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MAY 20, 2019

The meeting opened with a roll call being completed and all member clubs being represented
with the following delegates representing their clubs: Cape Cod-Robert Sousa, Bay State- Josh
Bower, E-Conn-Dave Bourque, Oak Hill-Dave Wood, Paskamansett- Jerry Carreau Jr., New
England- Armando Ribeiro, Thornton- Manny Dias, Tri-County-Chris Nye……..


Opens on the current state of the Association and the direction it is going at the end of the
meeting. States he will be stepping down as will the board members due to a recent threat
received from a member of one of the clubs (Bay State). He explains that the Association could
stay together under another set of leaders if anyone wanted to do so but we would discuss this
matter later in the meeting.

He then discussed the importance of the upcoming Federation trial which is being held at Bay
State and the need for everyone to lend a helping hand.

He then makes a motion to spend $250 at Institches Embroidery for a coat for Mike Santos and
George Faria for their recent winning of High Dam and Sire for the 2018 season. To then give
$500 to Bay State to assist with the dinner the Friday night of the Federation trial and Lastly to
give the remainder of funds as a donation to the 2019 Kids Trial. After a brief discussion Larry
rescinded his motion.

He closes his talk at this time.

Open Discussions:

Tony Roderick questions the ability to follow judges through the woods at the Federation trial,
a short discussion ensued, and Jason Wiseman suggested we look into the AKC Rules and have
the Field Trial Committee at the event clarify.

Dave Wood- brings up the situation about Bay State and member Tony Roderick, he states he is
stuck in the middle of it and that Bay State has not amended their ruling after being asked by
Tony to do so, Doug Bower of Bay State suggests there has been no correspondence between
the club and Tony Roderick.

Doug Bower- further states that Bay State has not moved forward with the ruling in the By-
Laws as of this meeting.

Dave Wood- suggests that Bay State step down from the Association as they figure out what’s
what in their club with the current issue around Tony Roderick and the club.
MAY 20, 2019
Mike Santos- further suggests in the best interest of the Association to keep it whole that Bay
State think about stepping down and leave as a club in good standing while they do some house
cleaning with their current issue as it would preserve the Association. Other wise the
Association would dismember, and all the hard work done by the founding members and
current members was for nothing. He then states that Ego’s have gotten us where we are today
and that it’s a sad day for the Association as the only one’s it will affect is the kids.

Doug Bower- interjects and states that Bay State will not step down nor does he feel they
should. He further questioned why this would be suggested in the first place as Bay State has
done nothing wrong.

Jason Wiseman- steps in and states that we should not be talking about the Bay State issue as
it’s a legal matter and should not be up for discussion.

Mike Santos- agrees with Jason and states that we should not be discussing the legalities but
more so make sure the members before dismembering have a brief understanding of why we
are shutting down. He then revisits Doug’s question as why the suggestion would come about.
Mike Santos explains that the suggestion was just that a suggestion and that nobody was asking
or telling Bay State to step down. The suggestion presented was a last-ditch effort to try and
preserve the Association as this was a Bay State issue and not the other member clubs.

Doug Bower- reiterated it was not an option and they were going to remain members until the

At this point a bunch of side conversations took place and this write made it clear he would not
take notes because he wasn’t able to follow all the side comments. After a brief interruption
the meeting was refocused, and the discussion ensued.

The conversation came up in regard to the Association when presented with the letter from Bay
State in regards to a member not in good standing the Association would need to follow their

George Moitoza- states as he reads from his phone the By-law in question is Article 5 Section 2
under Discipline. The following is what was read from the actual By-Laws.

Section 2 :

Anyone found to be suspended from the American Kennel Club , any AKC affiliated Federation ,
Association or beagle club would be considered automatically suspended for the same duration as
their current suspension and must go through the appeal process as outlined in Article # 5 , Section
# 1 regardless of their current status .

Larry Mazza- states his interpretation of the rule is the member is automatically suspended.
MAY 20, 2019
At this point with the documentation not submitted by Bay State the conversation on this topic
ended and the meeting resumed.

Larry Mazza- offers up the current positions for members in the room to step in as a new Board of
Directors for the Association with no nominations or volunteers the last order of business was to
disperse the funds of the Association and dissolve.

Larry Mazza- motions to spend $250 on the coats for Mike Santos and George Faria, seconded by
Tony Roderick, passed

Tony Roderick- makes a motion to give $500 to Bay State for the dinner on the first night of the
Federation trial and to also give the remaining funds to the 2019 Kids trial, seconded by Jason
Wiseman, passed.

At this point the following Board members resigned from their current posts: Larry Mazza
President, Doug Bower V. President, Dave Bourque Treasurer, Mike Santos Secretary, Jason
Wiseman Field Trial Secretary and Robert Sousa as Field Trial Chairman. The Association was
dissolved and all representing delegates, Board members and on-lookers exited the club.

Michael W Santos

Michael W Santos
NEHBA Secretary

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