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Radio 2217

The macro Radio 2217 is a 2T/2R

radio with 2x40W output power. As
part of the Ericsson Radio System
portfolio Radio 2217 has best in
class design when it comes to radio
performance and power efficiency
for wide area 3GPP radio products.

Radio 2217 has by use of its small

and smart dimensions support for
a wide range of mounting scenarios
and provides a pioneering flexibility
within its product segment with the
One-bolt Installation. With Radio
2217 Ericsson evolves the macro
radio part of the portfolio to be-
come even more flexible and mak-
ing it easier than ever to make small
and efficient single and multi-band
macro radio installations.

The Radio 2217 should preferably

be located near the antenna and
can be located up to 40 km from the
baseband unit. A fiber optic cable
can be used to connect the Radio
2217 to the baseband unit and sev-
eral radio units can be connected
in a cascade or star configuration. Optional installation equipment for
Towards the antenna system Radio wall and pole mount is available. To
2217 provides support for AISG support AC installations there will
TMA and RET as well as Frequency be Optional Power Supply Units
Shifting TMA (TMF) and Triple (PSU) and to be able measure the
Frequency Shifting TMA (TTMF) for output power there will be options
Psi-Coverage solutions. to have external monitor ports as
well as in-built options for selected
WCDMA and LTE is supported with bands.
up to 6 WCDMA carriers and up to
40 MHz LTE. Two duplex (TX/RX)
branches provides in-built support
for MIMO and TX diversity as well
as RX diversity.
FREQUENCY BANDS: GPP Bands B1 (W/L), B8 (W/L), B20 (L)

Carrier capacity WCDMA: Up to 6 carriers
Carrier capacity LTE: Up to 40 MHz
IBW: Up to 40 MHz
MIMO: Yes, 2T/2R
Output power: Up to 2 x 40W

Power supply: -48 VDC
Antenna Ports: 2 x 4.3-10(f)
External ALD: RET2.0, using DIN 8 or over the antenna port
External Alarm: 2, using DIN 14
CPRI: 2 x 10 Gbps (exchangeable SFP modules)
AISG TMA & RET support
Maintenance button
5 x optical indicators
Field Ground, dual lug
Optional fans

Weight: 12 kg
Volume: 10 l
Mounting: Wall and pole mount
Fans needed when mounted in horizontal direction

Environment: Outdoor class with IP65
Normal operating temp.: -40 - +55 ºC (cold start at -40 ºC)

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