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Office of Admissions Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building 10–100

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139–4307

Phone 617–253–3400
Fax 617–687–9184

July 2, 2018

Dear Colleagues:

Greetings from Cambridge, Massachusetts!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a world renowned science, technology, engineering and
math (STEM) university, will be holding an information session for CAPE and A Level students interested in
pursuing a degree in STEM. The presentation will address academic preparation, admission requirements,
financial aid policies, campus life and tips for applying to selective and highly selective colleges and
universities in the United States. Parents, guardians and educators are welcome to attend this free session.

MIT Admissions Presentation

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
10 AM
Queens Royal College
Maraval Road, Port of Spain
Complimentary for students, parents and educators

The presentation will be led by Mrs. Philana Tenhoff, a native of Guyana and proud alumnae of President’s
College. As Director of Multicultural Recruitment at MIT, Mrs. Tenhoff is responsible for creating strategies
to recruit and enroll underrepresented student populations to the Institute.

Please share this information with your talented science, math and engineering students, your math and
science teachers, and anyone interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree at a premiere institution in the
United States. For questions and inquiries, you may contact Mrs. Tenhoff by email at
or by phone at 1 -617-258-5518.

Thank you for assistance in circulating this announcement!


Philana Tenhoff
Director of Multicultural Recruitment
Associate Director of Admissions