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SCADA System

WinCC Open Architecture
SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is part of the The specific features of this system enable WinCC Open
SIMATIC HMI family and designed for applications with Architecture to satisfy the highest requirements, particu-
a high requirement for customerspecific adaptations, larly with regard to traffic solutions, building automation
large scale and high complexity as well as projects and public power supply (energy, water, oil and gas, etc.).
with special requirements on system prerequisites
and customized functionality. The highlights SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture
WinCC Open Architecture demonstrates its performance • Object orientation enables efficient engineering and
particularly well with networked and redundant high-end flexible system expansion
control systems. From field level to control station, from • Distributed systems up to 2,048 servers
machine to company head office – consistent, high-per- • Scalable – from small single-user systems to distribu-
formance communication is guaranteed. High availability, ted, redundant high-end systems with more than 10
reliable information, fast interaction and user-friendliness million tags
are guaranteed in every situation. Application changes • Platform-independent and available for Windows,
can be made without any process disruption. Profitability, Linux, iOS and Android
efficiency and security are thus always harmoniously • Hot standby redundancy and Disaster Recovery
balanced. System ensure the highest levels of system reliability
and availability
WinCC Open Architecture demonstrates its reliability in a • SIL3 certified to IEC 61508
multitude of business-critical applications. Ideas can be • Platform for customer-specific solutions
implemented in new applications quickly and easily. At • Extensive range of drivers and connection options:
the same time, the SCADA system can be developed SIMATIC S7, S7-1200, S7-1500, XML, OPC, OPC UA,
independently in-house with its own product branding. TCP/IP, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101/104, DNP3,
IEC 61850/61400, Ethernet/IP
SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture
WinCC Open Architecture has been more than 30 years on
the market and is being constantly developed further. It
meets miscellaneous industry standards, such as SIL3
according to IEC61508, it is FDA compliant and ISO 9001
certified. In addition numerous options such as VIDEO,
multi-touch, responsive design or web-based reporting
emphasize the innovative strength of the SCADA system.

Various drivers provide the connection to the automation
level. In WinCC Open Architecture multiple drivers can
SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture screenshot operate in parallel. This can be the same type or different
types. Here are the key drivers listed:
Scalable SIMATIC S7, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, SSI, IEC 60870-5-101,
The flexible data point concept means that this scalable -104, DNP3, SINAUT, OPC Client & Server (DA, A&E), OPC
and expandable SCADA system is especially suited to sys- UA Client & Server (DA, AC, HDA), SNMP, BACnet, API
tems that are required to handle large quantities of data
up to 10 million data points. Basis for the complete system Special functions & Add-ons in
is a high-performance and modular expandable system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture:
architecture, thereby ensuring maximum system availabil- • Reporting: Web based reporting with SOAP interface
ity. Depending on the performance requirement, WinCC • WinCC OA mobile UI: Native client for
Open Architecture can run on one or more computers – iOS and Android devices
with distributed managers in the latter case. The client / • WinCC OA OPERATOR: App to control and monitor via
server architecture enables the system to be adapted to smartphone and tablet-PC
suit requirements. This concept also enables the system to • Ultralight Client UX: Client for desktop applications
operate at all levels. Windows, Linux, iOS and Android based on HTML5 technology
operating systems are supported. • Web Client: A fully-functional client that operates via
a web browser
Efficient • VIDEO for the native integration of video manage-
WinCC Open Architecture relies consistently on object ori- ment systems
entation for process images and the database structure. • Disaster Recovery System (2x2 Redundancy)
This enables efficient and simple mass engineering and • GIS Viewer allows the visualisation of system objects
swift creation of projects with a number of parallel devel- on a map
opments. Systematic and considered use of the object-ori- • Advanced Maintenance Suite (AMS) for efficient
ented characteristics results in a change to the engineer- maintenance management
ing process. In comparison with conventional methods, • BACnet for centralised building control systems
savings of up to 70% can often be made on engineering

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