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The engine of this motorcycle rotates at

high speed. In order to make sure that the CONTENTS
engine can run normally, prolong its service
life and safeguard your interests, please Safety driving through ..................2
operate the motorcycle according to the
Position of parts mounting .............. 3
following regulations:
Function of parts ........................4-8

1.Lubrication ............................9
This manual including the following model
2.Tire pressure ...........................9

DD125E-5C DD350E-6C DD400E-6C 3.Operating instructions .................10

4.Repair and maintenance .............. 11-16

5.Fault maintenance .....................17-18

6.Maintenance period table ..............19

Since this manual covers a few model and ................20-24
7.Motorcycle main specs
specification, the pictures listed are not covering
all of the parts or spec, so please take the actual 8.Motorcycle electrical schematics ..... 25
products as the standard.
Motorcycle safety riding and &important notice distance between them and the ground and side up
PROTECTIVE APPAREL angle, and keep suspension or steering device from
A motorcycle rider ususally has his /her head moving or affect handling. Avoid attaching any
injured in an accident. In order to ensure personal electrical equipment.Otherwise it can bring trouble
safety, the rider should wear a helmet, goggles, to the electrical system.
boots, gloves etc.The passenger should wear the
same gear. ATTENTION
The temperature of the muffler is very high when Proper use can extend the lifetime of the engine
the motorcycle is ridden. The passenger should wear Play a complete role of new bike function, please
boots or shoes high enough to cover his/her angles to ride bike according to following requirements.
prevent his/her feet from being scalded. The rider 1. During the first 1000km, avoid full throttle
should wear close-fitting clothes to prevent loose and never labor the engine. The rotating speed of
clothing catching the handlebar, kick stand, footpegs the engine should be strictly restricted to less than
and tyres. 6000rpm.
2. After the first 300 km, 600km and 1000km,
ACCESSORIES please clean the engine and change. The engine oil
  Accessories produced by our company have in accordance with the requirements of operation
been under special design and test, and can render and maintenance Manual.
the motorcycle safe. They are optional for users.   
Users will take responsibility for their selection,  Warning:
installation and use of accessories not produced EFI model has fuel injection system replying on
by our company. Please obey safe riding rules power.Please do not add extra equipment to cause
and follow the next points: Carefully check your the problem like default or distroy the ECU.
accessories, make them out of sight line, reduce
Motorcycle parts position
① ⑦ ⑥

③ ⑤ ④



 headlock①is below the steering.
IGNITION SWITCH Please turn to the very left,take out
the key and turn at clockside, take

out the key

① ② ③ ④

  Switch at ① right side of chasis, pls open the

switch cover first. Insert key,turn 90°at clockwise,
the ignition switch can turn both sides, start the When lock the bike, please don't move
engine, the key can pull out any condition. orstart the bike
Ignition at position②:engine can not start with
all routing shut off。
Ignition at position③:engine can start with all
routing on Meanwhile all head light , tail light,etc
are on. Odometer dial is bright.
Ignition switch turn to position ④ :engine can
start , but position light and meter dial light is off.
Kindly suggest you to switch the ignition to position
4 when start.
FUNCTION OF PARTS ⑤ distance data resetting
  anticlockwising the odometer handle, the
distance data changes to 0.
⑥ ⑦ 12 11
⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧
  showing the km/hr。
  it can grand total the number KM/miles, do not
delete the numbers.
⑧short distance data
① ⑨ ③ ② ⑩ ④ ① ② ⑩ ③ ④ ⑨
for short distance purpose, it can be changed to O.
①Left idicator  
⑨water temperature indicator (except DD400E-6C)
  switch to the left, it will flash when making a Suit for water cooling model
left turn.  it shows the temperature of water cooling. When
②high beam it turns to the red,means the temperature is too high.
  high beam will be on by turning the switch to
high beam
③neutral light When red light is on, please stop riding, check
  when engine is in neutral, the N light will be the fun, coolant is enough or not. please check
on, and others are off. the details until bike okay.
④right indicator ⑩EFI warning light
  switch to the right, it will flash when making
a right turn. EFI Bike valid

③clutch controll handle
The EFI light is on when switched, it is off when  when you want to shift the gear, please hold the
start the engine. If the light still on, it means that handle with grip hardly to seperate the clutch
the bike still have problem.  If you wanna to start the engine, please pull the
Please use the Diagnostic to check the failure code handle as well, then the bike can start up.
and solve it. ④ Overtake
Fuel gage   If you want to overtake the others. Please press
the high beam continuously for safety.
For EFI bike
⑤headlight changing switch
It shows the fuel in tank. If indicating below red
  If you need dipped headlight, please switch to
line, please fuel the bike a.s.a.p.
“ D ”position;if you need high beam, please
Warning: switch to“ D ”。
⑥Choke handle
The EFI bike need enough fuel.otherwise few
carburator version only .
fuel will cause the fuel pump idling and distroy Please dial down the choke handle,open the choke
the fuel pump. when starting the bike,
Left switch   
By starting the bike, please dial up the choke handle,
③ ④ ⑤
①horn close the choke.
① ②
 Press horn if you need to use it.
②turning light switch Right handle switch(no AHO)
 If you need to turn left, then ①cutoff preset switch
move “ ”position,If you ① ② “  ” position:all circuit
need to turn right, then move to“ ”position.Move shut off engine can not start or
the arrow to the middle, then it is 。 cutoff the running engine. ④ ③

① ②
“ ”:means the bikecircuit on, you can start
the engine.Please set the swith to“ ”position. “  ” position:all circuit
②throttle grip shut off engine can not start or
 adjust the throttle full-size,controlling the bike cutoff the running engine.
speed grip turning to rider yourself,it's accelerating. ③
otherwise it's slowing speed. “ ”:means the bikecircuit on, you can start
③headlight switch the engine.Please set the swith to“ ”position.
It has three swtiches“   ”“ P ”and“  ". ②throttle grip
“ ”:headlight, taillight, odometer light are on  adjust the throttle full-size,controlling the bike
“ P ”:front position light, tail light,odometer speed grip turning to rider yourself,it's accelerating.
light are on. otherwise it's slowing speed.
③power with electric press-button
“ ”:front light, tail light, front position light,
 1、Engine is in Neutral or in gears, grasp the
odometer light are closed.
cluth handle to separate the clutch disc.
④power with electric press-button
 2、key to the ignition switch,turn to“ ”position.
 1、Engine is in Neutral or in gears, grasp the  3、cutoff switch to“   ”position, press power with
cluth handle to separate the clutch disc.
electric button“  ”turn throttle grip,the engine can start
 2、key to the ignition switch,turn to“ ”position.
 3、cutoff switch to“   ”position, press power with
electric button“  ”turn throttle grip,the engine can start
Right handle switch(EURO Ⅳ)  Every ignition less than 5s and 10s between
①cutoff preset switch twice.If failure,please check oil-way &system
REAR SHOCK Fuel tank switch
  Suit for carburator models
You can adjust the position Turn on
please loose the locknut ①,   please turn to this position, the fuel enters into
loose or tighten the nut ②。 the carburator smoothly.
adjust the spring tention, to Spare
tighten or loosen the rear ①locknut ②Adjust  When normal fuel is
suspension。    used up, please handle
please make sure the same this to use the spare.
tension Fuel tank cover Close Turn on Spare Close
  The whole fuel is closed by this position。
Fuel tank & tank cover Please close this fuel switch by long time riding.
 Open the cover, insert the ignition Warning:
key turn right at 90 degree.Yo can Please fuel the bike immediatley when you start
open the cover. Press it when you to use spares(only2.7L), please turn on the switch
want to close it and pull back&take after fueling it.
out the key.
Fuel pump
Fuel pump assy.
 Suit for EFI models
Attention:  EFI fuel the bike using fuel
 It's not well locked to pull out the key.Please pump Open the ingition lock,
do not extract it strongly forced. fuel pump runs 5 s.Stop working
 please do not over fuel exceeding the neck of after 2-3seconds.Pump always working afer engine
it.Please lock it when fully fuele。
d. starts, It's destroyed by the pump idling.please pay
attention to the fuel always.
Shifter Tyre pressure
 This engine has 5 gears internationally,The  Correct tyre pressure can hold the best stable ride
relationship chart please refer and comfort ride,make the tyre long time use.
to following:
① N ② ③ ④ ⑤ Load e Kp a )Pressur(
Pressur( e Kpa)
Lubrication fuction   
Rider F.tyre:225 rear tyre:225
  lubrication oil is very important for engine     
rider and passengers front tyre:250 rear tyre:250
lifetime,please forbid to use bad quality oil.    
 We suggest to use SAE15W / 40 API SJ oil.If you  Please check the tyre pressure. Check its scratch ,
want to use others, the level need to reach above SG, nail or others sharps when bike is not started.Check
the viscosity shows a rather pronounced variation the tyre sunk or out of shape. If problem, please
with temperature. Please exhaust all lubrication in repare it or replace it immediately.  
the crankcase and fuel the new lubrication oil。   Please change tyre of following limits pattern
Attention::         min.limit Deep pattern(mm)
  Please send the used Front tyre:1.5 Rear tyre:2.0
lubrication to the recycle avoid polluting the Dangerous
environment.   It's dangerous to use over worn tyre,and effect
stability,steering and operation improper pressure
can cause the extra worn and cause accident, Less
pressure can cause the damage or get out of rim
and lead to accident.

Operation Guide  Check throttle control…check free route of grip
Engine grinding-in to handle, cable connect, adjust it or change it if
 New bike grinding in is 1000km necessary.
 Please use only≤3/4 thorrtle to avoid over grinding in  Check lighting and signal…check front light,tail
 Change gears oftenly to avoid contineously light, turning light and function of horn.
running at one RPM.
Adjust it if necessary.
 Control the engine RPM max.less than6000r/min
 Check drive chain…check its tension or lubrication,
Max. speed shall less than 55km/h during 500km; If seriously worn or damaged, please change it.
during 500-1000km max speed shall less than 70km/h.
 Check steering control mechanism…check its
  Keep fit after first grind.tighten all screwsws,
flexibility and stablity,adjust it when necessaty.
adjust all parts,replace all polluted oil, examine the
Check engine…check its noise or not
first 1000km to ensure the best status of your
Check the coolant engough or not.
motorcycles,extend the life time of your engine.
Examination before ride
 Take your few minutes to check your bike before
usage, it can save the failure rate and guarantee the    Warning:
safety riding.  Please don't start engine at narrow space to
 check level of engine lubrication if need,add oil, escape the pollution. Please forbid to start
and check if it is oil leakage. engine when engine is in gear. It can damage
 Check front,rear brake…Check &adjust the free the engine parts or cause accident.
route of brake, check braking function (locking or
no braking)
   Check tyre…check both tyre pressure and wear
damage,please filling or fixing it
Ride Check and keep in good repair
Heating up the engine gradually Oil level check
 1.To release clutch when engine idling,change Please check the oil lever before
gears to first gear position. running the bike.There is engine oil
2.throttling engine speed,releasing clucth handle, dipstick①backward the right crankcase
coordinate these two steps for better starting. to measure the lubrication level.
  3.when you ride the bike steady, disconnecting Please measure it after 5 minutes ①Oil gauge
clutch, shifting to 2nd gear;please use the same way by stopping the engine.Please laythe
shifting to other speed. bike vertical with the ground.Clen the
Dangerous: dipstick,insert the dipstick into the oil,
 Please do not shift gears without holding hard unlock screw, check the level.

②upper calibration line ③lower line

clutch hand shank, otherwise it can cause the Level is between②and③two means
transmimission chain damaged. it is full of lubrication.
 please do not shift to neutral when down hilling,  Level is under③,please add SAE
you need to hold the bike by engine power. 15W/40 API Sj engine oil to this top
Brake and park  Fit on the dipstick&check whether
  Please reduce throttle until close for low speed it is leakage
Lowing speed by front&rear brake,hold clutch handle,
shift to neutral, hold the bike and kick the stand up.
 Before cornering please close the throttle&low it
by brakes. Otherwise, you could not control it by warning:
sudden braking and cause the slide and turnover.   It leads to parts damage due to
 please pay attention to control bike evenly on less oil. It effects the max.speed
wet road,If you accelerate it too much, the bike can due to over oil.
be out of control
Change lubrication oil Check the spark plug seal gasket is ok.
  Oil by machinery running can be Attention:
poured out thoroughly.   Please mount the spark plug by hand, then
  Set a suitable vessel for used oil tighten it by the special spanner.
under the engine, then open refueling   Pay attention to the dirt inside the engine
cover and piston①,release oil and lock during having the spark plug out.
the secrew,Leaning the engine for 2-3 ①drain plug
hours until used oil is all out, then add How to choose spark plug
1.8L new oil.   ①low speed or winter time, electrode show
DD150E-2 add 0.9L new oil black please choose type CR5HSA
  Please strike the strainer ③then   ②Hig speed or hot summer time, electrode
clean it. shos white,please choose type CR7HSA
Please reverse spring, take out the ②oil pump   ③standard type is CR6HSA (original is
strainer by holding the pot head. seal ring CR6HSA)。
  Please ensure the oil pump seal Air filter
ring②is well before fitting on the drain   The core is made by filter,
plug.Otherwise please change the seal please always check it to avoid
ring to avoid leakage. ③strainer blocking up by dirt and reduce
Spark plug the output power.
  Take out plug cap,clean it,strike   Disasemble the outer cover, ① ②
the spark plug by special spanner, loose every bolt②,
Please clean its dirts by wire brush, take out the air filter cover①。
check it damaged or not, fired by   take out the locater,strike ④
electrodes,if damaged, please change the core③,install new core.
the spark plug. please use new air filter core.
  check the clearance between side Install air filter with different step ③
electrode① ,and adjust to 0.6-0.7mm. ①side electrode as above.
BATTERY   Loosen the locknut at crankcase
Please check its electroyte clutch control plate bracket

③ adjusting screw rod

always keep it between:" UPPER" ②①, adjust screw rod .turn A
and" LOWER". If below "LOWER" according to(A),reduce
please add distilled water to Upper travel of left handle;
Forbid to add other liquid.
  Check voltage of battery either UPPER LOWER turn according to (B)side,
end,charging it below 12. 3V. increase free travel。 Lock
 If you start the engine hard or meet the electricity the top and below nuts
failure due to lack of electroyte,please examine it after finishing adjustment. ②plate bracket
by local repair station.  Adjust screw rod at left
Attention: switch④can adjust the free
Check outtake and air drain of battery well connected. travel. Loose locknut ⑤,
Pls take off battery if you do not use bike long time adjust the adjusting rod,
Please take out the negative first, store at ventilated locknut it when handle has
place after charing.. enough free travel.
Please clean the wiring terminal of battery oftenly, ④adjust pole ⑤locknut
andensure it no loose. Adjust of throttle cable
Please use same battery spec as 12V9Ah  check throttle grip flexible from
Red sheath wire to connect positive, black to open to close side.
negative.Please do not mix them   Check if cable from throttle
Adjust of clutch lever grip to carburator well connected.
  The free clearance is 10-20 If cable is wrenched,cut or improper
mm by holding clutch hanle and routing,you should replace cable.
feeling the resistance.If you ind Check the grip idling free travel
is between 2~6mm 。 ②upprt adjust coil
the free clearance wrong,please
adjust it as following steps:  Please loose locknut① if it is adjusted,
Adjust nut a Adjust nut b
Then turn top adjust coil②、 Lubrication on chain
still need adjust,loose nut a、b  Dirty chain will wear the sprocket
adjust pole to 2~6mm free and chain more. Please check regular
travel, lock adjust nut a、b。 " list"
date according to check
Adjust idle of carburator  Clean chain by detergent oil, Lock clip
Suit for carburator models after dry,please add proper engine
Heat the engine, operate it oil or chain oil.
after high temperature. attention:
ensure the open side of clip is
opposite as normal running way.
WARNING: ④ ③ ②
you can not adjust EFI model since it is softwared

Check ,adjust &lubricate drive chain

Check the sprocket,chain
Check the pin of chain loose or not、damaged on
pin roller
Check rusty or dry up on chain,
Check chain moving flexible,   
Check it over worn on chain and sprocket
Check teeth of sprocket damage
Check the loose of fixing bolt loose or not
Disc Max worn limit

Adjustment on brake
Rear brake disc suitable 20-30mm   If
   you happens often burnout fuse,
short circuit or overload. Please check
 Holding motorcycle,test the with the local repair station.
pedal from update to free travel,
it is 20-30mm. Coolant
 If adjustment,loose the nuts Suit for water cooling bike
⑦,adjust the doble bolts⑧,increase ⑥adjust nut
Coolant is made by coolant and distilled water.
or reduce pedal route and brake it
freeze-proofing function.
It can reduce
several times,release brake,turn
   the engine temperature by circularly
rear wheel checking its running,
radiation of coolant.
lock it.
  The   new bike is with coolant.
Fuse replacement ⑦nut
Pleae pay attention to volume of
please check fuse first when coolant when maintaining. You need
Radiator cover①
bike incoperation or cutoff. to add if needed open water bottle Water bottle cover②
cover②,add coolant into water
Loose the cross screw on right
bottle until 80%
cover when replacing.disassemble
 If coolant become muddy or time
the right cover,open the fuse box
for maintain, please change coolant.
you can replace it. Fuse box  Please follow the below steps.:
 The rated fuse is 15A。  Stand the motorcycle at smooth ground.
Checklist on braking system: Brake liquid
A:check the level of brake liquidcup  Check the liquid level of right
handle switch and brake liquid cup.
B:check leakage If it is few, please add the
C:check the cable leakage or crack 5-10mm appointed brake liquid inside.
D:check worn of disc &friction plate  If the brake disc is worn, then
20-30mm lower limit
E:front brake lever free travel the liquid will be auto matically flow
hole of observation
5-10mm,rear brake foot bar free into oil-pressure pipe.Check and fill
in liquid is the most important item.
travel is 20-30mm
Liquid disc brake pump is working under high
pressure to ensure its safe,please do not change Danger:
exceeding. Liquid has strong corrosive. Please
disgorge it if you drink it.please wash
  Please maintain the braking system or disc
it if it is in eye or on skin. And see
brake to special appointed repair station. doctor immediately.
Brake friction plate
Check if the friction plate is max. worn.Please
change it if exceeding
Please do not ride it just after changing. Please
run the front brake lever several time or rear
foot bar,let the disc brake and caliper well cotact,
function of braking sytem return to normal
   up the radiator cap①,put fully coolant
Screw Fault repair
 Screw tightenly after fitting on radiator cover. Suit for carburator model
 Start the bike and idle it at 2-3seconds, open it cap Please
   check out the reason if engine can not start:
again①, continuously add coolant. Add tripe coolant,  1.Check if the fuel tank switch at open position.
tighten it ①open water bottle cap②, put approx. 400 2.Check if fuel is enough
ml coolant,total volume is 1600ml   3.Pull out the oil tube below fuel tank,and check
Attention: if fuel is outflowing
  When engine temperature reaches 125℃,   4.disassemble spark plug and connect ignition
odometer sense light on,means the engine need coil please put spark plug on unpainted hardware,
to have a rest,otherwise it will effect lifetime of press electric botton.If it has blue spark,ignition
engine. system is fine.If no spark,please go to the repair
station and fix it.
Warning: Fault repair Suit for EFI model
  Please use 3500 anti-rusty antifreeze fluid
  coolant is harmful and corrosive. please do Please check as following if engine can not start
EFI fault light no on):
not drink it or infect with skin. Please recycle
it to avoid pollution.  1.check the fuel indicator and ensure if you have
  Please do not open the radiator cover,to enough fuel
avoid expulsion out and hurt people.  2.Check if the battery connect is correct.
  Please exhaust coolant by disassembly cylinder  3.Check if the fuse is okay
body when repairing engine,this can avoid it into Warning:
crankcase. Start 3-5 minutes after replacing ECU,close
ignition switch and re start
Please check the leakage every 400km     please shut down ignition switch when you
water pump or circulating tube is leakaged. want to pull out the EFI connector otherwise it will
Press the tube to find if it has flaw and replace it. leave the historic record,you need to get rid of it
Please contact maintainance people if leakage,Please by special diagnostic.please press the plug
do not open it by yourself. connector and pull out. 
Clean switch when installation.
 You should clean the motorcycle,and check its 5.air the tyre to regular air pressure, stand it
damagement,wear and oil leakage or not.   
until front &rear wheel out of ground.
 Please do not clean the bike by high-pressure water   6.Please cover the motorcycle by cloth or
to cause the damage.: breathability,save in the dry with ood ventilation place.
 Ignition swtich,electric switch,odometer,exhaust ex. Use it
fuel tank。
 please avoid wet the exhaust,spark plug and battery 1.Take off the cover, clean it.
 please use clean water to wash  2.check the voltage of battery, if it is below
 Dry motorcycle,start engine by running few minutes. 12.3V,charge the bike then install battery.
 3.get rid of antirust agents, add new fuel
 lubricate the drive chain.
 please test your brakes for good function before you  4.test the bike carefully.
ride out. Daily maintain
   storage  Please clean it by cloth oftenly, dry the wet.
You should do special check before your longtime storage. Put some antirust oil on chrome, put some wax on
  1.clean and dry the motorcycle paint.
  2.exhaust the fuel in fuel tank and carburator   air the tyre accoring to pressue.
and have some antirust.   check
. every bolt and nuts to avoid falling
  3.Take out the spark plug,put some(15-20ml) down and cause accident.
lubrication in cylinder body. Close ignition switch,   Check the tyre and brakes flexibility ,if it
press it several time again for more oil inside cyclinder, is over worn or damagement, please change it.
please install spark plug again.
  4.disassemble the battery and store it into well Maintain chart
ventilate, dry shady place.  Please maintain the bike according to following
Attention: please close ignition switch, please symbols:
disassemble negative wire first,then positive electrode;  *you can fix it by your self if you can
please fix positive first then negative ,close ignition  **you need to go the maintain shop to fix it
①Often clean it driving in dusty area times maintance KM
②if data is over max speed of odometer,please times
project period 1000 4000 8000 12000
check details according to below details.
③to adjust timing chain and valve clearanc, must brake wear check check check
** pipe every 4
be adjusted by authorized service shop for safety. years check check check check
** fluid cup check check check check
Times Milage(km)
period ** fluid once every 2 years
Period 1000 4000 8000 12000
** front brake check check check check
* Fuel route    check check check check    per
* rear brake month check check check check
* throttle system check check check check
check check check check
* carburator check check check change
clutch friction disc adjust adjust adjust adjust
core   Replace check check check check
hanger check check check check
spark plug 4000km check check check check
bracket check check check check
lubricate first 500km, them 1000 km
* nut bolt month check check check
filter net    clean it by placing the oil
** wheel/ tyre 3months check check check check
** tention adjust check check check check
** bearing 3months check check check check
adjust adjust adjust adjust adjust
** valve clearance     
** coolant check check check check
drive chain    c check check check check
** rear brake ** fuel injector clean every 30000km
check check check
Remark:valid for all EFI modles.

DD125E-5C specification

Part Item Unit Specification Part Item Unit Specification

size 2335×965×1100 Model DD244MI
mm type Water cooling
wheel base 1660
displacement ml 125
weight 184
kg min.fuel consuming g/(kw-h) 340
Body Max.load 150 compression ratio 10.2:1
Max speed km/h ≥90 min.idle speed r/min 1500±100
front tyre 90/90-21 225kpa clearance of spark plug mm 0.6~0.7
Fuel type RQ-93
rear tyre 160/80-16 225kpa
Lubrication tyre SAE15W/40 APE SJ
fuel tank capacity L 13.5 Engine
Max Power(9500r/min) kw 7.8
Ignition L EFI transmission type five gears
primary ratio 3.833
front light 12V35W/35W 1st ratio 2.769
2nd ratio 1.882
F&R turning light 12V10/3W(12V10W)
3nd ratio 1.450
Tail light 12V21/5W

4th ratio 2.217


license plate 12V10W 5th ratio 1.083

spark plug CR7HSA last ratio 2.857
battery 12V9A.H Fan switch temp ℃ 85
fuse 15A sensor temp ℃ 125
horn 12V 105dB cooling liquid capacity L 1.6
cooling liquid type 3500 anti-cold

DD350E-6C specification

Part Item Unit Specification Part Item Unit Specification

size 2335×965×1100 Model DD262MP
mm type Water cooling
wheel base 1660
displacement ml 320
weight 184
kg min.fuel consuming g/(kw-h) 340
Body Max.load 150 compression ratio 10.2:1
Max speed km/h ≥130 min.idle speed r/min 1500±100
front tyre 90/90-21 225kpa clearance of spark plug mm 0.6~0.7
rear tyre 160/80-16 225kpa Fuel type RQ-93
Lubrication tyre SAE15W/40 APE SJ
fuel tank capacity L 13.5 Engine
Max Power(9500r/min) kw 16.8
Ignition EFI transmission type 5 gears
primary ratio 3.631
front light 12V35W/35W 1st ratio 2.846
F&R turning light 12V10/3W(12V10W) 2nd ratio 1.777
3nd ratio 1.333
Tail light 12V21/5W

4th ratio

license plate 12V10W 5th ratio 0.913

spark plug CR7HSA last ratio 2.286
battery 12V9A.H Fan switch temp ℃ 85
fuse 15A sensor temp ℃ 125
horn 12V 105dB cooling liquid capacity L 1.6
cooling liquid type 3500 anti-cold

DD400E-6C specification

Part Item Specification Part Item Unit Specification

size 2335×965×1100 Model DD269FMQ
mm type Air cool
wheel base 1660
displacement ml 396
weight 184
kg min.fuel consuming g/(kw-h) 354
Body Max.load 150 compression ratio 9.8:1
Max speed km/h ≥130 min.idle speed r/min 1500±100
front tyre 90/90-21 225kpa clearance of spark plug mm 0.6~0.7
rear tyre 160/80-16 225kpa Fuel type RQ-93
Lubrication tyre SAE15W/40 APE SJ
fuel tank capacity L 13.5 Engine
Max Power(9500r/min) kw 19.8
Ignition EFI transmission type 5 gears
primary ratio 3.631
front light 12V35W/35W 1st ratio 2.846
F&R turning light 12V10/3W(12V10W) 2nd ratio 1.777
3nd ratio 1.381
Tail light 12V21/5W

4th ratio 1.083


license plate 12V10W 5th ratio 0.913

spark plug CR7HSA last ratio 2.286
battery 12V9A.H Fan switch temp ℃ 85
fuse 15A sensor temp ℃ 125
horn 12V 105dB cooling liquid capacity L 1.6
cooling liquid type 3500 anti-cold

Inlet pressure temperature sensor

Oxygen Sensor(L) Ignition coil(L)

Throttle position sensor Left Injector Oxygen Sensor(R)
Ignition coil(R) Idle stepper motor Diagnostic Unit
Water Temperature Sensor Fuel pump Right Injector

Gn/Bk Br/Bk Gr/V Bk Gn/Bk Gr/V Bl/W Gr/Y Gr W Gr W Gr/R Bl/R Or/R Gn Br/R Bl/R W/R Br/R LG/R Gr/w Gn/Br Gn/Bl Gn/Y Y/W Gr/Y Bl/Br Bk/Bl R/Or Gn/W Bk/W Or/R
Br/Gn Gn/Bk R Or/Gr V/Y Bk/Or Bk/Or Bk V Bk V Gn/Y Br/W Gn/Bl Gn/Br Y/W Gr/W Br/V LG Br/V Gn Bk/Or P/W Gr/R Br/W Gn Bl/Y Bl/W Or/Gr Br/Bk Gr/V Br/Gn V/Y Gn/Bk
Bk/Or Bk/Or

Bk/Or Bk/Or
Br/Gn Br/Bk Gr/V Bk/Or Gn/Bk Gr/V R/Or Bk/Or P/W Bk/Or Gn/Y Br/W Gr/R Bl/R Or/R Gn Br/R LG Br/V Gn Bk/Or P/W Gr/R Br/W Gn Bl/Y Bl/W Or/Gr Br/Bk Gr/V Br/Gn V/Y Gn/Bk
Bk/Bl Bk/Or Bk/Or Gn/Bk W/R Gn/Bl Gn/Br Y/W Gr/W Br/V Bl/R W/R Br/R LG/R Gr/w Gn/Br Gn/Bl Gn/Y Y/W Gr/Y Bl/Br Bk/Bl R/Or Gn/W Bk/W Or/R
Gn/Bk Gn/Bk Or/Gr V/Y Gn/Bk Bl/Br
Bl/W Gr/Y

Front brake switch

Lignting switch
Ignition switch
Flameout switch Relay Rectifer Flash Rear brake switch
Start switch Kickstand switch

BK Y/Gn Bl/W Br/R Y/R Gn Bk/W Bk Gn Gr Gn Gn/Y Gn/Y
R LG/R Or/R Bk/W Gn Bk Gn R Y Y Y
Br Bk Br Bk Y/Bk Bk/Or Or/R Gn
Gn/W Bl/Y LG

R BK Y/Gn Br Y/R Gn Bk/W Bk Gn Gr Gn/Bk Gn/Y

Bk LG/R Or/R Bk/W Gn Gn R Y Y Y
Br Bk
Y/Bk Bk/Or Or/R Gn Gn
Gn/W Bl/Y Bl/Gn Bk/Or

Gn Gn
Right front turn light12V10W
Right rear turn light12V10W
Gn Gn

Odometer light12V3
Gn .4W Br
Gn/Y Gn/Y
LB LB Gn Gn License plate light.
Right indicator12V2W
Br Br
Tail light12V21W/5W
Or Or
Left indicator12V2W

High beam12V2W
Bl Bl

Bk Bk
Neutral indicator 12V2W
EFI indicator12V2W
Gn/Bk LG
Gn Gn
Left rear turn light 12V10W
Or Or

Bl Bl

Head light12V35W/35W
Gn Gn

Front Br/R
Br position light12V5W

Single-Wizard Electric
Gn Gn LG/R P
Left front turn light12V10W
Or Or
Single-Wizard Electric
Bl/Y Gr P Bl/Y
Bk Gn R/Bk P
W Bl LG Or LB Gn Bk Bk R/Bk Bk Gn/W Y Y Y LG/R Y/R

W Bl Bl P Bk Bk Bl/W
Bl/Y LG Or LB Gn R/Bk Bk R/Bk Gn/WBl/Y Y Y Y LG/R R Gn Gn/RY/R
Bk Gr Bk

M Start relay
Horn switch
Dimmer switch
Turn signal switch switch
Fan Water temperature
Magneto sensor Battery
Neutral switch
Overtake switch

Start motor

SYMBOL White Blue Brown Green Red Yellow Grey Orange Light Blue Light Green Pink