noise and Otso Diretso is already endorsed
nodring knew for the opposition are very dedicated and comrnitted by yout CathoJic bishops secredy.
slate rvhich is being shunned by to the catnpaign of Otso Diretso." So please, If you're rcal leaders,
local allies of t-lre administration. Taiada called thi opposition's please represent the interest of
He blamed the couatry's weak campaign a "people's campaign," yout community and not the Presi
political patty system for dre iack saying it's a "movement for dent's," she said.

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