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Page 463-471

• The Infamous Decade

o the thirties in Argentina because Great Depression, 40% unemployment and famine, road to WWII,
general/conservative control
• Tariffs
o On imported goods, except for those from British
• Malvinas/ Falklands
o Argentina wanted back from British, didn’t get it
• Self-Sufficiency
o Want to make Argentina able to take care of itself
• Estancieros
o Latin American land owner, grasslands of Argentina
• Plaza de Mayo
o October 17h to show support for Peron
• Women’s Suffrage
o 1947, under Peron
• Judicialisma
o Peron’s unique philosophies, ideas, justifications of his rule
• Class Harmony
o Focus energies on the nation rather than division
• Constitution of 1949
o President has right to serve any number of terms, increased presidential scope
• Declaration of Economic Independence
o Early years of Peron, now self-sufficient Argentina, paid off debts
• Desacato
o Contempt for authority law to jail anti-Peron
• Peronize
o Individual rights/ political freedom eroded
• Conflict with the Catholic Church
o Education by making secular, welfare for state, public welfare (divorce)
• Roca-Runciman Treaty
o No tariffs on their goods and output quota of beef
• State-led Industry
o The state controls all of the jobs
• Hemispheric Defense
o Defense against communist aggression
• Ministry of Labor
o First job of Peron, settled disputes for the union workers
• Descamisados
o Part of political process, party of urban lower-class works (things improved for them), pro Peron
• Eva Peron Foundation
o Donate in name of Peron, parallel to welfare state (unions, businesses, government, hospitals,
clinics, schools), more popular than Juan
o Big union in Argentina, Trade Union Confederation, tied to Peron
• Personality Cult
o Juan and Evita, mass media for heroic public picture
• Nationalization
o State’s Rights over private property; of bacnks, telephones, railroads, docks
o Government monopoly of exports (buy domestic products at fixed low prices and sell high abroad)
• Austerity Program
o Peron’s popularity decreases as he decrease pay and wage freezes for unions
• La Comunidad Organizada
o Extension of government control over unions, schools, etc; Peronize Argentina, mass media
• La Prensa
o Newspaper for Argentina, burned down and out of Business, returns pro-Peron
• Removal from Power
o Ousted in 1955, due to Evita’s death, Peron leaves, people call im back briefly, new dancer wife
becomes president