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LUTs Color Grading Pack

About this pack
These presets are based on most famous cinema styles.

It’s really different from general public color grading tools, because these LUTs were
designed to preserve maximum skin tones and color chart (I used ColorChecker Passport
for my tests).

These presets can be used with the most photo and video editing softwares (PC/Mac) :

- Adobe Photoshop (CS6 and +)

- Adobe After Effects (CS4 and +)
- Adobe Premiere Pro (CS5 and +)
- Adobe Speedgrade
- DaVinci Resolve
- GoPro Cineform Studio
- Final Cut Pro X
- Sony Vegas
- and more

For After Effects CS4/CS5 and Premiere CS5/CS6, you need Magic Bullet LUT Buddy (free) :

For Final Cut Pro X, you need a LUT plugin like this free one by Pixel Film Studios :

Or the LUT Utility plugin ($29) by Color Grading Central :

For Sony Vegas (Pro/Movie Studio), you need this free LUT plugin by VisionColor :

How to use
LUTs are organized in folders and subfolders by series (88XX, 89XX, 90XX, 91XX, etc).

My LUTs are made for flat pictures profiles (LOG) and classic video footages (Rec.709-like).
It’s fully compatible with footages from Blackmagic cameras, RED cameras, GH4, NX1,
LX100, NX500, RX10, 5D MKIII, etc.

If a LUT is too much contrasted for your footage, apply the utility LUT n°9999 under other
color grading settings (so at first layer over your image). This step will « flat/reset » the

In After Effects, apply presets on Adjustment Layers to play easily with opacity.

How to use in Adobe After Effects :

How to use in Adobe Premiere Pro :
How to use in Adobe Photoshop :
How to use in Final Cut Pro X with LUT Utility plugin :
How to use Magic Bullet LUT Buddy :
Please note that all updates are free.
I plan to create more LUTs based on user requests.

Feel free to send me a message about what kind of cine look you are looking for.
I will try to create it and add to the next update.

Email :