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Goal: To identify and utilize my Strengths in an organizational/interpersonal setting that

aligns with the mission, vision, values and sponsored programs and activities of URI’s
Center for Student Leadership Development.

Activity: I participated in a Campus Cleanup through Rotaract

Evidence: A photo of the campus cleanup

Annotation: The Campus Cleanup was hosted by URI’s Public Health Club. We split into
groups and covered a large majority of the campus to cleanup any trash we found. The
program’s goal was to keep the campus clean for the environment and to let the beauty of
our campus be seen to all students on tours.

I used my strengths of Achiever, Arranger, and Responsibility to keep me focused

and collect large volumes of trash. My top strength, Achiever, motivated me to make sure
we did not miss a single piece of trash. On our way to the designated location, we kept
having to stop because we saw all the small trash and could not walk by it. At one point
we ran out of trash bags to put the waste in, I did not want to stop. I wanted to keep going
until our entire area was clear of trash. I used my strength of Arranger to make sure the
campus was clean, and things went according to plan. I also was flexibly and when we
split into groups, I went to the group that had the least amount of people instead of going
with my friends. I also made sure the trash went in the trash bag and all the recyclables
were kept separate. I also evaluated how we could cover the most ground and how much
should go in each bag, before they would rip. That way we could use the least number of
plastic bags possible. My responsibility strength enforces a duty to myself to keep my
campus and community clean and litter free. This being one of the reason I was driven to
service. I was compelled to do the campus cleanup since I have a responsibility to keep
my community clean.

My values of Kindness, Fairness, Teamwork, and Perseverance helped me to

complete this task as well. My Kindness and Fairness helped me to go in whichever
group needed people, versus going with the people I knew. I did not allow my personal
objectives to guide my decisions. My teamwork helped me to work efficiently in a group
setting. I did my part to the best of my ability to not let the team down, and get more trash
cleared. Lastly, my Perseverance lead me to make sure I attended the event. I woke up
that morning feeling ill, but since I made the commitment to be there I made sure to
attend. When all the groups recollected at the dumpsters, I felt a sense of accomplishment
due to completing the task.