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Simple Sentence and Compound Sentence Quiz

1. What is the definition of compound sentence? and give 2 examples !

2. Please make 2 examples of compound sentences using conjunctive adverb !

3. Are the following simple sentences are correct or not? How could you change the following to
make correct sentences? Please correct them if you find any mistake.

a) the cherry blossoms are blooming.

b) adam write fourty novel books
c) My father he drinks a cup of coffee.
d) I am an engineer.

4. " When i visit my mother, i eat cookies ". What do you think about this sentence? Is it a
compound sentence? Please give your opinion!

5. Are these following sentences simple or compound or not both?

a) Natasha and I studied and read in the library.

b) Regardless of his intentions, what James did constitutes a crime.
c) I needed to complete my task, but my boss was calling my name.
d) Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a little girl wished upon a star for her wicked
step-mother to be eaten by the evil dwarves inhabiting the nearby forest.
e) Video games and popcorn bring a smile to my face on rainy saturday night.
f) The purchase price of the new equipment was certainly reasonable, but the timing of it
was questionable at best.
g) The doctor advised Heather to either increase her intake of essential nutrients with
vitamin supplements, or risk the health of her unborn baby.
h) Generally speaking, teachers at this institution need to undertake, of their own accord of
course, supplementary training courses outside of school hours in order to enhance their
skills and methodologies and to meet the demands of a new generation of students.