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Rhetorical Prècis

In the article, “Scholarship Girls Aren’t the Only Chicanas Who Go to College: Former
Chicana Continuation High School Students Disrupting the Educational Achievement Binary”
(2010), Maria C. Malagon and Crystal R. Alvarez argues the way educational scholarships
should define “high achieving,” should be personal qualities of students as they confront
challenges and barriers along their educational trajectory (Alvarez and Malagon 2018). Alvarez
and Malagon support their argument by explaining the educational research on schooling failures
of students, schools, families, and communities. The authors’ purpose was to inform reader that
Chicana students are successful despite of their cultural differences by sampling five Chicana
women who attended a continuation high school in order to include appropriate stats and
findings. The authors write in a formal tone to educate the critics of young women who have
experienced an unfair social justice system.

1. ) In a short essay describe how some of the themes on the Lemon Grove incident film
are still occurring today? Are they occurring at all? [in terms of education and other
topics discussed in class]. How have things changed? How have things stayed the
same? How does your assigned article/précis/study speak to the changes that have
come about. Are there overlapping themes which intersected with Lemon Grove
Incident film and your assigned article? Explain and Discuss.

2.) The Tohono O’Odham Nation [Native American tribe] live near the U.S./ Mexico
border. There will be severe effects if a barrier [wall] is built between them and their
native lands. In a short essay describe and discuss what this implication means for
the Tohono O’Odham Nation on both sides of the border. What is at stake? How barrier
affect their everyday lives? What are the consequences to come for this Native
American nation and other people living along the borderlands?

3.) Inashortessaywritewhattheeffectsofhavingnoclearstanceon weapons on campus

entails to your education and college experience? Be aware that there we spoke about
this for a few weeks in this semester .

4.) Describe in a short essay how your assigned article fell short of including race, class
or gender? Explain. In addition to the case/study in your article how would you upgrade
it for 2018? What information would you add or omit. Would you use a different
methodology or include other factors? Describe

and elaborate.

5.) In a short essay describe the concepts in your article you read apply to your current
or past educational experiences? Do they apply at all? Are they still relevant in 2018?
Are they outdated, explain.

6.) In a short response describe and elaborate on 4 concepts/topics discussed? Hint: 1

of the 4 concepts/topics is in your presentation/ précis and what your précis spoke
about and touched upon. Now for 3 more that you can recall from the lectures?
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