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Asking Direction

In aSking Direction we are given a way to ask a question to ask where a place is.
Consider the following expression:
 Where is…?
 Would you please tell me how to get to ….?
 Could you show me the way to ….?
 Can you tell me which direction to …?
Giving Direction
In Giving Direction or what is known as responding to a question asked by someone
(who incidentally does not understand a place) to someone who already knows clearly
the location of the place. There are 2 (two) kinds of responses, including:
a. Positive Response
Notice the following terms:
 Yes, of course
 Certainly
 Yes, sure
 Go ahead
 turn left
 pass this street
 go down this street
b. Negative Response
Notice the following terms:
 No, I’m sorry
 I don’t either know
 I’m a new comer
Miftahul : Hii, good morning.
a girl : Hii, good morning, can I help you, Sir?
Miftahul : Yes, I am still finding my friend’s home.
A Girl : Do you have a map?
Miftahul : No, I don’t. She just gives this address
A gril : May I see?
Miftahul : Yes, of course. here you are
A girl : Pelita treet? Ok. From here you must go on this street, if you find the
intersection, you have to turn left. you will pass Al-Hilmah Bulukarto’s mosque. and you
will see the orange home, that is your friend’s home.
MIftahul : Thank you
A girl : By the way, you can follow me
Miftahul : Thank you so much
——(after some minutes later)—-
A girl : follow me
MIftahul : Hmmmn but I want to meet Mira
A girl : Wait me.. Miraaa
MIraa : Yes, aunty.
Miftahul : MIraa, is this that your aunty?
Mira : Yes this is my aunty. please come in. thank you aunty, have
accompanied him
MIftahul : thank you so much
A gril : your welcome