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STATEMENTS VS statement sheet

A balance sheet is comprised of three items: assets,
liabilities, and owner’s equity. It details the financial health
of company at one point in time, rather than over a period
of time. A company's assets must equal liabilities and
owner’s equity. A balance sheet is used to determine a
company's current financial situation, in order to make
important financial decisions.

An income statement is comprised of a business's income

and expenses over a period of time. Revenues are recorded
as credits, and expenses as debits. Often referred to as a
profit and loss statement, it determines profitability.

An income statement is used to determine whether a

company is showing net income or not. The balance sheet
is often much more detailed than the income statement, as
it requires a full inventory of every asset and liability a
company has on its books at any given time. The income
statement lists revenue and expenses for a given period of
time, but at the end of the reporting period, those accounts
are zeroed out.
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The Income Statement shows their revenue, gross
profit, operating expenses, tax expenses, and the You might want to mention a few of your WHAT MSFT’S
net income for four fiscal years. Analyzing the
most recent one, 2018, their net income dropped
most impressive clients here:
1. Big, important company
from 2017 by around $10 billion. They had
2. Really well-known company SHOWS
expenses of taxes, interests, operating expenses
(research development, selling 3. Very impressive company
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