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(8:00 A.M. TO 1:30 P.M. = 5 ½ HOURS)


1. This test booklet contains 150 test questions for GENERAL EDUCATION and 150 test questions for
PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION. Examinees shall manage to use the 5 ½ hours.
3. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheet.
4. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheets. Two or more boxes shaded will
invalidate your answer.



1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet Set.
2. Write the subject title “GENERAL EDUCATION” on the box provided.
3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your test booklet
is Set B.
4. After you have finished answering GENERAL EDUCATION, submit your answer Sheet to your Room
Watchers. Retain the test booklet with you.


1. I can’t find ____ ball pen. Can I use _____, Tristan?

A. yours, mine C. your, yours

B. mine, your D. my, yours

2. The ____of the story is not to count your eggs until they are hatched.

A. morale C. moralism
B. moral D. morality

3. Your findings are impertinent to the results of this investigation.

Page 1

A. malicious C. irrelevant
B. violent D. important

4. Many a man ____to be rich and famous.

A. desire C. is desiring
B. desiring D. desires

Read the selection below. Select the letter of the best answer.
Medical knowledge in ancient Egypt had an excellent reputation and rulers of other empires would
ask the Egyptian pharaoh to send them their best physician to treat their loved ones. Egyptians had some
knowledge of human anatomy, even though they never dissected the body .An example is the classic
mummification. They knew how to insert a long hooked implement through a nostril, breaking the thin bone of
the brain case and remove the brain .Egyptian physicians also were aware of the importance of the pulse and
the connection between pulse and heart. They developed their theory of “channels” that carried air, water and
blood to the body by observing the River Nile. If the Nile became blocked, crops became unhealthy. They
applied this theory to the body- if a person was unwell, they would use laxatives to unblock the “channels”.

5. What is the main idea of this selection?

A. Medical knowledge in ancient Egypt

B. Ancient Egyptian physicians
C. The Nile River in Egyptian medical knowledge
D. Infection in ancient Egypt

6. What would happen if the Nile River was blocked?

A. Egyptians would have problems washing their clothes.

B. Crops would wither and die.
C. The diet of Egyptians would drastically change.
D. Fermentation and molds became a big problem.

7. Why did Egyptians practice brain removal?

A. To purge the body of infections

B. To unblock “channels “in the body
C. To aid in mummification
D. To free the dead of the burdens of the human mind

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8. Which of the following an evidence that Egyptians were masters of human anatomy even if they did not
perform dissection of human bodies?

A. They knew how to remove brains during mummification.

B. They correlated the human body with the behavior of the Nile River
C. Egyptian physicians prescribed laxatives to cleanse the body of infections.
D. They have detailed drawings of the anatomy of the human body.

9. Who did the Egyptians plead to when their loved ones had grave illnesses?

A. Moses C. Best Egyptian

B. Pharaoh D. Prime Minister

Select the sentence that clearly and effectively states the idea and has no structural error.

A. Teaching is my career first.
B. Teaching is my first choice as a career.
C. Teaching is my first career as a choice.
D. Teaching is my ambition as a career.

A. I depended on my parents for financial support in college.
B. I lacked the ways and means for my room and board so I depended on my parents for money and
support in college.
C.I lacked the ways and means to support myself in college so my parents provided me financial
support .
D. I depended on the means for board and lodging on my parents for financial support.

A. In my vacation, I visited the Teacher’s Camp in Baguio.
B. I visited the Teacher’s Camp in Baguio during my vacation.
C. I had the occasion to visit the Teacher’s Camp when I was vacationing in Baguio.
D. I had the occasion to visit the Teacher’s Camp while I was on vacation in Baguio.

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A. The job fair is flooded with talented, highly motivated, and well-educated young people.
B. The job fair is filled with talented highly motivated and well educated young people.
C.The job fair entertains only talented, highly motivated, and well-educated young people.
D. The job fair is crowded with talented, highly motivated, and well-educated young people.

A. The examinees need two sharpened pencil, calculator and ball pen.
B.The examinees need double pencils simply a calculator and ball pen.
C.The examinees need two pencils simple calculators, and a ball pen.
D.The examinees need pencils, a calculator and a ball pen.

15. Susan ____ in bed so long that she missed her classes.

A. lied C. laid
B. lays D. lay

16. Everyone is wondering ___ her successor will be.

A. who’ll C. whose
B. who D. whom

17. The statue was erected in ______ to war heroes.

A. protection C. homage
B. irreverence D. defense

18. The line, “Under the bludgeoning of chance, My head is bloody but unbowed” depicts the person’s

A. courage C. optimism
B. determination D. confidence

Page 4

Choose the letter that corresponds to the best answer.

Excerpt from Like the Molave

Not you alone , Rizal, O souls
And spirits of the martyred brave, arise!
Arise and scour the land! Shed once again
Your willing blood! Infuse the vibrant red
Into our thin anemic veins ; until
We pick up your Promethean tools and , strong,
Out of the depthless matrix of your faith
In us , and on the silent cliffs of freedom,
We carve for all time your marmoreal dream!
Until our people , seeing, are become
Like the molave, firm, resilient, staunch.
Rising on the hillside, unafraid,
Strong in its own fibre, yes , like the molave!
-Rafael Zulueta Da Acosta

19. Which of the following best describes the form of literature employed in the excerpt ?

A. Essay C. Poem
B. Sonnet D. Cinquain

20. What literary device is employed in the underlined portion of the excerpt?

A. Poetic license C. Aphorism

B. Poetic justice D. Chekhov’s gun

21. Which of the following describes the figure of speech utilized in the last line of the excerpt?

A. Hyperbole C. Simile
B. Personification D. Metaphor

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Read the excerpt below. Select the letter that corresponds to the best answer.

Boys: In our veins, pulse, blood with traces of Chinese and Spanish and American, but it does
Not stop, being a Filipino, because of these.
Girls:Our culture, is tinged with foreign influences, but it has become rich thereby.
All: This mingling, in fact could speed us on the road, to national greatness. Look at America,
It is a great country and yet it is the melting pot of Italian and German, British and French
Or Irish and Swedish.
Boy:Filipinism , after all ,is in the heart.
All: If that heart beats faster, because the Philippines is making progress. If it feels ,with compassion
because its people are suffering, then it belongs to a true Filipino, and if it throbs, with pride in our past , if it
pulses with awareness of the present, if it beats with a faith in the future, then we could ask , for nothing more
, all other things are unimportant.
Boys: I have an American first name.
Girls: And I have a Chinese last name.
All: And I am proud, very, very proud, because underneath these names beats a Filipino heart.

22. Which among the following could be a possible name of the person speaking in this piece?

A. Pamela Go C. Chona Shih

B. China Anderson D. Pedro Sandoval

23. Which country is regarded as a great country in this literary piece?

A. Philippines C. America
B. France D. Germany

24. Which among the following countries does NOT have a significant contribution to the Filipino bloodline?

A. Chinese C. American
B. Japanese D. Spanish

25. Thomas Carlyle said “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder- a
waif…..”It could be interpreted as ________.

A. there should be sufficient energy in one’s life

B. there should be a strong driving force in one’s life
C. direction can never come into one’s life
Page 6

D. one’s life doesn’t need to be controlled

26. The Bible tells us,” There is a right time and a right way to do everything.”

A. You can determine your own time.

B. Your time is yours and nobody else.
C. Say and do things anytime.
D. Plan well what you say and do.

Read the excerpt below .Select the letter that corresponds to the best answer from the questions below.
Excerpt from the Divine Comedy
And lo! Almost where the ascent began ,
A panther light and swift exceedingly,
Which with a spotted skin was covered o’er!
And never moved she from before my face.
Nay, rather did impede so much my way.
That many times I to return had turned
The time was the beginning of the morning
And up the sun was mounting with those stars
That with him were, what time the Love Divine
At first in motion set those beauteous things;
So were to me occasion of good hope
The variegated skin of that wild beast
The hour of time, and the delicious season
But not so much, that did not give me fear
A lion’s aspect which appeared to me.
- Dante Alighieri

27. Who do you think is the main character of this literary piece?

A. Virgil C. Dante
B. She-wolf D. Panther

28. Where in the world did the events of this excerpt probably take place?

A. Heaven C. Earth
B. Hell D. Purgatory

Page 7

Read the text below then answer questions.

The Brook
First time I passed by the brook, it filled my eye.
The second time ,it was a tiny snake,
The next few times , I only heard a cry,
Behind me and I was afraid for my own snake.
- G. Bruce Bunao

29. What figure of speech is present in the second line?

A. Simile C. Metaphor
B. Personification D. Apostrophe

30. Which among these ideas may best fit in “The Brook”?

A. Conserve your Money C. Love the Brook

B. Kill the Snake in the Brook D. Take Care of Our Water Forms

31. Karamihan sa ating mamamayang _______ ay ginagamit ng mga politiko sa panahon ng halalan.

A. maralitá C. maralitâ
B. máralita D. maràlita

32. _____ sa malayong lugar sa kanluran tayo ay pupunta.

A. Doon C. Dini
B. Dito D. Rito

33. Tayo _____ kumain habang mainit pa ang kanin.

A. ng C. nang
B. bang D. pang

34. Ang kape ______ Batangas ay talagang masarap.

A. riyan C. diyan
B. nang D. ng

35. ______ aalis ka, magpaalam ka muna.

A. Dahil C. Kung
B. Kong D. Subalit

Page 8

36. _____ mo ng tuwalya ang kanyang mukha.

A. Punasin C. Punasan
B. Pahirin D. Pahiran

37. Hindi dapat __________ ang mga bagay na pinaghirapan ng iba.

A. agawin C. agawan
B. kunin D. kunan

38. ______ mo kay Luisito na may pasalubong ako para sa kanya.

A. Pakisabi C. Sabihin
B. Pakisabihan D. Sabihan

39. ______ na ng magaling na barber ang buhok ni Felix.

A. Gugupitan C. Hahagupitin
B. Ginugupitan D. Maggugupit

40.Ang paniniwala sa Diyos ay susi upang matamo natin ang ____________.

A. kadakilaan C. kaligtasan
B. salbasyon D. kabutihan

41.Winasak ng __________ Katrina ang maraming bahay sa New Orleans.

A. bagyong C. buhawi
B. sagwan D. ipu-ipo

42. Ang bawat nilalang ay may kani-kanyang adhikain.

A. utos C. layunin
B. pag-asa D. pakiusap

43.Nawala ang lahat kay Ryan nang mamatay ang kanyang magulang.

Page 9

A. Naglubid ng buhangin C. Pinagtampuhan ng langit at lupa

B. Nadulas ang dila D. Pinagtakluban ng langit at lupa

44.Pen pen de sarapen/de cuchillo de almasen/haw de carabao batuten”. Pinatutunayan ng linya ang
paglaganap ng wika dahil sa ____________.

A. pananakop c. pakikipagkalakalan
B. heograpiya D. modernisasyon

45.Alin sa mga sumusunod na pananaw ukol sa edukasyon ang HINDI ipinakita sa


A. Edukasyon bilang obligasyon C. Edukasyon bilang serbisyo sa bayan

B. Edukasyon bilang karapatan D. Edukasyon bilang isang larangan

46.Paano binigyang –katuturan ng may-akda ang paksa?

A. Pag-uulit C. Pagbibigay ng halimbawa

B. Paghahambing at pagtatambis D. Pagsalungat

47.Ayon sa seleksiyon, alin sa mga sumusunod ang kahalagahan ng pagkakaroon ng mabuting edukasyon?

A. Upang makamit ang isang magandang kinabukasan

B. Upang matumbasan ang halagang ginastos ng magulang sa pambayad ng tuition
C. Upang matamo ang natatagong talent ng indibidwal
D. Upang makabuo ng mas maraming propesyonal na mangibang-bansa

48.Ayon sa seleksiyon, ano ang pinakamagandang maipapamana ng isang magulang sa kanyang mga anak?

A. Mabuting asal C. Pagpapahalaga sa kapwa at sa bayan

B. Wastong edukasyon D. Limang milyong piso

Basahin ang seleksiyon. Piliin ang titik ng tamang sagot sa mga katanungang sumusunod.

Alam mo, noong nasa restawrant kami at kumakain, pinagmasdan ko siyang mabuti. Lalo siyang gumaganda
habang tinititigan. Pino ang kanyang kilos; kitang-kita ito habang siya ay kumakain. Maya-maya, may nakita
akong kakaibang kilos sa kanya. Nag-iba ang ekspresyon ng kanyang mukha. Parang nahihirapan ngunit pilit
pa rin siyang ngumingiti na parang may itinatagong kung ano at pasulyap-sulyap sa kanyang inumin. Nahalata
ko na lamang na nahihirapan siyang lumunok dahil nabulunan. Nilapitan ko siya at binatukan, sabay abot sa
softdrinks at winikaan kong, MAGPAKATOTOO KA, SISTER.

Page 10

49.Anong uri ng pamamahayag ang ipinamalas sa seleksiyon?

A. Paglalarawan C. Paglalahad
B. Pangangatuwiran D. Pagsasalaysay

50.Saan naganap ang pangyayari sa seleksiyon

A. Restawrant C. Opisina
B. Kusina D. Simbahan

51.Mahaba ang pahayag ni Paolo kaya kailangang iyong mahalaga na lamang ang dapat na mabasa kaya
gumamit siya ng _________________.

A. sintesis C. abstrak
B. ellipsis D. direktang sipi

52.Alin ang pinakamalakas ang dating na pahayag kapag kabataan ang nag-uusap sa isang kuwento?

A. Ang ganda ng kanyang kasuotan!

B. Astig talaga ang ayos niya!
C. Katulad niya ang isang bathala!
D. Ang porma niya talaga!

53.Sa paggawa ng kongklusyon ay kailang nakabatay sa mga aktuwal na ebidensiya dahil ang pananaliksik
ay _________________.

A. akyureyt na imbestigasyon C. nanangailangan ng tapang

B. orihinal na akda D. estatistikal

54.What is 44/99 in the simplest form?

A. 4/5 C. 4/9
B. 14/19 D. 11/99

Page 11

55.Which among the following is NOT a prime number?

A. 61 C. 41
B. 51 D. 31

56.Which of the following gives the prime factorization of 54?

A. 2 2  3 2 C. 2 3  3 3
B. 2  33 D. 2 3  3 2

57.What are the first 5 multiples of 8?

A. 8,16,24,32,40 C. 1,2,3,4,5
B. 0,8,16,24,32 D. 0,2,4,6,8

58.Which of the following is divisible by 3, but not by 9?

A. 11,070 C. 20,103
B. 19,386 D. 45,072

59.The ratio of the number to boys to the number of girls in a class is 2:3. If there are 40 students in the class,
how many boys are there?

A. 24 C. 16
B. 18 D. 8

60.Which of the following choices expresses 5/8 as a percent?

A. 62.5% C. 65%
B. 58% D. 40%

Page 12

61.The area of a square is 225 cm2. What is its perimeter in centimeters?

A. 44 C. 15
B. 60 (15*4) D. 56

62.Max is planning to take a leisurely stroll around their rectangular patio, which measures 27.7 m long and
21.5 m wide. How far does Max have to walk?

A. 96.4 m C. 120.4 m
B. 88.4 m D. 98.4 m

63.Paul and his son participated in a marathon. Paul traveled 3 km and 50 m while his son ran 502 m and 36
cm. What is the total distance that the father and son tandem covered?

A. 3,552 m C. 3,760 m
B. 3,550 m D. 5,452 m

64.Given L1 || L2, which of the following is TRUE?

A. ma  mb  0 C. ma  mb  90
B. ma  mb  0 D. ma  mb  180

65.Which of the following statements is TRUE about the figure above?

A. Lines 1 and 2 are parallel.

B. Lines 1 and 3 are parallel.
C. Lines 1 and 2 intersect.
D. Line 1 bisects line 3.

66.In the figure above, which of the following is a pair of alternate interior angles?

A. Angle A And Angle B C. Angle C And Angle D

B. Angle B And Angle D D. Angle A And Angle D

67.Which of the following are complementary angles?

Page 13

A. 90° and 90° C. 71°and19°

B. 18°and18° D. 15°and30°

68.If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 4:6:5, then the triangle is _________.

A. isosceles C. right
B. acute D. obtuse

69.The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 10 and one leg is 6. What is the length of the other leg of the triangle?

A. 8 C. 12
B. 10 D. 16

70.Nine unique diagonals are drawn in a regular polygon. How many sides dies it have?

A. 8 C. 7
B. 6 D. 9

71.A chocolate bar in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid has dimensions as shown in the Figure. Find its
area. 24

17 17


A. 444 units2 C. 544 units2

B. 480 units2 D. 580 units2

72.Lola Tetchi wishes to fence her agricultural land using only a 600-meter long material. If the land is
quadrilateral in shape, what should be its dimensions in order to enclose the maximum area?

A. 270m x 30m C. 200m x 100m

B. 250m x 50m D. 150m x 150m

73.Starting at the same point, Ronald walked 5 km to the north in 1 hour while France walked 12 km to the
east in 1 hour. How far apart are they after 2 hours?

A. 26 km C. 15 km
B. 39 km D. 13 km

74.What is the simplest way to write the following expression ?

Page 14

B. D.

75.Which among the following is NOT a perfect square trinomial?

A. x2 + 6x + 9 C. 9x2 + 12x + 4
B. x2 + 8x + 16 D. 49x2 + 70x + 36

76.What is the greatest common monomial factor of the expression: -13abc – 39bc + 2ab?

A. 13abc C. -13b
B. 26b D. 3b

77.If number x is subtracted from 27, the result is -5. What is number x?

A. 22 C. 32
B. 25 D. 35

b b
78.Find b :  1
4 6
A. 3 C. 8
B.4 D. 12

79.Andrea lives 8 meters south of the church while Shaira lives east of the church. Shaira finds that the direct
distance from her house to Andrea’s is 6 meters shorter than the distance by way of church. What is the
distance (m) between their houses?

A. 5 2 C. 13
B.17 D. 6 2

80.Mr. Astor rents a car for d days. He pays m pesos per day for each of the first 7 days, and half that rate for
each additional day. Find the total charge if d >7.
m( d  7)
A. m  2m(d  7) C. 7 m 
m( d  7 ) md
B. m  D. 7m 
2 2

81.In how many ways can 10 people be seated on a bench if only four seats are available?

A. 3 628 800 C. 720

B. 5040 nPr =10P4 D. 24

Page 15

82.Mrs. Mesina found out that the mode of a class in the National Achievement Test is 87.0. What does this

A. 87.0 is exactly the middle score in the distribution.

B. 87.0 is the most frequent score in the distribution.
C. 87.0 is the arithmetic mean of all the scores.
D. 83.0 is one of the scores in the distribution.

Score of 30 PSTAT 003 students in a 25-item test

Score f
1-5 3
6.10 6
11.15 11
16.20 7
21.25 3

83.What is the standard deviation?

A. 42.08 B. 31.87 C. 5.65 D. 4.22

84.While performing an experiment, Mico expresses his opinions and tries new ideas even at the risk of
failure or criticism. What scientific trait is displayed in this situation?

A. Risk-taking C. Diligence
B. Absence of ambiguity D. Curiosity

85.Chona actively participates in a task and also dutifully performs tasks assigned to her. What scientific
attitude is displayed in this situation?

A. Unity C. Team work

B. Camaraderie D. Responsibility

Page 16

Situation: Read the following, and then answer questions # 83-86

Beda wants to find out if different types of wood soak up the same amount of water when we wet. She plans
to do the following:

I. Weigh a dry block of each type of wood.

II. Put each block into a container full of water.
III. Leave the wood in the water.
IV. Take the wood out, dry the outside of each block and reweigh.
V. Calculate the amount of the water soaked up.

86.In this experiment, what is the dependent variable?

A. Dry weight of each block C. Type of wood used

B. The amount of water soaked up D. Time left in the water

87.What is the independent variable?

A. Type of wood used C. Amount of water soaked up

B. Dry weight of each block D. Time left in the water

88.Printed on the label of a bottle of cough medicine are the following instructions “Store away from light,
below 30 degrees C.” What can you infer about the cough medicine?

A. It is affected by heat and light.

B. It is in a dark, lightproof bottle.
C. It should be hidden away from children.
D. It should be stored in the refrigerator.

89.It is commonly observed that most respondents to survey questionnaire checklist just check answers
without really reading them. What conclusion can be derived from the common observation?

A. Good survey questionnaires are not easy to make.

B. Respondents need to be convinced of the importance or research data.
C. Data gathered by way of questionnaire checklist are not very reliable.
D. Researchers resort to questionnaire checklists for data gathering because it is the easiest

Page 17

Teacher M showed the class the potted plants placed on the window sill. She asked them to observe
the direction of their growth. The pupils observed that the plants tended to grow outward. Then Teacher
M asked the class this question: “Why do you think they tended to grow outward?”

90.What was the Teacher M engaging the pupils to do?

A. Observe C. Draw conclusion

B. Design an experiment D. Formulate hypothesis

91.The existence of extraterrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea will become more scientifically
acceptable over time if _________________.

A. no one disputes this idea in a scientific forum

B. increasing scientific evidence supports the idea
C. hypotheses are made related to the idea
D. alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed

92.You like to know how many of your pupils have mothers and/or mothers who are presently employed as
OCWs. What is/are the most reliable way to gather data?

I. Interview the pupils.

II. Give questionnaires checklist to selected pupils.
III. Study the grades of the pupils because those performing poorly usually have parents who work as

A. I, II and III C. II only

B. I only D. I and II

93.During periods of increased global temperatures, which of the following is most likely to occur?

A. A decrease in earthquakes
B. An decrease in atmospheric CO2
C. A increase in earthquakes
D. An increase in atmospheric CO2

94. Geothermal energy, an energy resource in the country, is based on which phenomenon?

A. Earth’s internal energy heats its surface more than the sun does.
Page 18

B. Human activity is the largest source of heat energy on earth

C. Heat energy from the sun penetrates deep into the earth.
D. There are concentrations of heat in some places of earth’s crust.

95.Why does the level of water in a beaker rise after a stone is placed in it?

A. The stone and the water occupy the same space.

B. The stones takes the place occupied by water.
C. The stone has more mass than water.
D. The water weighs less than the stone.

96.Boiling water was poured until it filled a pitcher and a cup. Which of the following is TRUE about the
temperature of the water in the pitcher and in the cup?

A. The temperature of water in the pitcher is lower that the water in the cup.
B. The temperature of water in both containers are the same.
C. The temperature of water in the cup is higher than the water in the pitcher.
D. The temperature of water in the pitcher is lower that the water in the cup.

97.Why do people feel their ears pop or crack when they are up in the air?

A. Air is cooler. C. Air is cleaner.

B. There are less air particles. D. There are more air particles.

98.The manager of textile factory considers it too expensive to treat liquid wastes so he suggested digging a
hole near the factory where the wastes can be stored. Is this environmentally safe?

A. Yes, the liquid can be recycled.

B. No, the liquid can be recycled.
C. Yes, the liquid will pass through the layers of soil and becomes clean.
D. No, the liquid wastes will seep to the groundwater.

99. Water covers about 75% of the Earth’s surface and yet some people still do not have enough water to
drink. Why?

I. Most of our bodies of water are polluted by chemicals.

II. Most of world’s water is salty
III. Most freshwater are frozen in ice caps.

Page 19

A. I and II C. II & III

B. I, II, III D. I & II

100.Aspirin has been known to retard the blood-clotting process thus me to use aspirin to _____.

A. relieve pain C. act as stimulant

B. reduce the possibility of stroke D. stop bleeding

101.Which is/are (an) advantage/s of the coming of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)?
I. Improved resistance of plants to diseases, pests and herbicides
II. Increased maturation time of fruits
III. Enhanced taste and quality

A. II and III C. I and III

B. I and II D. I only

102.In the desire of governments to control population growth, which one is highly promoted?

A. The use of artificial birth control methods

B. The use of natural birth control methods.
C. “Balik probinsya” program
D. Early marriage

103.How may the establishment of housing subdivisions to address housing problem contribute to decreased
food production?

A. Arable lands are reduced for these are converted into housing subdivision.
B. Housing divisions become overcrowded.
C. People who flocked to the center where subdivisions are located have no skills.
D. Men get occupied with construction and leave their farms untilled.

104.The use of plastic bags, disposable cups, plates, spoons, diapers, etc make life more convenient.
However, as a result, what problem has/have come about?
I. Heaps of solid garbage
II. Floods
III. Epidemic

A. I and III C. II and III

B. I and IV D. I, II, and III

Page 20

105.The use of pesticides may increase crop yield but _____________.

I. contributes to air pollution
II. causes water pollution
III. brings about pest resistance

A. I, II and III C. I and III

B. I and II D. II and III

106.A nuclear power plant may solve perennial brown outs but may bring about problems like ________.
I. thermal pollution
II. water pollution
III. release of radiation

A. I only C. II and III

B. I and III D. I and II

107.The thinning down of the ozone layer is believed to cause __________

A. baldness C. heat stroke

B. skin cancer D. ulcer

108.Endangered species are species which are threatened due to ___________.

A. mutation C. habitat destruction

B. domestication D. extinction of the species

109.If we experience greenhouse effect, we shall have ______.

I. warmer climate
II. Increase in the level of CO2 in the atmosphere
III. Cooler climate
IV. Increase in the level of O2 in the atmosphere

A. I and II C. II
B. I D. III and IV

110.One consequence of global warming is coastal flooding because of the ___ which is in turn caused by

A. La niña phenomenon – changed precipitation pattern

B. El niño phenomenon – changed precipitation pattern
C. Melting of the ice caps – the rising of the sea level
D. Rising of the sea level – the melting of the ice caps

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111.The contributory factors to acid rain are the use of _____________.

A. refrigerants C. nuclear energy

B. fossil fuels D. pesticides

112.In which destructive fishing method are fish driven out of the coral reef by pounding the coral reef with
heavy rocks or stones?

A. Muro-ami fishing C. Cyanide fishing

B. Trawling D. Blast fishing

113.John experienced lack of growth hormone (GH) as a child. Now that John is an adult, it is likely that he

A. has cognitive and emotional problems as a result of his hormone deficiency

B. has normal adult body proportions, but an extremely short stature
C. is of normal height, but has child-like body proportions
D. has developed a physique similar to that typically seen in females

114.What characteristic/s of government is established by the 1987 Constitution?

I. Presidential system of government with three branches
II. Parliamentary system of government
III. The three branches of government are separate and independent of one another
IV. The three branches of government have a check and balance over one another.

A. I only C. II, III, and IV

B. II only D. I, III, and IV

115.If our present government is a democracy, where does power reside?

A. In the Filipino People C. In the President

B. In Congress D. In the Supreme Court

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116.The Philippine government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative and judiciary. Which
among the following doctrines best describes the model of governance in the Philippines?

A. Tricameralism C. Emancipation of state

B. Separation of powers D. Division of labor

117.When an individual is imprisoned without proper investigation what right is violated?

A. Right to due process of law C. Right to process paper

B. Right to secure persons D. Right to protection

118.Which is TRUE of the historical development of the Philippines?

A It has been never been an independent nation.

B It has been an independent nation ever since.
C It has evolved from a colony to a fully independent nation.
D It has not achieved full independence from the very beginning.

119. Basically, the Philippine agrarian problem is a question of ________.

A land distribution C. graft and corruption

B nepotism and corruption D. environmental degradation

120. Which is TRUE of the Philippines?

A It was colonized by Spain, Portugal, America, and Japan

B It has been part of the world’s economy since the Spanish colonial rule.
C It is one of the least populated countries in the world
D It has two autonomous regions – ARMM and CAR

121.As a result of EDSA I, the Philippines ____________.

A. became known worldwide for its People Power Revolution

B. changed its form of government to parliamentary
C. saw the impeachment of Joseph Estrada as president
D. Intensified its participation in international affairs.
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122. Tomatoes are off-season and so price for tomatoes is up. Which law/principle in economics explains

A. Substitution effect C. Principle of marginal utility

B Law cause and effect D. Law of supply and demand

123.Which one CORRECTLY applies to Philippine foreign trade?

A. Philippine expenditure exports and earning from imports fluctuate.

B. The Philippines spends less on imports than it earns from exports.
C. The Philippine expenditure on imports is balanced with its earnings form exports.
D. The Philippines spends more on imports than it earns from exports.

124.What is TRUE of a progressive system of taxation?

A. The rate of a tax increases as the income tax base or income bracket increases,
B. The tax is equal regardless of class and place.
C. The rate of tax increases as the income tax base increases.
D. The rate of tax increases as the income tax base decreases.

125.Which among the following BEST describes a recession?

A. A fall in real GNP over two consecutive time periods

B. An increase in real GNP from one period to the next
C. Nominal GNP declines from one period to the next
D. No change in real GNP form one period to the next

126.Which situation is the BEST example of a culture shock?

A. A natïve form New Zealand is of afraid of the big crowd in malls and along the roads during
rush hours that he remarked “so many people!”
B. The Hippies rejected “The Establishment” in the 1960s and sported long hair.

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C. The Canadians use forks while the Filipinos uses spoon and fork and sometimes their hands on
D. the Aetas didn’t like sardines and preferred sweet potatoes.

127.Which does one portray when he thinks that what is foreign is best and that what is local is inferior?

A Xenocentrism C. Ethnocentrism
B Relativism D. Favoritism

128.If one agrees with Rizal on the best way to redeem our country, what would he do?

A. Work for quality education for all.

B. Campaign for more foreign investors.
C. Attract tourists to come to the country.
D. Do advocacy for health programs to get the biggest share in the national budget.

129.In his “La Indolencia del Filipino”, Rizal’s thinking was the rich natural resources of the Philippines and
the favorable climate were not a blessing after all for the Filipino What explains this? The rich natural
resources and the favorable climate the country ______________.

A. encouraged the “get-by” mentality

B. led to disunity
C. made the Filipinos compete against one another
D. enabled the Filipinos to earn college degrees .

130.“All laws are the product of legislative activity”. “Newton discovered several laws products of legislative
activity.” Is this argument logical?

A. No, the error is due to the equivocal use of the word “law”
B. Yes, they are logical.

C. No unless “laws” in the first premise is changed with “some laws”

D. Partially logical

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131.Art and music are necessary ingredients to a child’s education. Which statement/s supports the idea of
this sentence?

I. Music and art intensify a child’s imagination.

II. Music teaches discipline, teamwork, math and poetry through rhythm.
III. Painting helps a kinesthetic learner express abstract concepts in concrete forms.

A. I, II and III C. I and II

B. III only D. I only

132.What is a glaze?

A. Paint diluted with water C. Paint diluted with olive oil

B. A color diluted with white D. Paint diluted with linseed oil

133.Which describes the Filipino concept of self?

A. Un-compartmentalized body-mind-emotions-spirit
B. Intellect and feelings are compartmentalized

C. Intellect is superior to feelings

D. Un-compartmentalized body-mind
134.In his relationships, the Filipino self is ____.

A. undivided
B. divided between feelings and reason
C. torn between a divided and an undivided self
D. divided but not consistently

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135.Which is a proof that the Filipino principle of harmony/unity of self extends to the body as well?

I. Taas-noo (forehead-high) relates to dignity

II. Younger generations are associated with legs and feet –apo sa tuhod, apo sa talampakan.

III. A representative is pangangatawan, an embodiment or incarnation, of other people who act

through his body.

A. I only C. II only

B. III only D. I, II and III

Number 136 – 138 In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I
and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions
together and decide which of them logically follows beyond reasonable doubt from the information given
in the statement

136.Statement: The old order changed yielding place to new.

1. Change is the law of nature.
2. Discard old ideas because they are old.
A. Only conclusion 1 follows.
B. Only conclusion 2 follows.
C. Either 1or 2 follows.
D. Neither nor II follows.

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137.Statements: Government has spoiled many top ranking financial institutions by appointing bureaucrats
as Directors of these institutions.

1. Government should appoint Directors of the financial institutes taking into consideration the expertise
of the person in the area of finance.

2. The Director of the financial institution should have expertise commensurate with the financial work
carried out by the institution
A. Both 1 and 2 follow.
B. Only conclusion 2 follows.
C. Either 1 or 2 follows.
D. Neither 1 or 2 follows.

138.Statement: Population increase coupled with depleting resources is going to be the scenario of many
developing countries in days to come.


1. The population of developing countries will not continue to increase in future.

2. It will be very difficult for the governments of developing countries to provide its people decent
quality of life.
A. Only conclusion I follows.
B. Only conclusion II follows.
C. Either I or II follows.
D. Neither I nor II follows.
“Each of us developers partly like all other individuals, partly like some other individuals, and partly like
no other individuals. Most of the time our attention is directed to an individual’s uniqueness. But as
humans, we have all travelled some common paths.”

139.What do the statements tell about human development?

I. Ends in late adulthood
II. Uniqueness of the process among individuals
III. Commonality of the process among individuals
A. II and III C. III only
B. I and II D. I, II and III

140.What do the statements imply about human development?

A. There is no difference in the development of humans.
B. There is no similarity in the development of humans.
C. No two individuals develop in exactly the same way.
D. All individuals develop in exactly the same manner.

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141.Life experiences such as broken home and loss of job may cause an individual to fluctuate between
levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. What does this show?
A. Satisfaction of a higher need is often disrupted by failure to meet lower level needs.
B. The effect of broken home, etc on the non-satisfaction of lower needs depends on the
C. Self-actualization is a person’s highest need and therefore is the only one that matters.
D. A person can work for the satisfaction of his need for self-actualization even if his lower
needs are not satisfied.

142.What does research say about the magnitude of influence of heredity and environment of human
A. Heredity exerts greater influence on human development.
B. Environment exerts greater influence on human development.
C. The interaction of heredity and environment guides and influences human development,
D. The influence of heredity and environment can be overcome by the individual person himself.

143.No two individuals are totally alike. Does this apply to identical twins?
A. Yes.
B. No
C. It depends on the economic bracket where the individuals belong.
D. Not necessarily

144.What do the statements imply about human development?

A. There is no difference in the development of humans.
B. There is no similarity in the development of humans.
C. No two individuals develop in exactly the same way.
D. All individuals develop in exactly the same manner.

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