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On-Campus Student Employment - Why Campus Recreation?

Video Intro: Panning over University of Houston and/or Campus


“Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a part of

something bigger than yourself during your time at UH?”

Cut to video of students engaging with one another in the UH Campus

Recreation Rotunda

“Have you ever wanted to join a team that focuses on health and
wellbeing and promoting these values to others?”

Cut to clip of group exercise class with instructor as the main focus.
They have a big smile on their face and are showing great enthusiasm.

“Have you ever wanted to inspire, motivate, or influence

something to reach their full potential?”

Cut to clip of personal trainer motivating one of their clients

“Make someone’s day?”

Clip of ID check greeting patrons entering

“Challenge someone?”

Clip of climbing wall attendant helping someone with their climb

“Challenge yourself?”

Clip of a Building Supervisor talking into a radio with a 360 degree

turn around them
BLANK SCREEN - Music picks up to an upbeat tune
“The Department of Campus Recreation team provides daily
opportunities to make a difference in the lives of UH students and the
community around it. Campus Recreation provides an opportunity for
each individual to share their own story.”

Patron participation clips

“Through challenges”

Video of someone flipping a tire

“Through excitement”

Video of a group of intramural participants celebrating

“The Campus Recreation staff has an opportunity to make an impact

on every individual’s story - Including their own”

Cut to series of individuals participating

Clip of students sharing their own personal story and the impact
Campus Recreation has had on them (Testimonial sent ahead of time)

STUDENT 1(LIFEGUARD): “Working here has helped me to build my

leadership skills. I’ve been able to develop really great friendships.
As well, I have all these resources from professional staff to help me
develop myself as a person.”

Pan over outdoor facility space

STUDENT 2 (OFFICIAL): “Working at the Rec has allowed me to continue

my passion in sport after high school while working in a fun dynamic
and competitive environment. It has also allowed me to foster a sense
of community with my coworkers while doing something that I love.”
Patron participation clips with staff engagement

“Are you ready to join our team??”

Cut to clip of information about our next job fair (date/time TBA)