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With a government elected by its citizens and that effects every aspect of our lives from schools to health care to
homeland security, voting is an important right in our society. By voting, you are making your voice heard and
registering your opinion on how you think the government should operate.

Voting and democracy is very important in a nation because it provides people an opportunity to voice their
opinion and vote for what they believe in, it holds elected officials accountable for their behavior while in office,
and it prevents a minority from dictating the policies of a majority.

Negative vote weight (also known as inverse success value) refers to an effect that occurs in certain elections
where votes can have the opposite effect of what the voterintended. A vote for a party might result in the loss of
seats in parliament, or the party might gain extra seats by not receiving votes.

Argument 1

Negative Vote can improve democracy and world peace

As a voter, I should have the right to use my ballot to say: "I do not wish this person to become my

leader." Not allowing people to vote No is undemocratic. It is a defect of current election systems and

it needs to be fixed.

To illustrate this concept further, let's consider the scenario where there is only one candidate. Should

I only have the option to vote for that candidate but not against? The answer is obvious: I should have

the right to say "NO". If I am only allowed to vote "YES", you would think I am living in North Korea.

Extend this scenario to two candidates: should I be told that I must vote for either one? Who

guarantees that either one would be a suitable leader, even if each is nominated by a major political

party? If I do not like either one, as an individual voter I should have the right to cast my only vote

against the one I despise the most. The voters collectively should have the right to reject both. Same

applies to three or more candidates.

Argument 2

if Negative Vote is adopted, voter participation will increase

By definition, an increase in voter participation would be an improvement for democracy.

With more voters participating, the result would more accurately reflect the people's will. In
today's system where we only have the choice to say "YES", the winner often proudly
proclaims he/she has the "popular mandate" when the reality is far from that: many voters
did not vote, many voters voted reluctantly for the "lesser of two evils", the "NO" voices were
not heard at all. If Negative Vote is adopted, the winner will see clearly that he is not elected
by a majority of the population(i.e. no overwhelming mandate) and there were some voters
who chose to vote against him. The winner might become more humble, less arrogant in

1. Orang punya preferance masing”

Kenapa bisa beda2? Karena selera/perspektif masing2/value (contoh), #Beda2 itu


2. Kenapa preferance penting dan harus dijaga/ditegakkan

Kenapa voting penting?

1. Why negative voting is important

Voting adalah sesuatu yang penting dalam negara demokrasi, hak semua orang juga.

Tapi masalahnya, ada beberapa orang yang tidak memilih karena tidka sesuai dengan
seleranya/valuenya. Karena hal tsb, akhirnya dia tdk memilih, padahal itu haknya.

Negatif voting dapat membantu menyampaikan pikiran dari orang yg valuenya tidak tercapai tersebut.

Walaupun dia tidak pro pada salah satu calon, setidaknya dia bisa ikut berpartisipasi dengan

, dalam melakukan voting atau pemilihan, setiap orang memiliki pandangan ataupun selera masing-

2. Apa pentingnya partisipasi

Banyak masyarakat yang aspirasinya tdk tersuarakan. Jadi mereka memilih untuk tidak memilih.

Dapat menolong pemerintah untuk menerapkan demokrasi

*negara membutuhkan aspirasi, sgh negara menerapkan pemilihan umum. Negara membutuhkan
suatu perbaikan melalui aspirasi.

3. Keuntungan dari penerapan negative voting

Reaksi masy thp kebijakan yg pemerintah buat berbeda2. jika dari awal masyarakat sudah memilih
suatu calon karena terpaksa(tdk sesuai dg valuenya) maka dia akan tidak mendukung kebijakan yg
mereka buat.


Dapat meningkatkan stabilitas politik, karena banyak aspirasi yg tertampung.

Good intention. Lalu ada banding. Trust. Bisa membuat politic stability

For and againt


1. Kenapa sistem sekarang lebih baik daripada adanya negative vote? Karena menghargai hak pilihnya.

2. Kehadiran kandidat seperti tidak berarti karena mengurangi positive voting. Dapat melukai kehadiran pemilih.

Padahal voting penting. Essensial dari voting adalah

Seharusnya tidak boleh memberikan

3. Maksa boleh ada negativ voting, menutup kemungkinan dia untuk tidak memilih, padahal tidak memilih juga
merupakan hak dia juga

Gaboleh maksaa tentang voting. Kenapa gaboleh golput.

Pemerintah ingin mendapatkan perhatian masyarakat

Kenapa pemerintah gaboleh maksa untuk orang gaboleh milih? Karena negaranya negara demokrasi, yang menghargai
suara individu.

Demokrasi adalah suara mayoritas, contohnya? Misal ada negative voting membuat yang mayoritas mungkin


Cari kalimat pokok. Intinya dia ngomong apa?

1. Mempertanyakan / questioning

Ex :

Argumen : voting memaksa

Questioning? Kenapa voting disebut memaksa? Iya kah?

2. Negasi

Bilang kebalikannya.

Negative voting tidak memaksa. Padahal boleh golput juga koks. Disertai alasan.
3. Even if

Iya kok, iya. Voting memaksa. Tapi voting tidak burung. Gapapa koks.

Diikutin keinginan lawan tapi akhirannya tidak setuju.