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1/6/2019 Preparing Appetizers: Lesson 1: Storing Appetizer: Storage Containers, Labelling and Holding Quantities - Storage Containers

June dela Cerna

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Lesson 1: Storing Appetizer  Administration

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Storage Containers, Labelling and Holding Quantities - Storage
11:48 PM Containers
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No recent activity Products must be kept safely in a container that is clean and durable. Choosing the right  Navigation
container where the ingredients must be kept is important.
The best container for fresh meat storage is the stainless steel. Food grade plastic is the second
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best storage containers, but they need to be change if scratching is too bad for it can harbour
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bacteria. Single plastic containers can be used but must not be washed and re-used. The
storage must also be covered with a fitted lid or be covered with a plastic wrap to reduce
spillage, reduce cross contamination and easier to attach labelling.
The best container for large quantities of prepared product is the large shallow container, and
Preparing Egg Dishes
can be stacked up to 2 layers to avoid crushing of ingredients.
Preparing Starch Dishes
Dressings, such as vinaigrette and mayonnaise, can be placed in a glass or stainless steel PMD

covered in an airtight container. Preparing Appetizers

Labelling Storage Containers  Preparing Appetizers
Unit 1: Introduction to Appetizer 1/3
1/6/2019 Preparing
Any large Appetizers: Lesson
establishment 1: Storingproducts
producing Appetizer: Storage Containers,
must have Labelling or
containers andboxes
Quantities - Storage Containers
are labelled Unit 2: Getting Ready for
correctly. This is done to reduce time in finding the ingredients needed and to prevent using
Unit 3: Preparing Appetizers
spoiled products.
Unit 4: Storing Appetizers
Labelling includes the following:  Lesson 1: Storing

Name of the product Certificate of Completion

Date of manufacture. This helps the correct flow of the stocks following the first in – first out Preparing Desserts
rule. IntroFBS
Handler name or name of the person responsible for making the product (e.g. in- house More...
produced dressings or sauces)
Time the product was stored
Temperature required to maintain the quality of the ingredient
Storage or the span needed for the food to be stored

Holding Quantities 

A professional food worker must consider the holding quantities of the storage equipment if
buying large quantities of ingredients.

Before one start to produce food, for example – preparing 500 portions, the food worker must
consider the following: 

The storage capacity to where the ingredients are to be kept;

The estimated time frame of which the establishment or business can consume the portion
of food to be prepared;
The option of producing small quantities rather than one vast production of food product;
The cost effectiveness if done by the employed staff; or
The possibility of purchasing from outside and its viability to the business.

If the product is purchased from the outside, consider if there is enough storage for chilled,
frozen or hot products.

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1/6/2019 Preparing
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