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Emily L.

Self Evaluation Report
Women’s Resources of Monroe County- Direct Services Intern

Executive Summary:

Over the last seven months, I have been given the opportunity to complete my undergraduate
education by gaining field experience as a direct services counselor intern for Women’s
Resources of Monroe County: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling. I have
worked closely alongside clients who are victims or survivors of domestic violence, sexual
assault or child abuse. I have worked on a 24-hour crisis hotline answering to those in need at all
hours of the night, provided emergency shelter, provided legal advocacy and medical
accompaniment to clients, as well as individual counseling. I have connected with a diverse
population, including individuals of all ages and their families.

Since beginning my journey at Women’s Resources, I have completed a 70-hour mandatory
training course in accordance with Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and Pennsylvania
Coalition Against Domestic Violence Standards. I have worked as the “Daily Crisis Worker”
answering hotline calls and assessing walk-in clients for further services. I have completed
webinars and trainings on trauma impacted populations, as well as attended workshops on
trauma informed care. I have also assessed, intervened, and provided emergency housing to
clients in severe and immediate danger.

According to my supervisor’s mid-year evaluation that I have met all the necessary requirements
needed in order to be able to complete the rest of my required field hours, as well as continued to
improve my understanding of clients’ crises. I have always abided by the agency’s mission to
provide peace, hope and end suffering for those in need, as well as empowering women to the
best of my ability.

Areas of Improvement:
During my undergraduate field education work, I have improved in many areas of work and
expanding my knowledge of working with clients in such a vulnerable population, including
emergency help and individual counseling. For example, one of my first nights on the overnight
hotline, I had to provide an individual with emergency shelter. During this assessment, I had
forgotten about a further assessment with the client at the emergency room in order to make sure
they are eligible for shelter, and not in need of other services. After this had occurred, I have
always double checked the necessary steps and procedures in order to shelter an individual and
always check in with my back up counselor and supervisor.

Another area I have continued to improve in is my time restrictions when working one-on-one
with clients. It is recommended to not exceed an hour and a half with a client whether in person
or on the hotline. I have continued to seek supervision as needed in order to learn more skills and
techniques on how to properly bring the session or phone conversation to a close, in order to be
fair to all clients and workers. I continue to utilize these skills, knowledge and areas of
improvement in order to grow and learn in my practice.

Areas for Continued Learning and Development:

As a soon to be college graduate and emerging social worker, there are areas I will continue to
learn and develop in, in order to be the best worker I know how. Some of the areas I still need to
improve in include areas I have stated above. Another area I will continue to learn and develop in
includes “digging beneath the client’s surface,” which is one of the many skills utilized in social
work. This is done in order to get to the main problem the client is dealing with and starting
make improvements from there. I will achieve this by seeking supervisor as needed, as well as
utilizing the skills and knowledge I have in order to maintain a closer professional relationship
with my clients.

Looking Ahead:
Over the next several months, I see myself successfully completing all 400 required field hours
needed in order to receive my diploma. I see myself continuing to seek out supervision and ask
for reviews, as well as move from a 3/5 to a 4/5 on my semester evaluation and review
completed by my supervisor. I hope to continue to work through the client’s crisis with them,
stay within the recommended time frame during individual counseling sessions and hotline calls,
as well as dig into the client’s problems and create a stronger demand for work and the working
relationship. I hope to continue to grow in my career and be the best social worker I know how to