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Chapter Quiz

1. A project manager is responsible for planning, __________, budgeting, directing, organizing, and
controlling the project.
a. Drafting
b. Funding
c. Insuring
d. Staffing
2. Project managers need to be sensitive to organizational politics as project success is dependent
on the support of __________.
a. senior management
b. stakeholders
c. investors
d. government officials
3. The PM must be perceived by the client, senior executives, the functional departments, and the
project team as possessing sufficient subject-specific knowledge to direct the project. This is
referred to as __________ credibility.
a. administrative
b. technical
c. interpersonal
d. Financial
4. The project manager has responsibilities to the __________, to the project, to the client, and to
the members of the project team.
a. parent organization
b. investors
c. government
d. special-interest groups
5. Which of the following must a project manager possess to demonstrate administrative
a. the ability to keep the project on schedule and within cost
b. the ability to explain project technology to senior management,
c. a reasonable understanding of the base technologies on which the project rest
d. greater technical knowledge than team members
6. During the __________ stage, cost, schedule, and performance are all equally important.
a. buildup
b. formation
c. main
d. Phaseout
7. Cost as a project objective is most important at the __________ stage of the project life cycle.
a. main
b. buildup
c. phaseout
d. formation