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Document Responsibility: Standards Coordinator

Issue Date: 23 November 2005

Next Update: 1 December 2010 Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

A/D Analog/Digital
AACE American Association of Cost Engineers
ABHD Abu Hadriya
ABJF Abu Jifan
ABQQ Abqaiq
ABSF Abu Sa'fah
AC Air Conditioning, OR Alternating Current
AC Alternating Current or Air Conditioning
ACI American Concrete Institute
ACS American Construction Society (Obsolete for Aramco Construction
Specifications, which no longer exist)
Activation Activation of all control activities; testing for stability, correctness of set
point and repeatability within the controlled element. System
velocity flushing or blow-out, and level and flow response pressure
testing. Vendor services for equipment testing and, where needed,
correction of deficiencies within their responsibility. Operational
run-in and adjustment of all plant equipment, i.e., conveyors, mills,
filters, etc., without materials and pumps with water
Activity A task, or item of work, represented by a single arrow diagram.
Activities are assigned durations and may or may nor require
Activity Duration The amount of time allotted to complete an activity
Actual Completion The date an activity is actually completed. Used in updating networks
ADM Arrow Diagram Method
ADP Aramco Design Practice (Obsolete: see SADP cancelled in Dec. 1996)
ADS Applications Software Development System
AEDC Award Engineering/Design Contract
AEIC Association of Edison Illuminating Companies
AEP Aramco Engineering Procedure (Obsolete: see SAEP)
AER Arabian Engineering Report
AES Aramco Engineering Standard (Obsolete: see SAES)
AFBMA Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association
AFC Approved for Construction; Automatic Frequency Control
AFE Authorization for expenditure. (An allocation taken out of a larger sum
of approved money such as a Budget Item, which is to be used for a
specified part of the BI.)

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