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Dalton Lawrence

Ms. Wilson
English II

1. Choose ONE of the stories you read for the Intro to English II assignment:
a. "A Dozen Keychains" by Firoozeh Dumas
b. "By Any Other Name" by Samantha Rama Rau

2. Write a well-constructed SPEPES paragraph in response to the prompt below. You must
CITE EVIDENCE from the text to support your response. Be sure to include the title(s)
and author(s) in your answer. You may use your annotations.

Prompt: The the people we are surrounded by and the things we go through in life change how
we see ourselves. In the text, how do social influences and experiences shape the protagonist's
attitude towards herself? (Type your response in the space below).

In “By Any Other Name” the speakers Indian schoolmates had a very clear
segregation towards the British students and this made her sad and ashamed. In the story the
speaker says “ even at my young age, it was very obvious that friendship among the British kids
and Indian kids was taboo” or something like that. This proves my answer to be correct because
the word segregation means separate, and the Indian and British children may not have been
physically separated but neither group would become friends with the other. This shows the fact
that the children were segregated and that the speaker was very aware of this fact, and it made
her feel awkward and even more scared of the school than before.

Proficie Earned Points

Requirements Based on Standards nt? (X) Points Possible

Produce an answer based on the proof you collect. X

Statement - Student
makes a clear, Restate the question stem. Mention the name of
straightforward, the book, story, article. 3 3
relevant claim
(Standard Wa.9.1.a) Write a specific and detailed claim that reflects the X
proof you have collected.

Proof - Student Use direct textual proof when possible (direct

uses observable quotes, or paraphrase from the text)
evidence and
Choose the proofs that actually prove your
specific details to 0 3
statement is true. The more specific, the better.
support opinion.
(Standards W.9.1.b, Cite proofs using appropriate formatting (includes
W.9.1.d) punctuation)
Explain how your evidence proves your statement,
Explanation - not just that it proves your statement.
Student uses
Use key words from the statement to connect the
critical thinking to X 12
proof(s) to the statement.
support evidence 9 (3 points
and connect it to Anticipate questions your reader might have and each)
the claim. X
answer them. Leave no doubt.
(Standard W.9.1.b)
Use sound reasoning in explanation X

Synthesis - Student Restate your main point(s) using different words

summarizes with the same meaning.
argument and, if
Remind your reader of your strongest proofs 0 3
necessary, offers
extension. Why is your argument important to understanding
(Standard W.9.1.e) the text?

Utilize transition words/phrases to aid organization X

Vary sentence structure (simple, compound,

Transitions/Organiz X
Formatting/Style/To Use formal language to convey clear ideas (no 1.5 2
ne slang) Uses strong verbs and adjectives that make
(Standards W.9.1.a, your argument clearer.
W.9.1.c, W.9.1.d)
Present an objective argument (keep your
emotions/ feelings out of it)

Conventions: Avoid run-ons, comma splices, and fragments X

Grammar, Spelling,
Capitalization, and 2 2
Punctuation X
(Standard L.9.2) Avoid capitalization and spelling errors

Total: 15.5 25