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| (Caarse)| ete . “arte TRANSMISSION SERVICE INTRODUCTION ZF 4HP-22 ‘The ZF 4HP-22 is found in the BMW, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Lincoln Marks (diesel 1985) and current Jaguar vehicles. It is an automatic overdrive 4 speed transmission with a converter clutch. This manual covers the hydraulic controlled unit as well as solenoid identification and shift pattern for the electronically controlled version. The basics are the same on the computer versions, less the valve bodies and sensors. This revised edition contains drawings of both the electronic and hydraulic valve bodies. Common orifice and check ball locations are shown for both. The information and part numbers contained in this booklet haye been carefully compiled from industry sources known for their reliability, but ATSG does not guarantee its accu- ROBERT D. CHERRNAY ‘TECHNICAL DIRECTOR DALE ENGLAND WAYNE COLONNA FIELD SERVICE CONSULTANT ‘TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR ED KRUSE PETE LUBAN, ‘TECHNICAL CONSULTANT ‘TECHNICAL CONSULTANT JIM DIAL DAVID CHALKER ‘TECHNICAL CONSULTANT ‘TECHNICAL CONSULTANT JERRY GOTT MARIO ARISTIDES ‘TECHNICAL CONSULTANT TECHNICAL CONSULTANT GREGORY LIPNICK ‘TECHNICAL CONSULTANT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 9200 S. DADELAND BLVD SUITE 720 MIAMI FL 33156 (305) 670-4161 Canyyou chance picking up today's mushrooming tech- information job to job’ by the seat of your pants ? ATSG is the tech service that spends all day every day making sure it has up to the minute information on foreign and domestic computers and hydraulic controlled transmissions. ‘Allof this is available toyou in bulletins, manuals, videos, hot line service and tech training courses. Ithelps to belong to a tech service... but belong to a tech service that helps. Call 1 (800) 245-7722today and let us tell you why your choice should be ATSG. That number again for subscriber Information Is: 1 (800) 245-7722 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 9200 S. Dadeland Bivd. * Suite 720 * Miami, FL 33156 * (305) 670-4161