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F-6, PTCL Compound, University Road, Near Faizan-e-Madina, Karachi.

Email:, Cell: +92-345-3033663
skype : yunafx
P.E.C. Registration No. ELECTRO/7628, NIC: 4130371385201


To utilize my extensive industry experience within Alternate Energy (PV System), O&M, NOC,
RMS, HSE, QA, IT and professional trainings with different mobile network vendors to support the
business grow and also grow myself with changing technological environment to always support
the business in most effective ways.
Very much interested to contribute within multinational environment and challenging business
situations to utilize my experiences in a better way.



Electronic & Automation Engineer (Sensors and Motors):

Organization: The Protectors

Organization Type: Window Coverings & Architectural Products
Location: Karachi

The Protectors is a pioneer name in the field of architectural products including window
covering, roller shutters, sun shades, interior products, folding doors and partitions,
motorized gates, pool covers, false ceiling and raised flooring.
I am working here as an electronic & automation engineer and my key responsibilities
include but not limited to:

 Automating the roller shutter

 Working with swing and sliding gates
 Working with sensors to match the specific motorized gates
 Installation of complete motorized shutters including motor, sensor and encoders
 Programming the motors with their control panel as per specific needs
 Troubleshooting the faults of roller shutter with electronic equipment
 Experience of installing different kinds of doors including security or general purpose


Alternate Energy (PV System) Expert:

Organization: ITR Automation Group

Organization Type: Electronic Automation Solution Provider
Location: Hyderabad
Tenure: May 2018 to November 2018

ITR Automation Group deals in energy solution to the industry, agriculture and home
automation particularly with solar energy solution. All type of solar system solution available
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for all type of need. I joined ITR Automation Group from 2nd of May and worked as PV
System Design Consultant.
My key responsibilities include but not limited to:

 Feasibility survey of solar sites for installation or expansion

 Planning and implementing installation of solar panels
 Expertise in usage of path finder, solar meter, compass and other survey tools
 Expertise with panel, MC4 and T2.
 Optimizing solar energy systems for better performance and back up
 Series and parallel panel configuration
 Load evaluation for solar site
 Selection of solar panels and inverters, VFD with respect to load
 Power optimization of solar, commercial, generator or battery banks
 Dealing clients and guiding them with respect to their power need
 Market research for new products either online or personal visit


Assistant Manager Quality Assurance, HSE:

Organization: Zhongxing Telecom Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Organization Type: Telecommunication Equipment Provider.
Location: Karachi
Tenure: April 2012 to Sep 2017

I have 14 year experience in telecommunication field and have worked as RMS Team Lead,
Quality Assurance Auditor and HSE Auditor to look after RMS, Quality and HSE activities on
Telenor Pakistan Project.

Responsibilities as QA/HSE Auditor:

 Assuring the implementation of HSE standards during PM execution

 Assuring the use of PPE for suppliers’ teams in order to avoid any accident
 Auditing field teams for verification of PPE usage on the field and at the tower
 Assuring the availability of spare PPE at suppliers’ warehouse
 Train suppliers’ team for using HSE guidelines for their safety
 Audit of the sites for assuring PM quality both telco and non telco.
 Maintaining the balance between the quality and quantity of the PM sites
 Ensuring proper spares & consumables availability with sub-con
 Plan and implement fueling audits with respect to OPEX functionality
 Gensets overhauling ATPs (Acceptance Test Protocol)
 Supervise sub-con for better quality of PM in order to avoid outages



Organization: E.P.T.S.C. (Egyptian Pakistan Telecommunication Services Company).

Organization Type: Telecommunication Service Provider.
Designation: BSS Engineer
Location: Karachi
Tenure: September 2011 to March 2012.

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I have worked as B.S.S. engineer on Motorola and Alcatel equipment as Team Lead in EPTSC
which is looking after Mobilink O & M activities all over the Pakistan.


 Manage On Call team for the site down issues

 Manage On call team for the genset issues
 Manage On call team for the transmission issues
 Manage on call team for sites PM
 Manage on call team for sites CM
 Coordinate with the customers in order to smooth running of the network
 Preparing MTTR for the region
 Preparing PM justifications
 Preparing RSL justifications




Organization Type: Telecommunication Service Provider.
Location: Karachi
Tenure: October 2010 to September 2011.

I have worked as NOC engineer on Ericsson equipment in people logic Pakistan (a Canadian
Telecom solution provider) which had been looking after operation and maintenance of CMPak
(Zong) in south region.


 Routine maintenance of the sites through OSS Citrix ICA client

 Faults’ troubleshooting through the client
 Checking internal alarms (TG, TRX and TS level)
 Trouble ticket handling (accepting and closing)
 Generating and closing work orders as per operator’s requirements.
 Escalating the maintenance team for the proper maintenance of the sites
 Generating internal and external reports
 Rectify Low TCH cells



Department: Project Management Unit @ BBSYDP (Irrigation & Power Department,

Government of Sindh)
Department Type: Training Institute & Field Research Station
Location: Irrigation & Power Department, Govt. of Sindh, Hyderabad.
Tenure: Feb 2010 to Aug 2010

I have worked as Trainer of Wireless and Telephone in Irrigation and Power department
Government of Sindh, under the program BBSYDP (Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development
Program) which is monitored and funded by World Bank and some other friendly countries. This
role includes:


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 Designing the syllabus of wireless and telephone operator.
 Delivering lectures
 Conducting practical training of wireless equipment (walkie-talkie, base unit, batteries,
cabling and power supply).
 Conducting study visit to telephone exchange and to wireless operators




Organization Type: Multinational Telecommunication Equipment Provider
Location: Karachi
Tenure: Oct 2003 to Oct 2008


I have worked as a GSM (BSS) Engineer in ZTE Karachi (Pakistan). Initially I was
appointed as a trainee Engineer in GSM department but in short time was promoted as
Engineer. In this five-year experience I worked on Paktel EGSM project since the
beginning and have been involved in the formation of whole setup, which is expanding
now days. I have been mostly involved in the project deployment, execution and roll-out
of the project and successfully rolled out and then executed different projects including
BTS installation and maintenance, BSC installation and maintenance and in the
deployment of GPRS.

Role and Projects

 Coordinator for Swapping of BTS sites from ZTE South

 Testing and Commissioning of ZXG-10 Equipment
 GPRS installation and maintenance
 DDF swapping project in the MSC
 Drive Tests and optimization of Sites
 Site Surveys and Layouts
 Installation of BTS Rack, Rectifier and Battery Banks
 Environmental Acceptance of sites
 Supervision of Outdoor installation

 Good Communication & Interpersonal skills
 Flexible in adopting changes
 Good planning and management skills

 Good decision making, analytical, and problem solving abilities.

 Good reporting and monitoring skills

 Good time management.


 2016 Emergency Fire Response Plan by Consult & Train 1 Day

 2016 Defensive Driving Training by Proximo Security Trainers 1 Day
 2015 Anti-Corruption Awareness by Telenor Pakistan 1 Day
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 2015 Tower Safety Training by HSE Culture Developers 1 Day
 2014 Generators routine maintenance and overhauling 1 Week
by ESL (Engineering Solutions Limited)
 2007 ZXR10 IT/Routers (China) 3 Weeks
 2007 RF Frequency Planning (Islamabad) 2 Weeks
 2006 GPRS, WAP and MMS (Karachi) 1 Week
 2005 Advanced GSM Training (Islamabad) 1 Week


 Online Brainbench certified in “Information Technology Terminology”

 Prepared for Cisco Exam
 Acceptance for publication of research in International Journal of Scientific & Engineering
Research (IJSER)


 2005 E.M.B.A. (Project Management) (Half Courses)

Preston University Karachi.
 2002 Bachelor of Engineering (B.E, R.E.) in Electronics
Dawood College of Engineering and Technology, Karachi


 Flexible to learn software products

 Good experience of energy efficiency procedure
 Strong IP Network Concepts and experience (CCNA covered).
 Strong Protocols concepts including TCP/IP, GPRS BAC net, Modbus, LonTalk
 Innovative thinking for software products
 Good Quality Assurance logics and thinking
 Strong MS office Applications Skills
 Strong dispute resolution skills


Name: Mohammad Asif

Date of Birth: 26th June 1976.
Marital status: Married

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