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Chapter 5

Summary, Findings, General Statement, and Recommendations

This chapter presents the summary, findings, general statement, and

recommendations of the study.


This study explored the lived experiences as well as the strategies used

by public high school teachers to address the difficulties and the

challenges/problems encountered, in the conduct of action research.

The research was conducted during the School Year 2017 – 2018 in the

two selected public secondary schools from the Schools Division of Bukidnon,

particularly in the District II of Don Carlos, namely: New Nongnongan

National High School - Main and New Nongnongan National High School- San

Nicolas Annex. The study utilized qualitative method of research employing

narrative analysis. The data tools were interview guide for the structured

interview and motive questions for the focus group discussion.

Nine public school secondary teachers served as the participants of the

study. It included four teacher from New Nongnongan National High School –

Main and five from New Nongnongan National High School- San Nicolas

Annex. The data were analyzed using narrative analysis by Clandinin and

Connely (2000).


The action research process has five parts. Identifying and Issue and

Developing Research Question, Learning More About the Issue; What Does

Research Show, Developing a Strategy, Gathering and Analyzing and

Analyzing Data, and Taking Actions and Sharing the Results. The said action

research processes were considered as grand themes and each theme, there

are also sub-themes presented. In each theme, there were difficulties,

challenges/problems with the corresponding strategies used to address the

said difficulties and the challenges/problems.

Based from the data, the following are the salient findings:

1. In identifying an issue and formulating research questions, the

public high school teachers’ experience difficulties in choosing what

to study and translating the topic into a research title. Their

challenges/problems were in managing their time since action

research demands a lot of time. In addition, the public school

teachers addressed those issues by prioritizing their goals.

2. What does research show? The public school teachers find it difficult

to gather literature because of internet connection; while, their

challenges/problems were in the time needed to read related studies


they have at hand. In order to address the aforementioned concern,

the participants looked for ways like, looking for established internet

connection. Most of them were compelled to read literature.

3. For developing a strategy, the teachers claimed that they have not

enough knowledge in designing strategy. Their biggest challenge was

the difficulty to look for the best strategy to use which would work

for most, if not, with all learners. Apart from that, considerations

were made prior to the adoption. Time has the greatest

consideration. Thorough reflection, determination, consultation,

and considerations were the commonly used strategies to address

the afore cited difficulties and challenges/problems.

4. The difficult part in gathering data was the inconsistent attendance

of their participants during the interview. The public school

teachers’ greatest challenges/problems was in the non-cooperation

and less interests of their participants. Proper orientation, reward

system, and opting for alternative ways were the strategies used to

alleviate the difficulties and challenges/problems. In analyzing data,

finding the right statistical tool, especially for those who were in

quantitative research was most difficult. The challenge/problems in

analyzing data was in the understanding the implication of the

result or figures shown. However, this was addressed consulting and

seeking the assistance of experts in data analyses.


5. For the fifth process, most public high school teachers encountered

difficulties was that they have less confidence when it comes to

presentations to the crowd. The most challenging part their personal

doubt over the reliability and validity of the result of their action

research since most action research did not undergone thorough

review of experts. However, public high school teachers still

managed to handle such situation through optimism and personal

drive to share whatever the result of the research is. In addition,

most action research were shared in most events where teachers are

gathered like meetings, trainings and the like.


Based from the findings generated, there were varied experiences

shared by the public high school teachers in the conduct of action research.

They were even resistant to such educational mandate because of the heavy

workloads they have in the school. Despite the difficulties and the

challenges/problems encountered by the public high school teachers in the

conduct of action research, this enabled them to value the importance of

research in improving instruction.

Through the action research conducted, not only the public high school

teachers learn, but as well as the learners who basically the subject of the

research. The conduct of action research among public school teachers foster

innovations in teaching, and have led them to explore other alternatives to

address various problems in the classroom. In addition, the public high

school teachers possess the attribute of being innovative and resourceful in

response to emerging needs.


Based on findings, the following recommendations are offered for


1. Teachers may be given ample time to prepare documents for

research. Schools are also encouraged to establish stable

internet connection especially in the preparation of the

literature and background information in research.

2. Quality assurance team may be established in schools in

order to assist the teachers in the conduct of action research.

They may be composed of language experts and experts in

data analysis and interpretation to gauge teachers to present

their data.

3. School administrators may encourage teachers to conduct

action research, not just for career advancement, but to have

a better understanding and systematic solution to common

problems encountered in the classroom.


4. The school administrators, master teachers and teachers may

need to have fundamental knowledge on the analysis of data

using software especially if they are into quantitative research

and as well as with other types of research like qualitative and


5. The Department of Education may provide rigid seminars and

workshop to public school teachers to better understand the

said educational endeavor.

6. School-based presentation of output are also encouraged to

showcase the research conducted. This could give idea to

others how to do research and to gain understanding from the

results. This could be a good training for teachers in

preparation for other paper presentations in the future.