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I have graduated from BIT Mesra,Ranchi in Electrical and Electronics

Engg. During My B.E., I felt an attraction towards Control system which

led me to
study more the subject (includes books,published papers,websites study
materials) and to discuss with the professors and
batchmates.They,especially professors,
were impressed and suggested me to lead my career on research and
academics in this field.My interest for the subject has helped me to get
to know more, Still
I believe that my knowledge in this domain is limited.I want myself to
grow in terms of knowledge on earlier technologies and an eye on newer
technonologies as well
which is only possible under the right guidance and helpful environment
for reasearch and academics.Considering these all the things , I really
find IIT Madras to
be an appropriate place where I can meet the professors with abundant
domain knowledge.

I find design of control system interesting specially designing and

tuning of various PID controllers.Control systems are the itegral part of
many modern technologies
.They will keep playing the leading role in the industry and the
designing and tuning of these controllers have the great impact on the
control of linear as well non-linear systems and on efficient response
too.I really want to study and to collaborate on new evolutionary
techniques of PID controller designing and tuning which helps now and
would help further to get efficient parameters for the controllers to
greatly inhance the controlling efficiency of Non-linear systems.In this
I had my final year project on this only where I studied and did the
simulation for one of the evolutionary technique : 'Genetic Algorithm'
and I did some research too.

I genuinly believe that Controll Engg Dept at IIT Madras will help me to
learn and to grow.I would be studying the parameters affecting the
controlling efficiency and would be optimising the experimental values
after analysis using Matlab computing (coding as well
simulation).Research in Different algorithms is computantinally intensive
and requires extensive computatinal analytical support.This course
provides the necessary academic, practical and preferred education to
help,to learn and to acquire high-tech compentencies and advanced
technological skills in interlinked areas of signal processing ,dynamics
system and automatic control,so it will be great opporunity for me to
join such centre where I can utilize my creativity ( thoughts as well
approach towards solution for a problem) for works in the domain of
control theory.