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Guide for the use of Educational Resources – PATENTSCOPE

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Academic Basic Science, Technology and Engineering School

Level of education Undergraduate
Field of education Disciplinary
Course name Strategic Management
Course code 212053
Course type Theoretical Can be Yes x No
Number of credits 3

2. Description of the activity

mati Whi
Type of ve Virtual Gam Web Wi Oth ch
Resource sim Laboratory e page ki er one
ulat ?
Individu Collaborativ er of
Type of activity: X 4
al e week
Moment of evaluation: Initial X Final
e, unit:
Environment where the
resource is used: Collaborative
Evaluative score of the activity N/A
Learning and Monitoring and
Evaluation Environment
Closing date of the activity:
Starting date of the activity: 15/02/2019
Topics addressed in the resource:

Strengthening of the competences to develop technologic surveillance, using tools

provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization
Activities to develop

In order to understand the importance of technologic surveillance in a negotiation

process, each student develop the next activity identifying registered patents related
to the computer program described in the video recorded for Step 2 - Create value
from technologic innovation:

 Visit the website , and get

to know the database PATENTSCOPE, where you can search 66 million patent
documents including 3.2 million published international patent applications.

 Define three or four key words to develop the search related to the computer
program described in the video recorded for Step 2 - Create value from
technologic innovation.

 Develop the search in the according to the words defined previously and
consolidate the findings in the following chart, including the most interesting
five patents:

PATENTSCOPE search chart

Patent Date Key Title of Relation between
No of words/ the the patent and
search search patent the software
words proposed in step

For further information in its usage and resources, visit the following link:

 Include the PATENTSCOPE search chart in the final product to be delivered in

Step 3 –Understand technology commercialization activity.
Practice Learning Environment
Products to deliver by
PATENTSCOPE search chart
Type of No product
Individual x Collabora
product: must be sent
As a result of the educational resource, the student must include the PATENTSCOPE
search chart in its products to be delivered as a final inform of its individual activities
in the course.


3. General guidelines for the collaborative work

Planning of
activities to
develop the N/A
Roles to
perform by
the student N/A
in the
Roles and
duties to
accomplish N/A
by the
Use APA format. Edition 6th
The APA Standards is the most used style of organization and
Use of
presentation of information in the area of social sciences. These are
published under a Manual that allows to have the scope in the
forms in which a scientific article must be presented. Here you will
be able to find the most relevant aspects of the sixth edition of the
Manual of the APA Rules, such as references, quotations,
elaboration and presentation of tables and figures, headings and
seriation, among others. You can check how to implement them by
entering the page
In the agreement 029 of December 13, 2013, article 99, the
mistakes that infringe upon the academic order, among others, are
the following: paragraph e) “To plagiarize is to present as your own
work the whole or part of a writing, report, task or document of
invention performed by another person. It also implies the use of
cites or lack of references, or includes cites where there is no
coincidence between them and the reference” and paragraph f)”To
reproduce, or copy for profit, educational resources or results of
research products, which have intellectual rights reserved for the

The academic punishments that the student will face are:

a) In case of academic fraud proved in the academic work or
evaluation, the score achieved will be zero (0.0) without
leading to disciplinary measures.
b) In case of plagiarism proved in the academic work of any
nature, the score achieved will be zero (0.0), without leading
to disciplinary measures.

To know how the documents must be cited, check the following

Centro de Escritura Javeriano ( ) Normas APA. Sexta edición.
Taken from