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English Quest III

Proposals for Change

Lobo Entertainment

Proceeding to Your Next Quest  1

Your New Quest  2

New Abilities  3

Quest Guide  4

Reflection  6

Proceeding to Your Final Quest

We are nearing the end of our journey, but there is still much
to be done. I advise you to continue forward with this Quest
with the same strength and perserverence as you have with
the two before it, as you will have a much easier time with the
Final Boss if you continue preparing now.

You have already explored an issue in your community that

is important to you, and in doing so you have ideally learned
a lot about the details of this issue, its causes, and its effects.
Therefore, it should stand that you are in an excellent position
to start work on solving that problem. For this Quest, you
will continue your research on the issue discussed in Quest 2
and develop a thorough proposal as to how this problem can
be solved. In doing so, you will understand the basic format
of a proposal and learn more about the causes and effects of
problems close to you.

Max XP:

Your New Quest
This quest asks you to critically examine the prob-
lem or issue that you were originally spoke about in
Quest 2 and create a solution to this problem. You
will pitch this solution in the form of a proposal tar-
getted to an audience who can help make this solu-
tion a reality. This solution will ideally address only
one (1) potential cause of the issue, and in addition
to focusing on one (1) course of action, your proposal
must include the following elements in the form of a
narrated PowerPoint recorded in Jing:

1. A video PSA or screencast a presentation of your


2. Clear description of the issue or problem

3. Clear audience who can help you with this proposal

4. Present a concrete proposal for change that is feasible

and acceptable

5. Explaination of how and why your solution will ad-

dress the issue you identified

6. A fair assessment and full exploration of the possible

costs and benefits of your proposed solution

7. Credible, appropriate, and properly cited research


In order to get the most out of this Quest, it is impor-

tant to reflect upon the choices you made as you created
your assignment as well as the goals you had for the fin-
ished product. You will gain a better understanding of
how you compose, which will allow you to better learn
and grown within your own identity as a writer and
creator. To successfully complete this portion of your
Quest, you will create:

A document one to two pages in length that begins with

an introduction that describes the rhetorical situation
you faced during this Quest, including the purpose that
guided you, the audience you chose to address, and any
important context surrounding the definition and argu-
ment you produced for this Quest.
The body of this document should focus on your choices
made in order to complete this Quest, guided by the
SLOs specified on the Outcomes Discussion Board. You
should discuss how the rhetorical situation surrounding
this Quest affected your decisions, and provide con-
crete examples of that decisionmaking. Explain why you
chose one strategy over another.

New Abilities
• Visual Magic Upgrade
You are now able to utilize the Visual Magic ability to
create videos that utilize visual rhetoric in contributing
to your audience’s understanding of texts you create.
This ability should be used in conjunction with Audio
Magic, and allows you to create videos filmed with a
camera as well as videos capturing information from
your computer screen.

• Audio Magic
You are now able to produce texts comprised of au-
dio recordings. These texts may incorporate speaking,
music, and other non-verbal sound effects. Addition-
ally, you may use this ability in combination with your
Visual Magic in order to create audiovisual texts.

• Linguistic Magic: Audio Upgrade

Along with your new Audio Magic ability comes an
Audio Upgrade to your Linguistic Magic. This allows
you to utilize aspects of tone, pacing, and emphasis in
your use of language. This allows your audience ad-
ditional understanding of the meaning behind your
choice in language through its delivery.


The Council does not believe you should be forced to

complete this Quest alone, so they have gathered expe-
rienced travelers who can help you learn to harness your
new abilities and stay sharp on your current skills:

• The Sage of Power Point: While you are likely familiar with
this Sage and have trekked the steep path to Power Point
in order to ask for his help, the Council believes you to be
unfamiliar with many of his abilities: he is a master of not
only Visual Magic but Audio Magic as well, allowing you to
incorporate recordings and other audio elements to his pres-
entations, and also is able to incorporate audiovisual elements
such as videos and screen recordings as well.

• Jing: The Wizard Jing has magically trained his mind to

remember and recount exactly your movements as captured
on the screen of your computing device. His services are free,
but he is unable to capture any more than your screen in his

• Youtube Bazaar: If you walk past the stalls of people selling

and reviewing products and playing games, you will find a
practicer of street audiovisual magic who will help you edit
your argument and even keep a copy for safekeeping, which
he will then be glad to share with as many people as you wish.
While he does not charge you for this service, it is important
to read his Terms and Conditions.

• Lynda: an arcane wizard posessing vast knowledge of many

abilities and tools you may need to use on this Quest. You
may find her at

Quest Elements

Components Excellent
Attention to Prompt(15) 15xp
Your proposal includes all elements
asked for by the Council of Rhetori-
Content (75) 75xp
You not only explain your proposal well,
but you also argue as to why it is supe-
rior to other proposed solutions. The
problem itself is discussed at enough
length that the audience understands
the need for your proposed solution, and
there is ample evidence of the feasibility
of your proposed solution.

Organization (30) 30xp

You guide your audience through a
progression of ideas that is not overly
repetitious. Each section makes a
distinct point and includes relevant sup-
porting details and examples. You use
topic sentences, transitions, and other
audience-friendly language to help your
audience follow your ideas and connect
them to your main point.
Ability Use (30) 30xp
You use all of your abilities well, includ-
ing elements of visual and audio design.
Ethos (Bonus ±5) +5xp
There are no errors in your use of lan-
guage or your abilities.
Total 150xp

Good Needs Work
10xp 7xp
Your proposal includes most of the Your proposal is missing many of the
elements asked for by the Council of elements asked for by the Council of
Rhetoricians and is missing no more Rhetoricians.
than two.
50xp 35xp
You explain your proposal well You offer only surface-level insights
enough for your audience to under- into your proposal and the prob-
stand important aspects of your solu- lem you are addressing with your
tion, but do not explain the problem solution. The audience is left with
enough or offer enough detail for the several questions not only on the
audience to understand the feasibil- feasibility of the solution but on the
ity of your proposed solution. need of the solution in respect to the
discussed problem as well.
23xp 15xp
You mostly guide your audience The progression of your presenta-
through your ideas. However, the tion of your proposal is confusing
relationship between sections of to the audience and fails to include
your proposal and the problem it is any supporting details or audience-
attempting to solve may not be fully friendly language.

23xp 15xp
You use all of your abilities, but ele- You do not use all of your abilities
ments of visual design and/or audio on your proposal.
design may have been left out.
0xp -5xp
There are few errors in your use of The number of errors in your use of
language or your abilities. language is distracting.