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Forrest Gump Feather Theme Music by Alan Silvestri Composer Alan Silvestri and director Robert Zemeckis have one of the most successful director-composer relationships in the movie industry. Films such as Back To The Future and the Romancing The Stone series are just a few. Forrest Gump gave Silvestri a chance to write a heavyweight, emotional, large-scale orchestral score. Hints & Tips: There are lots of syncopated notes in this piece. When a normally weak beat is stressed in a passage of music, we say it is syncopated. In this piece, the syncopation should give a light, airy feel to the music. Sweetly G P 2 byt 5. OG am oe ee - AmyG pyFt vo 2 (© conte 199 Ensign Muse Cargoration famous Mas Corporation, USA "A Rights Resend. Iteration Cony See, 36 7 m 31 Dm Dmyc os @ 37 cB F/A Am? Am? Any