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LESSON TITLE: Problem/Solution Essay Lesson #: 1

TEACHER NAME: Jinru Zong DATE:03/29/2019

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ESL Course:Advanced
Writing Level Beginning Intermediate Advanced Multilevel
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Problem/Solution Essay
about Social Media
Listening Students will be able to listen to classmates’ ideas about their issues on
Objectives travelling abroad and discussing the reading materials.
Speaking Students will be able to express and share their ideas about the issues
they have faced on social media with peers.
Students will be able to deliver an informal presentation about the main
points and supporting details about the reading material with a group?

Reading Students will be able to analyze reading materials by finding the thesis
statement, main points and supporting details.
Writing Students will be able to list the main points and supporting details from
the reading material individually in the stickers.
Students will be able to use the Problem/Solution chart (four-frames
graphic organizer) to list short ideas on the topic of social media.
Students will be able to form ideas to write a problem-solution essay on
the topic of social media.

What background knowledge Students have read the reading material “Why Selfies Matter” as a
do the students already have? previous assignment.
Students know how to express their ideas verbally and give reasons to
support their ideas.
Students can write 3-page academic essays.
What will you do to activate Warm-up activity-10min
or link students’ prior Invite students to join in a Bingo game related to the topic what
knowledge or experience to problems they have faced about travelling abroad.
upcoming content? Ask students to think how they solved the problem at that time.

Engagement with New Material

What will you do to engage Article review and presentation-30min
students in the active learning Students will review an article “Why Selfies Matter”which is their
of the new material? assignment, and begin to analyze it. They will first read the article
again briefly and individually.
Then they will work in groups to find main points and supporting
details from the article with highlighting in the article and discuss with
the partners .
Then, students need to write the main points and supporting details on
stickers and post them on the whiteboard.
Students will deliver an informal presentation according to the stickers
posted, consisting of how the group think about the main points and
supporting details they all agree.
What will you do to ensure I will walk around the classroom, observe if the individual students are
that all students are engaged? working on writing the points,and listen to students’ group discussion.
I will observe their stickers on the whiteboard and their informal
presentations after group work to see if the students’ response is based
on the article.

What opportunities will you -Students will first begin with a warm-up activity about the problems
provide students to practice they have faced on travelling abroad and share with others what they
and apply their have done to deal with them, which helps achieve the objective of
knowledge/skill to meet the express and share ideas with peers.
objectives for this lesson? To -Students will review the article with writing the main points and
apply to other contexts? supporting details on the stickers. Then they will share and organize
their ideas to an informal presentation about what they have written on
the stickers, which will achieve the objective of analyzing reading
materials by finding the thesis statement, main points and supporting
A brainstorm with a problem-solution chart-15min
-Students will have a brainstorm with a problem-solution chart on the
topic of social media. (They can use the reading material (Why Selfies
Matter) as a reference.)
● Students will complete all the frames in the chart with short ideas
individually firstly and then share their opinions in pairs.
● Some students will be asked to share their ideas briefly to the
whole class.
It help students achieve the objective of forming ideas to write a
problem-solution essay on the topic of social media.
How will you assess their During the warm-up activity, students are assessed if they participated
learning of the objectives? - when they asked peers what issues they have faced on social media
and shared how they dealt with them.

While students review and analyze the reading material, teacher will
observe if they write the main points on the stickers and assess how
much they are talking during the informal observation.
Students are assessed if they complete the problem/solution chart on
the topic of social media individually first and then briefly share their
ideas to the whole class.

How will you help students Review what we did in class-5min
recap the learning and link it Students will review what they have done in class. Students will
back to the original purpose of answer what steps they have done for this class.
the lesson?
Teacher will explain that a prompt on problem-solution. Rephrase will
be used for them to write a problem-solution essay on the topic of
social media for homework.
If applicable for your context Google Slides for direct instruction. Since the instructions are written
and your lesson, how will you on the slides, students can see them if they forget or feel puzzled.
meaningfully integrate Students will pay more attention on the written instruction presented in
technology into your lesson? the front.
The reading material presented in the front of the classroom can attract
students’ attention and what teacher’s explanation to it with body
language which would help them learn more effectively.
What went well? How do you The​ ​Bingo game got every student interested since all students joined
know? in the activity actively. Teacher designed the Begin game handout with
the topic of travelling abroad instead of social media since teacher
don’t tend to provide more ideas firstly to the students to avoid their
ideas on social media.
Students participated actively while analyzing the article and sharing

What didn’t go as planned? Instruction seemed like not clear enough since several students felt
confused about the directions and asked me during the activities .
Unexpected silence happened during the presentation.
Little direct feedback was provided during each activity.
Students still kept working on their tasks after the assigned time
What contingency plan did Instead conducting an informal presentation, I have planned to assign
you employ? the students to pairs and required them to agree on one important
points with supporting details and a representative from each pair will
share to the whole class.
What would you do I would focus more on the interaction between the teacher and the
differently next time? students. After students answered my questions, I didn’t respond if
they are right or wrong directly. After delivering an informal
presentation, I didn’t offer any feedback to the groups.
Besides, I would provide the feedback for the entire class immediately
and tell the students what the purpose to do every activity.
Did your students meet the The students met the objectives for this lesson since they went through
purpose and objectives for all the activities smoothly. Especially, when they finished the chart in
this lesson? What is your the final activity, they would know what content and ideas they can
evidence for each? mention in their draft. But I need to put forward the purpose of each
activity first and help the students get awareness of the goal for this
What do your students need The students need to know how to write the essay practically. The
next? How do you know? mission for this lesson is just brainstorming.
My students need more modeling and direct instruction when it comes
to presentation expectations.
What did you learn about your I have learned that as a teacher I should always interact with the
glows and grows as a teacher? students rather than just work as an organizer with some immediate
What can you do to work on and direct feedback. I also should set timing for each activity in order
your areas needing growth? to help the students arrange their tasks.
The teacher should ensure the students get awareness of the purpose
for this lesson in order to learn effectively.