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Conveying Solutions

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The Next Step in Belting

Table of Contents

SuperDrive™ & Mini SuperDrive™ 3-28

DualDrive™ & Mini DualDrive™ 29-34

DualDrive™ Small Pulley (DDSP) 35-40

Food Grade Flat Belts 41-64

Flat Belts for General Industry 65-76

The Art of Fabrications 77-82

'V' & Round Profiles 83-94

Power Transmission 95-99

Timing Belts 100-103

Roller Coating Sleeves 104-106

Success Stories 107-118

Notes 119

2 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

SuperDrive™ & Mini SuperDrive™

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 3

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Raw Meat Conveyed on Modular Belt -

High Pperation Costs, Low Profit

1 2

Retrofitting the Modular Belt with SuperDrive™ Belt -

Hygiene Improvement and Cost Reduction
3 4

4 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Retrofitting a Modular Belt with SuperDrive™ Belt with Cleats.
Wear Resistant, Improved Hygiene & Reduced Noise.

5 6

7 8

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 5

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Volta Drive Pulleys Volta Tail Pulleys

9 10

Locking Collars

11 12 13

Square Plastic (UHMW) Locking Collar Round Plastic (UHMW) Locking Collar Square Metal Locking Collar

Drum Motor for the SuperDrive™ Belt


6 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Slidebed Made of Stainless Steel Strips


Slidebed Made of UHMW Strips

16 17

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 7

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Belt Take-up Device (Tensioner)

18 19

20 21

8 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Endless Welding with Volta FT Endless Welding with
Welding Tool Volta FBW Welding Tool

22 23

HF Welded Baseless Sidewall Welding Sidewalls

with Base

24 25

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 9

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Swan Neck (Z) Conveyors –SD™ Operates without

Tensioning and is Ideal for this Application
UHMW Strip Bed Construction Roller Bed Construction
26 27

1. Tail Pulley 1. Tail Pulley

2. Roller Set: Transition Horizontal to Incline 2. Roller Set: Transition Horizontal to Incline
3. Incline UHMW Slide Bed 3. Roller Slide Bed
4. Top Roller: Transition Incline to Horizontal 4. Top Roller: Transition Incline to Horizontal
5. Drive Pulley 5. Drive Pulley 
6. Roller Set: Return transition horizontal to decline 6. Roller Set: Return transition horizontal to decline
7. Return Support Roller 7. Return Support Roller
8. Bottom Roller: Return transition decline to horizontal 8. Bottom Roller: Return transition decline to horizontal
9. Take-up Device (Tensioner) for tail pulley 9. Take-up Device (Tensioner) for tail pulley

28 29


30 31

10 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Swan Neck (Z) FMB-3-SD

32 33


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 11

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

SD™ Bead Elevator FHB FHW/FHB - 3 - SD

35 36

37 Metal Detector


12 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ Belts Working in Trough Conveyors


40 41

FHB - 3 - SD


FHW - 3 - SD FHW - 3 - SD

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 13

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

SD™ in Potato Processing

43 46




14 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ in Potato Industry

48 49

FMB-3-SD with top guide

50 51



Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 15

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Perforated SD™ Working Under Water - FMB - 3 - SD

53 54




16 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ in Corn Processing SD™ in Carrots Processing

58 59

SD™ in Packaging Line SD™ in Fruits Processing

60 61


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 17

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Lettuce Tomato Processing

63 64

Dried Marinated Vegetables Brussels Sprouts

65 66

Yams Peanuts

67 68

18 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ in Candy Production FMW - 3 - SD™ Nuts and
Dried Fruit Applications

FHB-3-SD Melted Candy Mass +80˚C

71 72


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 19

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

SD™ in Bakery

Bread Crumbs Snacks

74 75

Cookies Dough Pump

76 77

20 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ in Fish and Seafood Processing

78 79

80 81

Chevrons with ITO50

Impression Top
82 83

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 21

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

SD™ in Poultry Processing

84 85


22 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ in Poultry Processing

87 88



FMB - 3 - SD

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 23

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

SD™ in Meat Processing

91 92

FHW-3-SD –Frozen Meat Blocks

SD™ with Support Flights (Gusset Cleats)

93 94


FHB - 3 - SD FMB-3-SD-ITO50

24 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

SD™ in Meat Processing

96 97

98 99


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 25

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

FMB -3- SD™ LT Belt in Deep Freezer

101 102

103 104

26 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Mini SuperDrive™ Accessories

100mm 150mm 50mm

Drive Pulley Tail Pulley Support Pulley

Mini SuperDrive™ Conveyor Construction

106 107

108 109


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 27

SuperDriveTM & Mini SuperDrive™

Mini SuperDrive™ Applications

111 112


28 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

DualDrive™ & Mini DualDrive™

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 29

DualDrive™ & Mini DualDrive™

Retrofitting to DualDrive™ Belt Hygiene Improvement and Cost

114 115

Ply belt Modular belt

116 117


30 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta DualDrive™ Replaces 2” Pitch Modular Belts

119 120

Volta Sprockets

121 122

123 124

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 31

DualDrive™ & Mini DualDrive™

As DualDrive™ Belts Run with No Pre-Tension it is Possible to

Contain the Belt Rather than Track or Guide.
125 126

1. Flanged rollers on the return way. 2. Flanged rollers before the drive side

Return-way Support Roller Smooth Tail Pulley

127 128

129 130

32 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta DualDrive™ Belts

131 132

133 134

Leaves on IRT Texture



Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 33

DualDrive™ & Mini DualDrive™

Volta DualDrive™ Belt in the Meat Industry

137 138

139 140

141 142

34 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

DualDrive™ Small Pulley (DDSP)

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 35

DualDrive™ SP

Retrofitting the Modular Belt to Volta DDSP Belt in Meat conveying



36 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Frozen Fruit Belt Retrofitted from Modular to Volta FMB-DDSP-IRT

145 146

Volta DDSP Pulleys

147 148

FMB - 2.5 - DDSP in Seafood and Size Sorting

149 150

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 37

DualDrive™ SP

Conveyors with DDSP Belts


152 153

38 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.






Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 39

DualDrive™ SP

FMB - 2.5 - DDSP after Meat Slicing Machine

157 158


40 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

Food Grade Flat Belts

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 41

Food Conveyor Belts

Replacement of Ply Belts. Volta belt FEMB - 2.5 - ITO50

Fraying and Short Operation Life No Fraying and Long Operation Life

160 161

Delaminated Fraying Flights Volta Homogeneous Flights

162 163

42 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Replacement of Ply Belt in Chocolate Powder Conveying

Old - Ply Belt New - Volta Belt

164 165

Modular Belts in Pickled Vegetables Industry

166 167

Before After

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 43

Food Conveyor Belts

Stainless Steel Belt Replacement to Volta FHW

or FHB Belts in Meat Cutting Lines
168 169

170 171

Broken Guide
Solid Welded Guide

172 173

44 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Belts with Center Guide

174 175




Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 45

Food Conveyor Belts

FLB Used on Curves Meat Processing

179 180

Perforated FMB Belt

Metal Detector
Working under Water
181 182

46 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Meat Processing

183 184

185 186


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 47

Food Conveyor Belts

Poultry Processing Lines

188 189

Crescent Top (CT)



Spikes (SP)


Nub Top (INT)

48 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Poultry Processing Lines

193 194


Meat Cleat (MC)


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 49

Food Conveyor Belts

Volta FHB Belt in Tuna Processing

197 198

FEMW and FRMW CEB Sealed Edge Belt in Tuna Squeezing

199 Spikes Belt in Fish Filleting


50 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Salmon Processing FELB-2.5-MC


Fish Filleting Plant Scrap Conveyor

202 203


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 51

Food Conveyor Belts

Salmon Filleting

205 206

Fish Sorting Perforated FMB with Sidewalls

207 208

FELW for Optical Scanners Cooked Fish Packaging Line

209 210

52 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Fish & Seafood Process

211 212

213 214


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 53

Food Conveyor Belts

Cheese Processing - FEMB

216 217

218 219


54 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.


221 222

223 224




Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 55

Food Conveyor Belts

Dough Processing - FRMB - Smooth & with ITO50 Texture

226 227

228 229


56 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Belts In the Bakery Industry - FRMB - ITO50


232 233

234 235

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 57

Food Conveyor Belts

Straight Baseless Sidewalls with HF Welded Flights

236 237

SD™ in Chocolate Snacks & Sweets Manufacturing

238 239


58 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Citrus Packaging Warehouse
Sleeves FEL & FELB
241 242

Blueberry Processing Line


Impression Roof Top (IRT)


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 59

Food Conveyor Belts

Rice Processing

245 246

247 248

249 250

60 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Corn Processing Lines

251 252

Perforated FMB Belt In

Tomato Processing
Lettuce Washing
253 254


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 61

Food Conveyor Belts

Perforated Belts for Vegetable Washing

256 257

Rabbit Ear Belts in Corn Processing

258 259


62 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

FMB/W, FHB/W, FL/W Volta Belts Used as Skirts/Scrapers and
Hammocks on Conveyors

262 263

264 265

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 63

Food Conveyor Belts

FMW-Beige/FMB-Blue/FMWC-Clear Belt Used as Funnels

266 267 268

269 270

Flexible Tube 272



64 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

Flat Belts for General Industry

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 65

Flat Belts for General Industry

Magnetic Metal Separator with Cut and Impact Resistant Belt

274 275

FRPZ-8 belt repaired

Magnetic Elevator
with electrode
276 277

66 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Belts with Sidewalls and Flights in Nails Production Line

278 279

280 281

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 67

Flat Belts for General Industry

Volta FRG,FRGZ and FRGST Belts in Automotive Industry

282 Car Panels - Post - Stamping

Conveyors - Cut Resistant and
non- Delaminating

FEZ3.2 with Sidewalls Used in Pre-Painting - Non Fraying

and Silicone Free
284 FEZ-3.2 with CL/VL Guides
used for minimum contact
with the products

68 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta FRGZ - 5 Narrow Belts in the Glass Industry

286 287

Volta Belt with Flights for Conveying Screws

288 Plastic Injection Molding Line


Corrugated Carton


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 69

Flat Belts for General Industry

VMW-17 Profile & FK-3 belt in Floor Slab Production

291 FRGZ-3 in Brick Production


FK-3 belt in Brick Pre-Oven 294



70 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Belts in Floor Tile Production Line

FRGZ-3 & Double V-Profiles 297


298 299


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 71

Flat Belts for General Industry

Metal Recycling Paper Recycling

301 302

Glass Recycling

303 304

72 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Sewage Treatment Lines

305 306

307 308


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 73

Flat Belts for General Industry

Caustic Soda Salt Processing

310 311

Fertilizer Trough belt –

312 Volta Belts with Flights in the
Soap Industry

Detergent Conveying Lines


74 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Biomass Recycling

315 316

SuperDrive™ Belt in Gravel Conveying



Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 75

Flat Belts for General Industry

FEZ - 3.2 in Carrot

FRGZ -3 in Peanut Intake
Processing Lines
319 320

Eggplant Packaging Potato Processing

321 322

76 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

The Art of Fabrications

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 77

The Art of Fabrications

Flights from Profiles Special Flights

323 324

325 326

327 328

78 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Tailor-Made Fabrications

329 330

Metal Spikes

331 332

Recessed Edges Recessed Edges

Sealed Edges


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 79

The Art of Fabrications

Surimi Belt Roundels for Chocolate Coins

335 336

Leek Cutting on SD™


Cushion Belts



80 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Baseless Sidewalls on IRT Texture Baseless Sidewalls and Guide

340 341

Volta Belts with Sidewalls Straight (Siped) Sidewalls and

with Base and Flights Hinge Lace
342 343

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 81

The Art of Fabrications

Volta Hinge Lace Plastic Lace

344 345


Stainless Steel Metal Lace

347 348

82 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

`V` & Round Profiles

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 83

‘V’ & Round Profiles

Volta RO Profiles

349 350


Volta RL-9.5 Profiles Volta RPN/RPS Profiles

352 353

84 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta RMW/RCW Profiles

354 355

356 357

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 85

‘V’ & Round Profiles

Volta Profiles in Special Construction Conveyors

358 359

Volta RM in Frozen Food Packaging Below -25ºC

360 361

Volta RPS-10 in Automated Sorting - Greenhouses

362 363

86 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Round Belts Used for Power Transfer


365 366


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 87

‘V’ & Round Profiles

Necking Effects can be Solved by Using Overlap Welding

368 Overlap Welding Procedure

Using Volta Tools

Volta MultiGrip and Super Grip Non-Volta SuperGrip glued

welded on Volta V-profiles on V-profiles

370 371

372 373

F-51 Pliers for V&Round Profiles Easy Overlap Welding Tool

88 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta VM-17/B Profile on Beer Can Elevator

374 375

Can Elevator Lines

376 377

378 379

Mini Pliers R-8 F-51 Pliers for Special Profiles

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 89

‘V’ & Round Profiles

Volta YPF-17 Profile in Floor Tile Manufacturing Line

380 Volta V-profile with Multigrip

in Floor Tile Manufacturing

RPZS/PRS Profile for Floor

Tile Conveying
382 383

90 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

RPS-15 Profile and FRMW-5 Belt for Roof tile Conveying

384 385

RMW -15 Profile for Roof Tile VMW in Concrete Block

Conveying Production
386 387

388 389

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 91

‘V’ & Round Profiles

RPN/RPS in Ceramics Printing Lines

390 391

Volta Profiles, Sleeves and FRGZ Belt in Ceramics Production

392 393

92 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Belts in Wood Processing Conveyors

394 395

396 397

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 93

‘V’ & Round Profiles

Volta RLC profile in Library Automation System

398 399

Volta RPS and VL profile in Cardboard Production

400 401

94 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Conveying Solutions

Power Transmission

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 95

Power Transmission

Volta Power Belts in the Wood Industry

402 403

404 405

406 407

96 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Power Belts in Mining and General Industry

408 409



Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 97

Power Transmission

Volta Power Twist

412 413

Volta Power Belts in Bowling Alley

414 415

98 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Haul-off Belts Tube Winding Belts

416 417




Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 99

Conveying Solutions

Timing Belts

100 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Fabricated Timing Belts on Wet-Wipes Applications

421 422

423 424


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 101

Timing Belts

Fabricated Timing Belts in the Plastics Industry

426 427

428 429

430 431

102 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Fabricated Timing Belts In Lip Pencil Lines

432 433

Volta Fabricated Timing Belts in Bakery

434 435

Volta Timing Belts welded on FZ Belt with Sidewalls and Flights

436 437

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 103

Conveying Solutions

Roller Coating Sleeves

104 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Volta Sleeves in the Ceramics Industry

438 439

440 441


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 105

Roller Coating Sleeves

Volta Sleeves in the Ceramics Industry

443 444

Volta Sleeves in the Wood Industry

445 446


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 106

Conveying Solutions

Success Stories

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 107

Success Stories

Conveying in Sub-Zero Conditions

Meat processing factory in

Crates filled with cuts of meat
on shock freezing lines.

Modular belts frequently
broke on low temperature

Volta FMB-3-SD-LT.

Low temperature material
works perfectly in sub-zero
temperatures down to -35C°.

108 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

The Art of Fabrications - Volta Funnels
Industries &
Snacks Producers.
Integration into packing lines
for Nuts, Cookies, Frozen
Meat Nuggets and Pet-food.

The existing funnels are
made of hard Stainless Steel
or rigid plastic materials.
The latter breaks very easily
and funnel fragments enter
the production flow.

Volta Funnels made of
FMB- Blue, FMW-Beige
or FMWC-Clear
homogenous material.

Long lasting, food approved
material commonly used in
freefall metal detectors.
Reduced noise level.
The flexible material
prevents damage to the final
Easy to install.
Custom-made designs
(additional shapes and Volta
references can be supplied).

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 109

Success Stories

Volta Belting in the Vegetable Industry

Company: One of Europe’s largest salad processors operates three plants in
Salad processing plant from Spain. At one of the plants a mesh belt created a number of issues
Spain. for the customer.
The belt lasted for a maximum of three months and in this time
developed tears in the mesh. 30 minutes cleaning time was
needed to clean the belt and although this was done every day,
the condition of the belt during processing left a lot to be desired
for contact with a sensitive food product.
There was a continual discharge of product falling from the
conveyor that could not be put back into process. No quantification
Application: was attempted prior to the refit with a Volta belt but a sister plant
Elevator. reported reduced wastage from 28 kg per day to 3 kg per day of
lettuce leaf on a Volta-Z conveyor that replaced a modular belt.

Damaged Mesh belt

• Changing the Meshbelt
every 3 months.
• Over 30 minutes
Cleaning Time.
• Huge product waste.

Volta FEMB-2-ITO50
homogenous belt with Volta Homogenous belt
embossed bottom and
“diamond” shaped texture

• Long-lasting belt.
• Cleaning time reduced
to 10 minutes.
• Severely reduced waste.

110 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

A Volta solid thermoplastic belt (type FEMB-2 ITO50) was employed. The belt has a textured easy
release surface which facilitates product discharge and enables the belt to stay cleaner for longer. It
is extremely durable and does not, under normal circumstances, lose product.
The belt was supplied as a one to one refit. No retro-engineering required. The belt is secured by
two guides on the underside edges of the belt. These are fully compatible elements of the Volta
thermoplastic program and are welded on by heat.

Waste on Mesh belt Waste on Volta belt

The Volta belt has been operating with no sign of wear and tear. Under normal conditions the belt will
operate at the same level of performance for two years or more.
Hygiene is improved by eliminating contact with the fetid damp material seen on the mesh belt.
Cleaning time has been reduced to 10 minutes. In this plant which operates 20 processing belts
this will represent a future saving of approximately 400 minutes a day when full refitting is achieved
(in reality more time will be saved as a number of problematic modular belts are working here and
require much more than 30 minutes to clean). 
Wastage has been severely reduced; a net saving of valuable product to the end user.

The Maintenance Manager says:

“This retro-fit is a total success. We plan to use this technology in the future.
Our thanks go to Volta and their partners also for overseeing the installation”.

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 111

Success Stories

Red Meat Organ Conveyor Retrofit; Before & After

Volta belts complying with stringent veterinary demands and saving product.
Provides traceability on offal separation lines by isolating each individual set of organs
and blood prior to biological tests.
Continues to maintain superior hygiene on the line due to the ease and effectiveness of 
cleaning which prevents bacteria growing, even on the belt return side and on the pulleys.

Before After
Conventional Ply Belting Volta Homogeneous Belting

112 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Before After
Conventional Ply Belting Volta Homogeneous Belting

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 113

Success Stories

Replacement of Stainless Steel Belts

Company: Before
Red meat, poultry, pork
processing plants and tomato

Cutting & processing lines.


Stainless Steel belts are
expensive; the installation
is difficult and guides are
non-food grade and very
difficult and costly to replace.

Volta FHB-4-5mm belts.

VOLTA conveyor belts prove
more cost effective than
steel belting. Fabricated food
approved guides withstand the
conditions and do not
detach or wear.

Using Volta Tools the belt can

be welded endlessly on the
conveyor and can be repaired
on site if this is necessary.

114 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

High Resistance to Salt in Snacks Production
Snacks Industry.

Extruded snacks after heavy

Salt wears conventional
belts after 2-3 years.

Volta FHB-3-SD.

The belt works for more
than 10 years with a
minimum scratching and
no damage.
Durability and long term
resistance to abrasion.
Hygiene level remains

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 115

Success Stories

Glass Recycling
Glass recycling plant.

Glass bottles recycling.

The conveyor transports the
glass bottles from the input to
the first stage of processing.
Bottles are whole and broken.
Standard conveyor belting is
subject to cuts and slicing by
the broken glass.

Volta FRGZ and

VOLTA ‘s TPE belts are highly
resistant to cutting and slicing.
The thick,homogeneous belts
eliminates recesses and
openings for glass particles to
enter the belts.
The belt material resists
spreading of cuts and slices,
giving the VOLTA belt an
operational life much longer
than conventional conveyor
belting. The belts are quickly
and easily repaired using
VOLTA Splicing tools.

116 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

Avoid Bacterial Contamination
Cheese industry.

Cheese production line.

The PVC and PU plied belts
crack and delaminate due to
continuous exposure to
grease, water and acids
which provide a breeding
ground for bacteria.

Volta FMB-3-SD.

The homogeneity of the
Volta material makes the
belt highly resistant to
water, acids and mechanical
attrition. It has no fabric ply
that will harbor bacteria.
Can be cleaned easily and
effectively in a very short
time.Using Volta Tools, the
belt can be welded endlessly
on the conveyor and is
reparable on site if this is

Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 117

Success Stories

Recessed Edge Food Belts

Company: Before
Bakery Industry.

Cracker production line.

Fraying of plied belts and
delamination on the edges
caused by the oil used in the
dough contaminate and
damage the end product.

Solution: After
Volta FRLB-2.5-ITO50.

The homogenous Volta
material is highly resistant to
oils and fats. Even where a
reinforced belt is essential the
recessed edges prevent the
reinforcement from contact
with food and avoid product

118 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.


Volta Belting Technology Ltd. 119

Company Profile
Volta Belting Technology Ltd. has been a world leader in the manufacture of Thermoplastic
Elastomer (TPE) belting and profiles for over 50 years.
Volta Belting’s homogeneous belts are known for their high material strength, superior
dimensional exactitude and stability. The materials are cut- and wear-resistant and
impervious to water, oils and other fluids. They are easy to install on-site, with a minimum of
contamination to the work area, and, if damaged, can be repaired efficiently by closing tears
or replacing sections.
Volta Belting’s positive drive flat belts are uniquely designed to overcome the numerous
shortcomings associated with conventional conveyor belts: suitability in wet (even
submerged) conditions without off-tracking and without the need for friction rollers, thereby
saving on conveyor design and bringing the food processing industry closer to its goal
of providing safe, affordable food for all. Most of the food-grade belts are FDA/USDA/
USDA Dairy approved and conform to EC regulations. The materials also support HACCP
principles and are suited to CIP procedures.
In general industries, the belts come into their own by offering superior durability
(“for a lifetime”) and savings in maintenance and downtime. Volta Belting serves specialized
industries such as wood and furniture, paper and packaging production, metal processing,
automotive, recycling and mechanized logistic facilities.
Volta Belting offers the largest range of round and trapezoid (V) profiles. In a number of key
industries, the profiles can be used as rings to drive roller beds.
Volta Belting provides experienced sales and technical service support in more than 50
countries, covering major industrial centers throughout North and South America, Europe,
Asia and Africa. On-site training is available at Volta Belting’s main fabrication centers in
North America and Europe.
Volta Belting’s innovative belting technology guarantees extended productivity, lower costs
of ownership and optimal operation in every installation.

Copyright©2016 Volta Belting Technology Ltd.

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