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Name RAJA SANT B8 F/ Name G MUHAMMAD en . interior Designing Technology: Auto Cad BE arm manara Daualisean Auto CAB = AutoCAD 2006 COMPUTERHARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Pentium IH Processor RAM 256 Free Disk Space 300MB+ Monitor 17" with Good Resolution Mouse, Keyboard, CDetc Printer/Plotter/Scanner (Optional) USAGE Engineering Drawings Civil Engineering Drawings Electrical Drawings Mechanical Drawings Sewerage/Water Supply Layouts Electronic Circuits etc Any Kind of Line Work FEATURES Better Quality of Work Precision &Accuracy Less Storage Space No Seasonal Effects Outputin Diff Scales Easy Transportation Internet/Email Compatibility MODIFICATION ‘ ATIN Mandra Draughtsman Auto CAD Page #2 Draw Dimension Modify Window Help Express eF £ fa Beh ff ud EP File Edit View Insert AT el-tetF- 1] Command Toolbars -: Command Windows -: Scrollbars nmand s ESC or to exit, or wfat-click to dis shortcut menu (Command V 60.4173, 32.7741, 0.0000 SNAP GRID [ORTHO POLAR |OSNAP OTRACK DYN LwT [MODEL sl AutoCAD Screen / Interface { --| ¢ Title Bar | ‘ Le et 4, Pull-down menus Edit Help Express | een ene ses ee eRe A ARERR t | | Design By Aamir Shahzad (Instructor Draftsman (Civil) Auto CAD) 1;