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� TWS � Temenos Web Services > (TWS_Setup) Version-Enquiry >

PW.ACTIVITY, EB.SERVICE, Create Web Service using Eclipse

� Internet Banking Presentation layer > (EdgeConnect) WAR file built using
� T24 RA � JCA Resource Adapter >
� JMS Publisher & Consumer >
� T24 � Banking transaction server >

EdgeConnect >>
* edgeConnect is a graphical development tool which enables you to build browser
based business solutions.
* For example edgeConnect allows a client to apply for car insurance online.
This is just one application for edgeConnect, but it can be used in any situation
where information about
a client is required to obtain a product or service e.g. online banking, mortgage


1. Retail.war file is created using the edgeConnect

2. It can be launched by using the link > http://<ip address of the server>:port
3. User ID and Password > to login
4. Home page > User name details & last log in date&time --
TCIB.LOGIN.DETAILS -- enquiry used to retrieve date&time
5. > Account & amount overview section -- TCIB.ACCT.DETAILS --
enquiry used to display accounts list and respective amount
6. Accounts overview > -- View mini statement -
display mini statement & no.of txn can be controlled by global variable

Internet Banking : Electronic payment system that enables customers of a bank to

conduct financial transactions having registry with the bank for the service.
Temenos Connect Internet Banking is safe and customizable solution which offers
customers broad access to banking function 24/7/365
Safe - top line security and authentication which heps administrators to block
unauthorized users.
Customized - customers can access to account for financial transaction having
rigistry with the bank for that service

Product Overview:
TCIB solution follows a standard architecture for Internet Banking that has
advanced in line with the Temenos architectural roadmap.
1.Servlet/Browser/Hybrid App >> Integrate mobile security infrastucture into
2.Authentication Server >> No business logic & no business data is stored >
Only when a user with correct credentials passed to the authentication server are
they logged into T24.
> A non-authenticated user has no impact on T24
> Repeated failed login attempts result in a user
being locked out.
3.T24 >> All business logic resides in T24
� The default Java EE Application Server is JBoss
� The TCIB WAR generated using edgeConnect deployer. > Generate CSS stylesheets
, look and feel
� TOCF T24 RA (Resource Adapter) is a JCA adapter provides Connection and does
security management > Integration to T24 via web services
� tafc_agent is the entry point into T24. The agent running on the T24 server
hands over the request to T24 (OFS) for processing.

Internet Banking requires few software components in runtime execution, they are
Internet Banking Presentation Layer - Developed using edgeConnect
TWS � Temenos Web Service
T24 RA-JCA Resource Adapter
JMS Publisher
T24 Banking Transaction Server

TWS > Temenos Web Service is a component designed to provide web service as
> All Versions and Enquiries within T24 can be easily exposed as web service
using TWS

Lower costs and lower risks

Multiple products in one system
High volumes, higher security and scalability
Open standards software technology

Technical overview of TCIB
Technical overview of edgeConnect
An introduction to edgeConnect focussing on those capabilities that are used in
TCIB and which are required�to make the basic level of customisations.
This includes a number of practical exercises.
How TCIB uses edgeConnect
Practical exercises to make a set of essential customisations to TCIB
Q&A to determine the next level of training required