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Cody Baird

11 Maple Bay
Lacombe, AB T4L 1V5

April 28, 2019

Corrine Thorsteinson
Assistant Superintendent of School (People Services)
Wolfcreek Public Schools
6000 Highway 2A
Ponoka, AB T4J 1P6

Dear Corrine Thorsteinson:

Please accept my application for the role as vice principal at Ponoka Secondary Campus.

In order to work in PSC I believe the successful candidate must possess three specific traits:

 They have to be able to form meaningful relationships with the entire school community
 Be able to lead and move people
 Have passion /energy for the building and its people

My life at PSC expands and changes as I develop as an educator. I was first hired 8 years ago into the
school as a classroom teacher where I was assigned English and CALM courses, with the support of some
expert leaders. Our school entered a re-modeling faze and I first spread my visionary wings working with a
grade specific team as a grade 9 generalist, where we were able to collaboratively change what education
looks like for our team. We created everything from our own common assessments, class lists,
collaborative cross curricular projects to our own time table. The school again changed as we took the
grade 7 and 8 students from Diamond Willow, and instead of working with those expert teachers at grade
9 I was put as one of the lead teachers who formed the grade 7 team where we made literacy a big focus.
After I pursued my passion, and entered the phys-ed department. Here I was able to work collaboratively
with like-minded people trying to create assessments and a new identity for athletics, while starting some
new literacy interventions like read 180 outside of PE.
Corrine Thorsteinson
April 28, 2019
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Currently I am the PE department head working to focus the PE department and our curriculum around
character education, while still using read 180 (now as the lead teacher) to support our struggling literacy

I believe I am the right fit for vice principal, as I have been able to:

 Go on numerous PD opportunities specific to what our school needs

 I have worked closely with First Nation students, parents and communities over my 8 years and
each year dive deeper with my staff into First Nations Culture
 I have been growing and collaboratively working in a leadership PLT where I am being placed
into leadership opportunities like acting admin and department head so I am able to practice my
leadership skills, while helping others with theirs
 I have made incredible relationships with staff and students to create a culture that is safe and
 I have made PSC a place where I have “hung my hat” as I have started football programs and
have contributed so much by helping build programs like literacy

In the end, PSC has an amazing staff, students and building… they need to be supported in their visions
and moved toward identifying and reaching their school goals.

I have worked over the years to create the relationships with the school community, and have established
myself as a leader within the school. I’m ready for my next challenge as I’d like to move the school and
staff forward on their adventures, as I take mine. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cody Baird