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Computer Engineering Project –II


ARYA Institute of Engineering& Technology

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
(Rajasthan Technical University, KOTA)


Please note the following:

1) The report should be printed on one side of the page, 1.5-spaced, with wide margins.
2) Your report must be complete when you submit it for acceptance. Pay particular
attention to include:
1. Cover Page as per format
2. Title page
3. Certificate
4. Acknowledgement
5. Declaration
6. SRS
7. Contents page
8. Abstract page
9. Table of contents
10. List of figures
11. List of table
12. Text:
 Objective & Scope of the Project
 Theoretical Backgrounds
 Definition of Problem
 System Analysis & Design vis-a-vis User Requirements
 Methodology adopted, System Implementation & Details of
Hardware & Software used
 System Maintenance & Evaluation
 Cost and benefit Analysis
 source code
 Snapshots
13. Detailed Life Cycle of the Project (or ER Diagram)

Project Coordinator: Er. Manish Choubisa
14. DFD (Data Flow Diagram), All UML diagrams
15. Input and Output Screen Design (Snaps Shot)
16. Methodology used for testing
17. conclusion
18. References

3) Number each sheet consecutively at the bottom of the page (Centre).

4) Headings: Chapter titles start on a new page. Type the chapter number and title in upper
and lower case, centre, at the top of the report page
5) Abstract: A brief abstract should be included before the beginning of the text.
6) Footnotes should be used sparingly and should be placed at the bottom of the page in
which they are referenced.
7) All tables and figures should be centred in the column on the paper. Table captions
should be centred above the table. All figure captions must appear centred under the
8) Good quality white paper A4 size should be used for typing.
9) Page Specification :( Written paper and source code)
 Left margin - 3.0cms
 Right margin- 2.540cms
 Top margin- 2.54cms
 Bottom margin -2.54cms
10) Normal Body Text: Font Size: 12, Times New Roman, 1.5 Spacing, Justified.

11) Paragraph Heading Font Size: 14, Times New Roman, Underlined, Left Aligned.

12) Chapter Heading Font Size: 20, Times New Roman, Centre Aligned.

13) Coding Font size: 10, Courier New, Normal

14) Section numbers as shown are mandatory; font, indentation and main section titles in
bold are merely for clarity here and are optional.

15) The Project Report should be more than 40 pages (excluding coding)

Project Coordinator: Er. Manish Choubisa
16) Soft copy of project& report on CD in a thick envelope pasted inside of the back cover
of the project report.
17) Each and every important page, i.e., Front page, certificates, declaration,
acknowledgement, starting of chapters, snapshots and such similar pages must be followed
by butter paper and transparent sheet, and should be printed on glossy paper.

18) UML diagrams must be constructed in Rational Rose, print out of these diagrams
should be coloured.

19) Each and every page of chapters must contain title of project in footer.

Project Coordinator: Er. Manish Choubisa