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C A D. Cortez, V. E. Dulnuan, R B. Medios, J A R. Jallorina, S C A R. Salvador,
O M A. Senense, PMU. Tapaoan, CB Kristine C. Tenefrancia EDITORIAL BOARD
International School of Asia and the Pacific
This study In line with the advancement of tech-
sought to determine the nology, Philippines shall take into this ac- The Luzonwide Customs Research Journal is
Level of Understanding of count the diverse legal and regulatory
the BSCA Students of the published annually by the International School of Asia and
International School of frameworks under APEC Paperless Trading
Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) Individual Action Plan, wherein member the Pacific through its publication office. Materials published here
on the paperless transac- economics should endeavor to reduce/ may not be reproduced, copied in any form or by any means,
tion of the Bureau of Cus- eliminate the requirement for paper docu-
toms, using the descriptive ments for customs border trade administra- without the written permission from the publisher.
correlational survey re- tion. By recognizing paperless trading, cost
search to a total of 62
respondents. The respond- reduction will result to business opportunity
ents were instructed to expansions in global commerce.
answer the self-made Editor : RYAN C. FONTANILLA, RN, LPT, MSN, DIH
survey questionnaire to “Why is there a need to adopt Paperless
assess their corresponding Transaction?” It is by common knowledge Cover Page and Layout : EDUARD L. CASTILLO
knowledge on the given that unscrupulous transactions are preva-
topic. Data has been treat- lent in the government revenue collection,
ed using Percentage Distri- Peer Reviewers : WINNIE T. CANCEJO, RRT, MPH
bution for their profile, in order to curb the systematic anomalies,
weighted mean for their paperless transaction was given a highlight : RYAN C. FONTANILLA, RN, LPT, MSN, DIH
level of understanding, in the recent customs border protection.
ranking method for their : JEANETTE M. ROXAS, LCB, MCA
sources of information and Knowledge and understanding on the
Pearson-r for the signifi- computerization program of the BOC plays Consultants : CHRISTIAN R GUZMAN, MBA
cant relationship of their a vital role in the life of a Customs Admin-
understanding according
to their profile, as well as
istration student. Sufficient knowledge with : PRESENITA C. AGUON, PHD
for the significant relation- regard to the development in the bureau
ship between their level of must be well introduced to the students as : RONIE E. SUGAROL, LCB, MPBM
understanding in comput- they will be engaged in the corporate
erization program and in world. This includes the introduction of Email address :
the paperless transaction. computerization program of the BOC as to
The result shows the ma-
jority of the respondents implementation of Electronic to Mobile Sys-
level of understanding on tem. Customs procedures are more likely
the average score on the engaged in electronic transactions nowa-
BOC’s paperless transac- days compared to a manual processing.
tion is poor which needs
improvement. While on This is to prepare the students, the fu-
the mean average, re- ture customs brokers, licensed customs
spondents meet the nec- ISSN: 2672-3344
essary level of understand-
brokers who are in the academe must con-
vey the necessary information needed to Printed by: MCNP-ISAP Publication
prepare them not only in the licensure ex- Copyright @ 2019 by MCNP-ISAP Publication
Keywords: Paperless, As- amination, but most importantly in their
sessment, BOC, Level of Un-
derstanding, Transaction. future profession.

Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344
Philippine Society of Customs Administration –International School of Asia and the Pacific
Chapter headed by the Mr. Ronie E. Sugarol, PSCAS-ISAP Chapter Adviser and Mr.
Christian Salvador, PSCAS-ISAP President, hosted the first ever Luzonwide Customs
Research Conference held on January 19, 2018 at the Valley Hotel Conference Hall,
Alimannao Hills, Peñablanca, Cagayan with the theme;
“Customs Administration: Accentuating the Culture of Excellence in Research”


Research, as a major function in higher education, sets higher
AN ASSESSMENT education apart from basic education. The UNESCO World Declaration on
C A D. Cortez, V. E. Dulnuan, R B. Medios, J A R. Jallorina, S C A R. Higher Education for the Twenty-first Century accents the important role
Salvador, O M A. SENENSE, PMU. Tapaoan, CB Kristine C. Tenefrancia of research in higher education viz: “State policies must promote and
develop research, which is a necessary feature of all higher education
JOBS CREATED BY CAGAYAN ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY systems, in all disciplines, including the human and social sciences and
arts, given their relevance for development”. Research in higher education
(CEZA) ALONG AGRO INDUSTRY, TOURISM & LEISURE: IT’S across all disciplines ensures the continued growth and development of
IMPACT TO OTHER LEVEL OF JOB SATISFACTION the entire higher education sector.
L. Alcon; A. Belgica; S. Cabubas; K. Cortez; J.Fortunato; K.D. In the Philippine context, Republic Act No. 7722 known as the “Higher
Miguel; W. Osia, CB Ronie E. Sugarol, MPBM Education Act of 1994” mandates the Commission on Higher Education to
perform the following functions relative to research (Section 8, RA 7722):
FACTORS AFFECTING THE SHIPMENTS AT PRINCIPAL AND 1.) formulate and recommend development plans, policies,
SUB-PORT OF APARRI: A COMPARATIVE STUDY priorities and programs on research;
C.M Sulit, A. Agusil, C. Agoy, R.J Aguinaldo, P.A Cutaran, A. Jacobo, 2.) develop criteria for allocating additional resources such as
M.R Sinuto, CB Ronie E. Sugarol, MPBM research and program development grants, scholarships, and
other similar programs; Provided, that these shall not detract
from the fiscal autonomy already enjoyed by colleges and
CONVEYANCE OF BALIKBAYAN BOXES OF INTERNATIONAL 3.) direct or redirect purposive research by institutions of higher
SCHOOL OF ASIA AND THE PACIFIC; A CORRECLATIONAL learning to meet the needs of agro-industrialization and
STUDY development;
Alindayo, C. A., Binnang, M. P., Buqueg, C. B., Guillermo, C. E., Mat- The Institution, through the College of Customs Administration in
abye, A. D. U., Nayahangan, J. T., CB Carisma G. Cabaruan coordination with the Philippine Society of Customs Administration
Students would like to give emphasis on the importance of research, thus,
the college will conduct the 1st Luzonwide Customs Research Conference
CONTRIBUTORY FACTORS IN PATRONIZING SECONDHAND to widen the horizon of every stakeholders in research capability as our
GARMENTS AND TEXTILES IN MALL OF THE VALLEY AT future nation builders heading the future Customs Brokers to be effective
and efficient in research undertakings.
J. Binarao; E. Opina; J. Pasol; S. Pecban; J. Vidal; J. Yadao, CB Har-
—To improve research capability of HEIs, offering BSCA in Luzon whose
MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE, LEARNING STYLES, AND main goal is to generate knowledge towards international
NOTCHERS: ITS RELATION TO THEIR LICENSURE —To enhance research productivity of HEIs in distinctive areas of
EXAMINATION RESULTS competence such as proper knowledge and understanding with regards
to Customs Administration.
Agustin, N., Aman, M., Cariaga, B., Marcos, D., Tauro, J., Tayaban,
—To generate knowledge/technologies needed for; International, national
J., Verdadero, M., CB Kristine C. Tenefrancia and regional higher education development; Policy/plan formulation,
particularly for higher education; Developing innovative programs in
EFFECTIVITY OF THE SELECTIVITY SYSTEM OF BUREAU OF cutting edge higher education fields (e.g. nanotechnology,
CUSTOMS OF THE PHILIPPINES IN SCREENING, TARGET- biotechnology, information and communication technology, and material
ING, AND PROFILING OF HIGH AND LOW RISK SHIOMENT science); and Advancing the frontiers of knowledge in the disciplines.
Beleran, kizha Vhan T., Pojas, Kathleen Trisha S., Sales, Robert —Promote and facilitate dissemination, publication and utilization of
Constance L. research outputs regarding Customs Administration.

Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344


CREATED BY This study aimed to determine the jobs created by
the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) fo- Research Design Data Gathering Procedure
CAGAYAN cusing on the tourism, leisure and agro-industry. It The researchers used descriptive Questionnaire were prepared by
also follows to look its impact to respondents level correlation design in this study. Test the researchers and sought for the
ECONOMIC of satisfaction. The descriptive correlational re- administration method and descriptive approval of the instructor through a
ZONE search design we used in the study. Employees design was used to assess the under- letter. Upon validation of
from the field agro-industry and, tourism and lei- standing of the BS Custom Admin- questionnaire, it was distributed to the
AUTHORITY sure were selected as respondent of a formulated istration students from third year to 3rd year and 4th year level BSCA
(CEZA) questionnaire. Frequency count, percentage distri- fourth year level who are enrolled at students of ISAP. The researchers
bution, Person-r correlation coefficient were used to International School of Asia and the assured confidentiality of their survey
ALONG AGRO treat the data. The analysis of data revealed that Pacific, regarding the BOC’s paperless
sheets since the identities were not
most of the jobs created by CEZA are hotel casino transaction.
INDUSTRY, facilities and there exist a positive correlation be- The correlation was used to find
affected by the interpretation of data.
In line with this, the researchers will
TOURISM & tween the demographic profile and nature of work out the relationship between the lev- give the students the option of being
otf the respondents to their job satisfaction. Based els of understanding of the BSCA stu-
LEISURE: on the results, it is concluded that the profile and dents when they are group according anonymous. Participants were given
enough time to respond to the
IT’S IMPACT the nature of work of the respondents affect their to their demographic profile and to
questions. The questionnaires were
level of job satisfaction. Further studies on jobs in their level of understanding on com-
TO OTHER Cagayan Economic Zone may be conducted to sup- puterization program as to their level collected in the same date of
of understanding on paperless trans- distribution.
LEVEL OF JOB port the findings of the study. action. The gathering of information is Statistical Treatment of Data
SATISFACTION Keywords: CEZA, Agro-industry, Tourism, Leisure, through questionnaire.
Jobs, Job-satisfaction. The researchers used the frequency
Respondents of the study count and percentage distribution (%)
L. Alcon; INTRODUCTION Prior to the establish- The respondents of this study for the profile of the respondents “3rd
A. Belgica; Large scale pov- ment of Cagayan Spe- was the total enumeration of the year and 4th year of BSCA students
S. Cabubas; erty, especially in the cial Economic Zone, forty-two (42) 3rd year level and enrolled in ISAP”.
K.Cortez; rural areas, is one of most of the people in twenty (20) 4th year college BSCA Ranking method was used to
the challenges the locality were students of International School of determine the sources used of the
J.Fortunato; Asia and the Pacific for a total of
that the country has farmers and fishermen, respondents to gather information on
K.D. Miguel; few could afford to go sixty-two (62) respondents.
been facing throughout the computerization program and the
W. Osia; decades. Considering to cities and grab op-
CB Ronie E. Sugarol, Data Gathering Tool level of understanding of the BSCA
the geographical loca- portunities for high sal- students on the computerization
MPBM A questionnaire was chosen as
tion of such areas, ary jobs. When CEZA program of the bureau of Customs.
data collection instrument. The ques-
help is hardly given. was established, it Weighted mean was used to
tionnaire is a printed self made form
When people in these opened doors for eco- designed to elicit information that can determine respondents level of
College of Customs nomic activities and
areas were given em- be obtained through the written re- understanding on the components of
Administration, employment opportuni-
ployment opportunities, sponses of the subject. paperless transaction.
International School of
it is when economic ties for the Filipinos
Asia and the Pacific
growth commence. One especially the people in The questionnaire contains the Person-r Correlation Coefficient was
the community. profile of the respondents as to age, used to determine if there is a
of the efforts of the
sex, year level and socio economic significant relationship on the level if
government to address In 2014, research- status. In the questionnaire, Likert understanding of the respondents
this problem was the ers Lin and Wang de- scale and average score were used to when they are grouped according to
establishment of free scribed Special Eco- their demographic profile and to test
assess the level of understanding of
zones and economic nomic Zones as zones the significant relationship between the
the respondents on the BOC’s paper-
zones in different stra- which are conducive to level if understanding of the
less transaction. Specific response of
tegic locations in the job creation and in- the respondents according to their respondents on the computerization
country to be supevised come generation, and degree of agreement and disagree- program to their understanding on
by the Philippine Eco- potentially, to protect- ment are required. paperless transaction.
nomic Zone Authority. ing the environment

6 3
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

Client Profile Registration System
RESULT The study was aimed at assessing the level of understanding
Table 1 of the BSCA students on the paperless transaction of the Bureau
Electronic Mobile System 2.68 Agree
of Customs. In the light of the findings, the following conclusion
Formal Entry System 2.39 Agree The table shows the mean of
the assessment of respondents was drawn that the most of the respondents agreed on the com-
Warehouse Entry System 2.37 Agree ponents. Therefore, we conclude that respondents meet the nec-
as to their level of understanding
Payment Abstract Secure System 3.18 Agree on the components of paperless essary level of understanding on the paperless transaction of
version transaction of the BOC. It is BOC and that components of e2m on paperless transactions are
On-line Release System 3.23 Agree shown that respondents agreed
on the components as reflected understandable in their knowledge.
License and Clearance System 2.68 Agree on the table. Furthermore, the
Value-Added Service Provider 3.18 Agree table shows that the compo- RECOMMENDATIONS
nents OLRS got the highest
TOTAL MEAN 2.81 AGREE mean assessment followed by Based from the findings of this study, further recommendation are
PASS 5.0 and VASP respectively. hereby proposed in the improvement of the assessment on the paper-
DISCUSSION less of transaction in the bureau:
Based in the results authorized warehouses, Philippines for the We, the researchers highly recommend to both researchers and stu-
of the study, the follow- and Container Yard- different transaction dents to give more attention to paperless transaction and further stud-
ing are discussed. Container Freight Station upon the discretion of ies should be conducted to thoroughly assess the performance between
In the result of the (CY-CFS) to receive re- various client. Such the students and the teachers. One of the teachers should have experi-
study, majority of the lease instructions from VASP’s includes Inter enced to work in the bureau wherein he/she is knowledgeable on the
respondents mark as and transmit confirma- commerce Network actual processes about paperless transactions to assess and help their
“AGREE” on facts men- tion or misrouted OLRS Service, e-Konek and students uplift their understanding. Teachers also need to be aware
tioned above on the message to the BOC CDEC/e-Trade which about the differences of each of the students wherein suitable methods
components of paperless e2m IAS system. provides the gateway
infrastructure and are needed to be used in order for the average learners to fully under-
transaction; CPRS, EMS, Secondly, the Pay- stand the topics. On the other hand, students should do their part and
LCS, WES, FES, OLRS, ment Abstract Secure telecommunications
VASP, and PASS5 with a System version 5.0 and facilities to enable cooperate for them to have a better understanding about the study.
categorical mean de- Value-Added Service electronic transitions of On the part of the future researchers with regard in this study, the
scription of “AGREE”. Provider respectively. the different IAS researchers allows them to utilize the outcome of this as a reference of
VASP is further support- module/processes. While
The number 01 com- the PASS5 is also similar study in the future.
ponents who has the ed by Customs Memo-
randum Order 54-2010. supported by Customs Lastly, more research is needed to fully understand the paperless
highest mean average in Administrative Order 10-
the On-line Release Sys- Electronic Lodgement of transaction and to identify relevant methods that are needed to
Export Declaration (EDs) 2008 “Payment Applica- improve for the standards of Bureau of Customs.
tem. The result is further tion Secure System
supported by Custom through Accredited Value
-Added Service Providers Version 5.0 (PASS5)”
memorandum Order 43 which payments for BIBLIOGRAPHY
series of 2010? Proce- (VASPs) which the
VASPs shall be responsi- entries made are under Reference:
dures for the Implemen- the PASS5. Under
tation of e2m Custom ble for the installation of Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (RA 10863)
the necessary computer- PASS5, the duties, taxes Traffic and Customs Code of the Philippines Vol. 1 (2013 edition)
System- Phase 4 Transit/ and fees payable, both
Transhipment System in aided system on the in- Customs Broker Act of 2004 (RA 9280)
ternet at the exporters advance and final, will WCO-Trade-Facilitation-in East and Southern Africa by Larry and Christine)
all Customs Ports Nation- be transmitted to the
wide which OLRS pro- offices that they will ena- Customs Modernization Handbook (Luc De Wulf and Jose B. Sokol)
ble it to encode and AAB via a payment Customs Memorandum Order No. 29-2015 REVUSED PROCEDURES AND DOCUMENTA-
cesses the release in- gateway through a se-
receive the correspond- cured communication Executive Order No. 463 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM AND TECHNOLOGY
facilities release of the channel and collected by GROUP (MISTG)
goods from the transit ing responses from the
BOC e2m Customs Sys- debit from designated Customs Memorandum Order 39-2015 “Initial Registration of Clients and Stakeholders
facility. bank accounts following with the Electronic to mobile or e2m Custom System: Data Build up Phase of the Client
tem via the BOC-VASP Profile Registration System/ CPRS”
It is an online ser- Gateway. There are the procedures pre- Customs Memorandum Order 19-2015 “Revised Procedures for the Mandatory Submission
vice, which enables the three accredited Value- scribed in this order. of Electronic Sea Manifest in e2m”
port or arrastre opera Added Service Providers Customs Memorandum 21-2014 “ Procedures for the Issuance and Lifting of Alert Orders
tors, airline and other being used in the for Formal Entries filed in the e2m System”

4 5
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344
and promoting green METHODOLOGY
CONCLUSION growth and eco-friendly
Research Design
Most of the jobs created by the REFERENCES cities. Cagayan Econom-
ic Zone as a special eco- The descriptive correlational research
CEZA are for tourism and leisure nomic zone, is expected design was used in the study. In general, a
Cagayan Economic Zone Act of 1995 correlational study is a quantitative method
compared to agro-industry. Under (Republic Act 7922) to have great economic
tourism and leisure the jobs creat- impact especially on the of research in which there are two or more
Philippine Economic Zone Act locality where it is situ- quantitative variables from the same group
ed by CEZA are mostly on hotel (Republic Act 7916) ated. Though there are of participants and determine if there is a
casino facilities while for agro- studies created to as- relationship between the two variables. It
industry is fishery. Abdul, Raziqa and Raheela Maula- sess the jobs created by
bakhsba (n.d) Impact of Working was used in the study to examine the rela-
other special economic tionship between the profile of the respond-
RECOMMENDATIONS Environment on Job Satisfaction
zones, there were no ents and their nature of work to their level
Jitendra Kumar Singh and Dr. Mini data yet to evidence
Based on the above conclusion, the and support the expec- of satisfaction.
following recommendations were Jain(October-December,2013) A
study of Employees Job Satisfaction tation that CEZA created Respondents of the Study
surfaced: and Impact on their Performance jobs which given the The respondents of the study were se-
First, Locators of Cagayan Econom- community an oppor- lected from the employees from the field of
M. D. Pushpakumari(n.d)” The Im- tunity to uplift their agro-industry specifically in the fishery,
ic Zone and their respective managers pact of Job Satisfaction on Job Per-
should improve the factors affecting lives. crop production, poultry and livestock and
formance: An Empirical Analysis”
the job satisfaction of their em- CEZA’s vision was to furniture industry; and in the field of tour-
ployees and make efforts to make the Eduardo Climaco Tadem (2016) The provide jobs, increase ism and leisure specifically in eco-tourism
pitfalls of Special Economic Zones productivity and income. facilities or nature rails, sports/recreational
working environment friendlier to the
retrieved from http:// It has been more than facilities, housing accommodation facilities,
employees. fifteen(15) years since
Second, future and young profes- Cagayan Economic Zone hotel casino facilities and view deck/pick
“104 hurt in cavite Economic Zone Authority was estab- nick cottages. The list of the establishments
sionals should make sure that the ca- fire: Remulla” (2017,February). ABS-
reer that they will pursue inside CEZ lished. The people have where the respondents work is listed on
CBN News Retrieved from http:// been expecting changes Appendix A. A total of three hundred eighty
should be according to the needs of
the economic zone. and more opportunities -four(384) respondents were randomly se-
economic-zone-fire-remulla for them to improve the lected.
Third, future researchers must quality of their lives. Purposive or judgement sampling tech-
conduct more studies regarding eco- “Impact of Special Economic Zons Over the years, there nique was used in the study wherein the
nomic zones like the impact of jobs on Employment, Poverty and Human were no published stud- respondents are selected based on am ex-
created by Cagayan Economic Zone Development”(n.d). In The Indian ies conducted to deter- perts subjective judgement or on some pre-
Authority and other economic zones in Council for Research on Internation- mine the actual jobs
al Economic Relation s Retrieved created by CEZA for the
specified criteria. This was the most suita-
the Philippines and study the most in from ( ble sampling technique since the respond-
demand job. They must explore more people residing therein
icrier/194.html) or assess if these jobs ents are based on the specified criteria
regarding this subject. actually gave them which were that they should be employees
Ben Kritz (2017, February 4) of agro-industry, and tourism and leisure. It
Fourth, authorities should adopt “Economic zones in the crosshairs” greater opportunities for
programs that will promote the well- Retrieved from http:// their own personal is appropriate because there are limited
being of its employees, improve the growth or assess how number of primary date resources who can
over-all working conditions inside CEZ zone-crosshairs/310417 far does it helped the contribute to the study in which data was
and maintain the protection of the community of Sta. Ana, only gathered from employees of the men-
Agro-industry(n.d) Retrieved from Cagayan. This study is tioned criteria.
people according to its mandate. therefore conducted to
Lastly, employees and professionals have an insight of the Data Gathering Tool
Cagayan Economic Zone (n.d) Re- A formulated questionnaire was pre-
should make ways to grow as to their trieved from http://www.triple
job opportunities creat-
skills and knowledge that they would ed by CEZA in the peo- pared by the researchers as a tool to gath-
help them compete in the workforce ple of Sta. Ana, Cagayan er data. The first part determined the de-
in this rapid-changing business along tourism and lei- mographic profile of the respondents ac-
sure. cording to age, gender, civil status, educa-
10 7
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344


tional background, skills socio- whatever information written in the
economic status, nature of work, questionnaire will be kept confiden- General Working Conditions 3.17 Agree
positions, status of appointment tial and not in any way affect every- Pay and Promotion Potential 2.94 Agree
and mode of recruitment. The sec- one else's life status. After which
ond part was composed of 40 ques- the researchers explained the in- Use of Skills and Abilities 3.07 Agree
tions divided equally into four cate- structions. Respondents were given
gories namely general working con- 15 minutes to answer before the Work Relationships 2.91 Agree
dition, pay and promotional poten- researchers collected and retrieved Total Mean Average 3.02 Agree
tial, work relationships and use of the distributed questionnaire.
skills and abilities. Data Analysis The table shows the respondents level of satisfaction. As
Data Gathering Procedure After the retrieval of the ques- reflected on the statistical table, the respondents agreed as to
To sustain data from the re- tionnaires, the researcher classified, general working conditions, pay and promotion potential, use
of skills and abilities and work relationships.
spondents, the researcher secured tallied, and tabulated the data gath-
necessary permission to concerned ered for the purpose of analyzing
authorities to conduct survey. Upon and interpreting the data and used
approval, the researchers floated the following tools: frequency distri- DISCUSSION countries such as Indonesia in
designing their economic reform
questionnaires to respondents. The butions, weighted mean, Pearson-r Special Economic Zones have policies (Wahyumi ,,2006)
respondents were assured that correlation coefficient. been used to attract foreign in-
vestment, promote export manu- Job opportunities must be of-
fered to create a sustainable
facture, increase foreign ex-
change earnings and create em- economic growth. Special eco-
ployment. Enterprises in the nomic zones should help the
NATURE OF WORK FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE zones are subject to varying de- community and this study focused
grees of preferential economic on the determination of job op-
regulations and incentives de- portunities created by the Caga-
SPORTS/RECREATIONAL FACILITIES 12 3.13 signed to lower their operating yan Economic Zone. It is
HOUSING ACCOMODATION FACILITIES 105 27.34 costs. Zones are design to insu- important to understand why em-
HOTEL CASINO FACILITIES 106 27.6 late businesses within them ployees get satisfied and dissatis-
from costs faced by firms operat- fied for the reason he/she will
VIEW DECK/PICK NICK FACILITIES 15 3.91 also be uninterested in perform-
ing in the local economy.
(Kritz,2017) SEZs are meant to ing at his/her full potential in the
FISHERY 32 8.33 attract direct foreign investment workplace. (Angeles, 2015)
CROP PROCDUCTION 8 2.08 and create employment to its lo- This study revealed that de-
FURNITURE INDUSTRY 3 0.78 cal but what is happening is that mographic profiles of respond-
TOTAL 384 100 they tend to take up massive part ents are affected by their job sat-
of land which are mainly agricul- isfaction. The same results were
Demographic Profile of the Respondents turally productive lands. In this revealed in the study conducted
Most of the respondents belong to the age group of 26 to 43 way they are also taking up the in Ajinomoto Philippine Corpora-
years old (51.04%), female (56.25%) and are single (55.99%). As life of small farmer and indige- tion by Angeles et al in 2015. This
to the educational background, most were college graduates nous people which is contrary to means that age, gender, tenure
(67.45%). The respondents are mostly in the rank and file position its main purpose. (Tadem, 2016). of office, educational background,
(86.46%) and low income earners (1000-9061php) or (75.78%) The economic impact of these income are factors considered in
and are casual employees (61.20%) and have a tenure of office of zones has been far-reaching, the job satisfaction of employees
less than 6 months (33.85%), most were recruited through referral transforming entire regions and particularly in the field of agro-
(68.23%). The respondents are mostly from Sta. Ana, Cagayan economics. There are useful les- industry and, tourism and leisure
sons to be drawn from china’s in Cagayan Economic Zone.
experience by many developing

8 9
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

THE SHIPMENTS AT This is a descriptive- at the principal and sub-port of
correlational study which aimed Appari therefore, the research
to identify the various factors team recommends to the future
affecting the shipment at princi- researchers, with the same or
DELIVERY AND This study was conducted to determine aware- COMPARATIVE pal and sub-port of Appari. A related topic as to this study, to
CONVEYANCE OF ness and satisfaction on the delivery and conveyance of total enumeration of all employ- cover a greater number of re-
STUDY ees in both ports with a total of spondents, present a greater
balikbayan boxes as perceived by the students and par-
BALIKBAYAN ents of International School of Asia and Pacific Pe- C.M Sulit, A. Agusil, C. Agoy, 11 were taken as respondents, a number of factor variables and
R.J Aguinaldo, P.A Cutaran, standard questionnaire was make the comparative study
BOXES OF ñablanca Campus. The descriptive correlational re- A. Jacobo, M.R Sinuto, utilized in gathering data and between bigger port and to
search design use in the study. Data were gathered
INTERNATIONAL from 124 students who are enrolled in the school
CB Ronie E. Sugarol, MPBM information among the respond-
ents. Frequency count, Percent-
relate their topic to the current
events and to provide a more
International School of Asia and
SCHOOL OF ASIA year 2016-2017 second semester and 124 parents who the Pacific — Alimannao Hills,
age Distribution, Weighted detailed data gathering tool to
Mean, Pearson R and T-test establish a better study from this
AND THE are working abroad with the use of survey question- Peñablanca, Cagayan
were used in the statistical treat- groundwork.
naire. Data were analyzed using frequency count, over-
PACIFIC; all weighted mean and Pearson-r. Results showed that
ment of data.
The general result of this Keywords: Factors, shipments,
A CORRECLATIONAL the respondents are “aware” on the delivery and con- study is that the perceived fac- Port, Location, Facilities, Infra-
STUDY veyance of balikbayan boxes as to its processes, man- INTRODUCTION tors of the research team are structure, Security / Safety,
dates, rules and regulations governing the sending of definitely affecting the shipments Service
There are many
———————— balikbayan box. They are also “satisfied” with the deliv- factors that affect the per- at the principal and Sub-Port of Aparri.
ery of the box itself. In conclusion, there is no signifi- formance of ports and one of the solutions
Alindayo, C. A., cant relationship between the demographic profile of to resolve shipment traffic is to establish METHODOLOGY
Binnang, M. P.,0 the students and their level of awareness and level of more ports or elevate the ranks of certain This study made use of descriptive
satisfaction; there is no significant relationship between ports to cater more transaction in a district comparative design to describe the profile
Buqueg, C. B, the demographic profile of the parents as to their level or area. To cater more transactions or to variables and assessments of the respond-
Guillermo, C. E., of awareness and level of satisfaction except age is facilitate smoother shipment the Executive ents and to compare the assessment of
significant as to their awareness on the process and to Order 707 s. 2008 was legislated and the two ports covering only 11 respond-
Matabye, A. D. U., rules and regulations and sex as to the mandates and states that, "the opening of the port of ents which is the total enumeration of the
Nayahangan, J, T. to the rules and regulations, and; there is a significant Aparri into a customs principal port of respondents in both locales the respond-
relationship between the level of awareness and level of entry will complement efforts to accelerate ents includes all employees at the port
CB Carisma G. Cabaruan such as but no limited to: the customs
satisfaction of the respondents. further not just the economic growth but
_____________ the total development of the Cagayan guard, customs inspector l, customs ap-
Special Economic Zone." praiser.
International School of INTRODUCTION According to the data provided by The research team utilized a
Filipinos are by practice send the port management office's statistical contextualized standard questionnaire to
Asia and the Pacific report, 2016 shows that the Sub-Port of gather data based on a foreign study of
diligent as to their “Pasalubong” or local- Sedigheh Zarei in 2015 and categorized by
Currimao has higher entries in some data
family’s living to pri- ly termed Balikbayan that its principal port at Aparri. the research team in three parts. The first
marily sustain the box along with them This research study is delineated part of the questionnaire is the
needs of their family as they travel back on the identification of the factors affect- demographic profile the second part is the
ing the shipment at the principal port of factors categorize as to: Location, facili-
and most often than home or through de- ties, infrastructure, security/safety and
Appari and the Sub-Port of Currimao for
not, they intend to livery to the Philip- the research team to identify the factors service and lastly the respondents' sugges-
find jobs that could pines. These affecting the statistical data of shipments tion and personal remarks. The data are
pay them well, obvi- balikbayan boxes are
ously, gambling their usually filled with
Location 3 3.91 3.63 .0055 Significant
fat abroad (Stainback, clothing, personal ef- Facilities 3.2 3.91 2.86 .0188 Significant
2014). As a form of fects, bags shoes and Infrastructure 2.85 3.97 9.73 .000 Significant
grateful manifestation other useful things Security/safety 3.3 3.86 2.05 .0710 Not significant
for their care and love (Caballar, 2017; BBC Service 3 3.89 1.67 .1301 Not Significant
to their families, OFWs Travel Story). TOTAL MEAN 3.07 3.908

14 11
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

RESULT DISCUSSION This study concludes that the factors on infrastructure
affects the shipments most, followed by the factors on location
The implication of On the profile variable as to
and facilities. However, factors on security and service affects
the result is that the assess- age, 50 percent of which are aged
below 25 at port of Aparri and the the shipment the least.
ments between the respond-
other 50 percent are aged 25-40 on REFERECES
ents at Aparri and Curimao the other hand, Port of Currimao RECOMMENDATIONS
with regards to the factors have 42.86 percent of its respond-
PPA port management officer Sta-
affecting the shipment at All factors on location, Facilities, tistical report (2010-2016)
ents are aged 25-40 and the other
port are significantly differ- Infrastructure and service s should Committee on ways and means
42.86 percent are aged 41-55 and
ent. the remaining 14.59 are aged above be addressed by both ports primari- with senators Osmefia III, Escude-
ro, Recto, Ejercito-
55. The data showed that 75 per- ly at the port of Currimao and the Estrada,Poe,Aquino IV, Defensor-
The table shows that cent of the respondents of Aparri are factors on security/safety should be Santiago, A.P.Cayetano, Binay, JV
there is a significant differ- male and 50 percent are earning the primary concern of both in ad- Ejercito and Angara. Customs mod-
ence in the perception of the 15,000 Php-30,000Php and 75 per- dressing the problems for the both ernization and traffic act, TITLE II,
two group of respondents in cent are employed as a regular em- ports to improve or lessen the fac- CHAPTER II, SEC.206 (2016)
terms of location, Facility ployee. Provided by the data that 75 Office of the president of the Philip-
tors affecting their shipments.
and infrastructure as mani- percent are employed within the 1- pines (2008). Manila: Malacañang
to-2 year bracket and half of the It is imperative to address the
fested by their probability Records office.
value of .0055 and .0188 respondents have attained college suggestions and commentaries of Executive Order 707
respectively which are less degrees. On the other group of re- the respondents for the port im- Boc annual report (2014)

than the established level of

spondents, the port of Currimao, the provement which includes: Smug- BOC annual report (2013)
data shows that 85.71 percent are DTI, Sector planning Bureau (2015).
significance at.05. The gling of contrabands are done by Policy Considerations to improve
male and 57.14 percent are earning
respondents observation on customs police, Human trafficking coastwise trade
15,000Php-30,000Php, 57.41 per-
port operations vary be- cent are employed as a regular em-
due to competency of immigration Gilberto M. Llanto et al. (2013).
tween the two groups of ployee. Provided by the data that officers; Port personnel are the one Toward informed regulatory con-
respondents. 71.43 are employed within the 1-to- enforcing port rules & regulation in versations and improved regulato-
ry regime in the Philippines: Logis-
2 year bracket and 71.43 percent of the port, Port police officers only for tics sectors and trade facilitation.
them have obtained college degrees. port security together with PCG, World shipping council (2015)
Most of the respondents at maritime BOC, BID; other agen- Global trands: Ports.
the port of Aparri marked "GREEN"
cies must not interfere with port Sedigheh Zarei (2015). The key
to the factors except on the factor factors in shipping company's port
on security and safety which is security, operation management,
selection for providing their sup-
marked "STRONGLY AGREE" on its Breakwater, capital dredging, Quay plies.
categorical mean. On the other crane, pier extension, reclamation, Sasikumar (2003). Planning and
hand, Port of Currimao has all fac- transit shed, warehouse, strict im- operation problems of indian major
tors marked as "STRONGLY AGREE". plementation of port rules and reg- ports with special emphasis on
The totality of respondents suggest- ulations, provide machineries and cochin port.
ed the " PORT EXPANSION" as a Hyuk-soocho (2014). Determinants
needed improvement of the ports
equipment that the port or vessels and effect of logistics coast in con-
with the frequency of 10 which is necessary need to load or unload tainer ports. The transaction cost
ranked 1st. cargo or passenger and dredging. economics perspective.

12 13
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

Recent events of
DISCUSSION can avail his duty and tax free privi-
Balikbayan boxes haven’t METHODOLOGY
Recipients are excited to lege is increased from P10,000 to been delivered, certain
goods in the box got lost, Research Design
receive the boxes sent by the OFW P150,000, making Balikbayan boxes
The researchers made used of the
relatives thus they make sure that amounting below P150,000 free unauthorized opening of descriptive correlational research de-
the boxes are receive in a short peri- from paying duties and taxes.” box by certain personnel sign where in the result or finding of
od of time. Section 800 (g) of the Cus- and miscarriage of the box study is used to measure the strength
have resulted to the en- of association among variable and
The normal travel time of toms Modernization and Tariff Act survey questionnaires as the main
sea cargo is between 28-35 days specified that Balikbayan boxes ragement of the OFWs and instrument. Descriptive correlational
depending on weather condition. shall contain personal and house- their benefactors here in research design is suited for the re-
OFWs shipped some 400,000 hold effects only and shall neither the Philippines creating search because correlation is used to
Balikbayan boxes monthly to the be in commercial quantities nor explore the relationship or association
misconception as to who between variables that is the level of
Philippines, a report from Andrei intended for barter, sale or for hire. will take the faults and lia- awareness and satisfaction of the re-
Medina from Sun Star. Air Cargo Also, Under Customs Mem- bilities for these anomalies. spondents on the delivery and convey-
takes only few days before it can orandum Order No. 04-2017, the ance of Balikbayan Box.
reach Philippines.
Without certain knowledge
deconsolidator shall lodge separate
or lawful basis, OFWs, and Respondents of the Study
Commissioners of Customs informal entries for Balikbayan box-
es to Bureau. Every time shipments
their benefactors assumed The study included the total enu-
Alberto Lima stated in a telecast in- meration of the students of Interna-
terview. “If your boxes arrived se- are received in the Philippines, that the Bureau of Customs
tional School of Asia and the Pacific,
verely tempered or with missing Balikbayan boxes undergo inspec- is to be blamed for these Alimannao Hills Penablanca, Cagayan
items, then let the Bureau know so tion under the Bureau of Customs anomalies and wrongful basing on the school guidance office
before being release and delivered notions were passed from record with parents who are working
we can investigate” was noted by AC abroad. They are composed of one
Nicholls of CNN Phils. Dated Dec. to consignees. one person to another put- hundred twenty-four (124) students
13,2016. Since the interview was in Bureau of Customs provid- ting BOC and persons (all) enrolled in the School Year 2016-2017
television, it can be also said that ed for a Social Media site in which involved in a mediocre second semester from the different
the information was transmitted on the latest news and Breakthroughs Departments/Courses namely, Bache-
image (CNN Philippines lor of Science (BS) in Social Work, BS
a medium in which of the OFWs can in Customs Matters are posted News March 3, 2017) Secondary Education, and BS in Crimi-
be well informed of. which clearly includes process, nology, BS Information Technology
Therefore, this re-
President Benigno Aquino mandates, rules and regulations and Computer Engineering, BS Tour-
search aims to assess the ism and BS Hotel & Restaurant Man-
III signed into law the Customs with matters to Balikbayan box. It
level of awareness of ISAP agement, BS Business Administration
Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) supports the overall result that they
are AWARE of such. students and parents as to and BS Customs Administration and;
or Republic Act of 10863 in response one hundred twenty-four (124) par-
to the growing concern of overseas the processes, mandates,
The most popular used ents of these student who are working
Filipinos about the continued corrup- company of choice is LBC which has
rules and regulations and abroad. This came with a mortality
tion, and additional taxes and duties branch location in the UAE, USA, their level of satisfaction on rate of forty-eight (48) questionnaires
on all Balikbayan boxes. CAO 05- the delivery and convey- for the reasons of non-retrieval of
UK, Japan and even Canada. They questionnaires, dropped out students
2016 serves as the implementing are the best choice by OFWs for ance of and Balikbayan box and OFWs who have returned to the
rules and regulations on Section 800 they provide for a past, secured, itself; as an informative Philippines for good.
(j) of CMTA. Under such provision, it convenient and door-to-door ser- tool for the better clarifica-
states that: Data Gathering Tool
vice to its clients. (mscircumstance. tion as to the specific role The structured survey question-
“The Bureau of Customs is, undated) which of the government and to naire which contains questions about
the exclusive office concerned in the supports the result in which the the concerned parties; and the respondent’s demographic profile
entrance of Balikbayan boxes in the OFWs are SATISFIED of such, prac- also includes questions about
as a references tool for balikbayan box process, mandates,
country.” ticaly due to their experiences on
sending balikbayan box especially other researches and other rules and regulations and the
“The maximum value or the future use. balikbayan box and its delivery con-
De Minimis value for which an OFW when multiple times.

18 15
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

composed of 36-40 years old of frequency count of 196 ranking it

veyance, based from Custom Moderni- questionnaires through their children, 30.65%; females with 77.42%; number one. Due to safer
zation and Tariff Act, Customs Memo- the student-respondents. After retriev-
randum Order (CMO) 02-2016 and ing the questionnaires, the researchers high school level with the delivery, most Balikbayan boxes
CMO 05-2016, was used to obtain tallied and analyzed the data gathered percentage of 32.5; a parents are sent thru air having percent-
data from individuals about the re- to come up with the particular result earning 11,000-20,000 in a age of 54%. Most parents send
spondents awareness and satisfaction that showed the best notion on each
about the study. Sample surveys are of the query. monthly basis, having a percent- every year having a percentage of
important tool for collecting and ana- age of 32.48%; Ilocanos having 30.2%.
lyzing information from selected indi- Statistical Treatment of Data 49.19%; Domestic helpers which
Respondent’s chiefly trust LBC or
The researchers made used of reached 59.68%; parents stayed Luzon Brokerage Company as
There were 2 questionnaires, one three statistical treatments, fre-
for the students and the other is for for 2-4 years with 44.35% their carrier in sending balikbayan
quency count and percentage distribu-
the parents, and it is divided into 4 tion for the demographic profile of the Respondents prefer to boxes rating with 25.4%.
parts- (1) Demographic Profile, (2) respondents; weighted mean to know
Characteristic of Balikbayan Box, (3) send or receive shoes having a
the level of awareness of the respond-
Level of Awareness and, (4) ents when it comes to the process,
Level of Satisfaction. Respondents mandates, rules and regulations re-
Variable Mean Descriptive Value
answered the questionnaires by put- garding balikbayan boxes gathered Process 2.92 Aware
ting a check in the box/es that corre- through the survey questionnaire and
spond/s to their choice of answer in Mandates 2.74 Aware
also to the level of satisfaction of the
each of the items. delivery of box itself; and the Pearson- Rules and Regulation 2.69 Aware
Likert Scale is also used in the r to determine the significant relation- Total Mean 2.78 Aware
questionnaires, third and fourth part. ship between the demographic of the Table 1: The level of awareness on the Delivery and Convey-
In the part, researchers used a 4- respondents, students and parents and ance of Balikbayan box
abitrary value likert scale to rate their their level of awareness and the level
awareness of each facts by very much of satisfaction; the Pearson-r is also The table shows that the respondents are aware on the process, man-
aware, Aware, Slightly aware and Not used to find out if there is a significant dates, rules and regulations on Balikbayan boxes which makes the
aware. In the fourth part, they used a relationship between the level of overall result as aware.
5-abitrary value likert scale to rate awareness and the level of satisfaction
their satisfaction on each of the prop- of the respondents.
ositions by Very satisfied, Satisfied, Variable Mean Descriptive Value
Neither satisfied nor unsatisfied, Un- Box 3.49 Satisfied
satisfied and Very unsatisfied.
RESULT Delivery and Conveyance 3.51 Satisfied
Data Gathering Procedures The following are the result Total Mean 3.50 Satisfied
Procedural steps were followed to sum up based on the gathered da- Table 2: The level of satisfaction on the Delivery and
come up with the data needed. Firstly, Conveyance of Balikbayan box
the researchers asked the assistance The table shows that the respondents are satisfied on the
of the guidance office to give them For the students- Balikbayan box , its delivery and conveyance which make the
the permission to search for the respondents, majority of them are overall result as satisfied.
profile of each ISAP enrolled students,
students with OFW parent were taken 18-20 years old which are being
supported by 79.84%; females The respondents are aware on the process, mandate, rules
as respondent. Secondly, the re-
searchers submitted a printed letter to with a percentage of 55.7%; Bach- and regulations concerning the sending of Balikbayan boxes and are
the Vice President of Academic Affairs satisfied with the delivery of the Balikbayan box and the box itself
of the school for the approval in the
elor of Science in Criminology hav-
except the physical state of the box and its content at the time of
floating prepared questionnaires. ing a percentage of 17.74 and; receipt and the time of delivery the box.
Third, the researchers prepared a set third year students of 36.29 as
of questions based on research topic. The level of awareness of the students is not affected by
percentage and; are Ilocanos with their profile variables. With regards to the parent-respondents, their
Then the questionnaires were dissemi-
nated to the respondents and collect- 54.03 of total population. awareness on the process and on the rules and regulations is affect-
ed afterwards. With respect to the On the other hand, the ed by their age and their awareness on the mandates and to the
OFWs. The parent-respondents of this rules and regulation is affected by their sex. Other variables are not
study, the researchers channeled the parent-respondents mainly

16 17
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

would want to know the that is apparently seen What are the factors CONCLUSION RECOMMENDATIONS
contributory factors in in Mall of the Valley contribute in patronizing
patronizing secondhand which is the entire 2nd secondhand garments After getting all This portion displays proposal
garments and textiles floor of the mall has and textiles in mall of the results of the data and suggestions coming from the
despite of the fact that been dominated by ukay the Valley at Tuguega- gathered, therefore the researchers regarding the topic.
buying ,selling, advertis- -ukay stall. The question rao City, Cagayan. What researchers concluded The researchers highly recom-
ing is a violation to RA. now is why they are are their prospective to that:
mend that the systems promulgat-
4653. Tuguegarao City, patronizing these goods our local products over
Cagayan are also fanned in the market instead of ukay-ukay to the mar- The respondents ing of rules and regulations, prac-
of ukay-ukay products our local products? ket? are “aware” on the deliv- tices and the sincere practice of
ery and conveyance of obligation due to the carriers and
Balikbayan boxes as to the concerned government agency
METHODOLOGY its process, mandates, must be continued or maintained
Research This study utilized descriptive normative research methodology, where rules and regulations for the preservation of the yielded
Design the results or findings of the study are compared with the norm of the governing the sending of confidence of OFW’s and the ben-
respondents in the contributory factors in patronizing second hand balikbayan box. They are efactors to the carriers and to the
garments and textile or ukay-ukay in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. Partic- also “satisfied” with the government itself.
ularly at mall of the valley as the center of commercial in the City of delivery of and the box
Tuguegarao and has the largest number of stalls selling ukay-ukay itself. In conclusion, The researchers would also like
products around the city. These sought to describe the current status there is no significant to recommend of a customer or
of an identified variable. relationship between the client report desk through various
The respondents of this study were distributed among 140 sellers and demographic profile of mediums like a responsive custom-
Respondents buyers of ukay-ukay at the Mall of the Valley Tuguegarao City, Caga- the students and their er care hotline, an active depart-
of the Study
yan. Sample population is computed using the sample proportion level of awareness and ment website, where in a client
method at 96% confidence (Z = 1.96) Using the 0.30 standard devia- level of satisfaction; can report anomalies like untimely
tion at the level of 0.05.
there is no significant delivery, damages, and any other
relationship between the actions by the carrier not in ac-
The researchers prepared a questionnaire as a tool to gather data. The demographic profile of
Data Gathering first part of the questionnaire is the profile of the respondents which cordance with the stipulated
Tool the parents as to their agreement or in the default on the
includes the name, age, sex, monthly salary and highest educational level of awareness and
attainment. While on the second part is rating scale of the contributo- carrier’s diligence. This report may
level of satisfaction ex-
be accounted by the DTI on estab-
ry factors in patronizing second hand garments and textile or ukay- cept age is significant as
ukay such as price, brand-name, wide array of choices availability and to their awareness on
lishing the accredited of these car-
quality. the process and to the riers.
The researcher sought the approval from concerned authorities in rules and regulations The researchers also highly rec-
Data Gathering conducting the research and after the consultation of the researcher and sex as to the man- ommend to the concern agencies
regarding on matters related to the research study the researchers dates and to the rules that an information monitoring
personally administer the questionnaire so that in case there are and regulations, and; system be established to boost
matters that need to be clarified, the researcher could easily assist the there is a significant re- public information to increase
respondents as they have the knowledge about it. Observe the ethics lationship between the awareness and employ opportuni-
of research while gathering data. After gathering the data, co- level of awareness and ties to discuss concerns and po-
researcher study the data, after which consult a statistician to help the the level of satisfaction tential enhancements to and from
researchers easily analyze the gathered data. of the respondents. the public to strengthen the ad-
22 19
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344
ministration of balikbayan box be deposited to the concern SECONDHAND GARMENTS AND TEXTILES
industry. agencies and be used as an IN MALL OF THE VALLEY AT TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN
The researchers would also instrument as to whether tight- J. BINARAO; E.OPINA; J.PASOL; S.PECBAN; J.VIDAL; J. YADAO; CB Harold B. Duran

like to recommend for a nation- er compliance system be prom- International School of Asia and the Pacific

ulgated, a set of new rule and Introduction Abstract

wide survey to be initiated by
regulations be created or a Ukay - ukay – This study aimed to identify the contributory factors
National Accredited Social Sur- patronizing second hand garments and textiles (ukay
veying Agencies like the Social new developmental order be commonly reffered to
-ukay) in Mall of the Valley at Tuguegarao City. De-
established for the improve- as the “secondhand”
Weather Station and Pulse Asia scriptive normative research methodology was uti-
ment of their services. ready-to-wear
Research Inc. on the custom- clothes, shoes, and
lized for this study.. a structured questionnaire was
er’s satisfaction and awareness That related research study used for gathering data from respondents. Frequen-
bags sold at a much cy count, percentage distribution, Pearson-r and T-
of the various services offered be conducted relating to the lower price compared test was used to treat the data. The study revealed
by each Logistic Firms which carriers services and make use to the new and that the respondents were strongly agreed on the
would also include their compli- of this research study as an branded ones. It is price as the highest contributory factors in patroniz-
ance to various rules and regu- information source to the fu- also a colloquial term ing second hand garments and textiles in mall of the
that implies one has valley followed by wide array of choices, quality
lations and to established ture researchers.
to dig deep into piles brand name, and availability factors respectively.
standards. The findings shall of goods like clothing Keywords: factors, second-hand garments and textiles,
to choose what he or price, brand, wide arrays of choices, availability, quality
BIBLIOGRAPHY she wants to pur-
AC Nicholls, (December 13, 2016), Bureau of Customs clarifies balikbayan box privilege, chase. This term called “wagwagan”, and -class stores and shop-
CNN Philippines retrieved at comes from the Cebu- was later adapted in ping malls, said Luisito
customs-calrifies-balikbayan-box-privilege.html ano — Visayan dialect other places. On the Abueg in 2005. Alt-
Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (Republic Act No.10863), Atty. Ferdinand A. (Philippines star latter, these products hough on June 17, 1966
Nague, CB, MINCU, pg81-83 2002). These prod- have been introduced the senate and house of
Level of Customers Satisfaction in the Door-to-Door Services; It’s Impact to the Quality ucts are known to be by the entrepreneurs or Representatives of the
Services of the Luzon Brokerage Company Express Incorporated in San Gabriel, Tuguega- imported or entered entities to the market Philippines congress
rao City, Kim Jay Pascual.,,(March 2017) into the Philippines until it dominates the enacted republic act
Customs Memorandum Order No. 5 series of 2016- Consolidated Shipment of Duty and territory free of duties entire clothing industry. number 4653, an act to
tax-Free “Balikbayan Boxes” and taxes that is From a single city of safeguard the health of
Customs Memorandum Order No. 4 series of 2014- Implementation of Customs Adminis- brought by Filipino Cebu where the ukay- the people and maintain
trative Order (CAO) number 5-2016 on consolidated shipment of duty and tax-free workers abroad once ukay is a very affordable the dignity of the nation
“Balikbayan Boxes” with revised information sheet. in the Philippines, source of fashion yet by declaring it national
Malou Liwanag-Bledsoe, (July 20, 2016), Items you’re not allowed to send in a these are then sold at durable clothing materi- policy to prohibit the
balikbayan box retrieved at prices lower than al for those with rela- commercial importation
send-in-a-balikbayan-box#ixzz4XTE3cIfv tively low incomes. of the textile articles
those of “traditionally”
RUTH ABBEY GITA, (September 08, 2015), Bill seeks to mandate ‘no opening of imported goods. Since Some people world re- commonly known as a
balikbayan box’ policy retrieved at these are used gar- sort to buy ukay-ukay used clothing and rags.
ments, they are sold items because the latter Selling and advertising
Shipping and Incoterms retrieve at at less than half their are relatively homoge- these commodities in
procurement/documents/UNDP-Shipping-Guide.pdf prices, said Cabreza nous with the brand the public is also an act
THE 7 STEPS OF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING retrieve at in 2001. It originated new garments and ac- of violating and pro-
international-shipping-guide/ in Baguio city, where cessories that may be scribing the law. In this
it was been typically bought in relatively high manner the researcher
20 21
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344
Statistical Information and data gathered were treated statistically as follow:


Frequency count and percentage distribution was applied to assess
the demographic profile of the respondents and T-test was used to
LEARNING STYLES, AND test the significant difference between the perception of the seller

LEARNING SKILLS OF and buyer as to price, brand name, wide array of choices, availability
and quality factors. Pearson-r Correlation Coefficient was utilized to
CUSTOMS ADMINISTRATION test the significant relationship between the profile of the respond-

ents as to price, brand name, wide array of choices, availability and
quality factors. After all, the researcher will group, tally and tabulate
RELATION ABSTRACT the data gathered and analyzed through a liker scales.

TO THEIR This study aimed to determine the Result Factors Mean Description
impact of Multiple Intelligence, Learning Price 3.31 Strongly agree
LICENSURE Styles, and Learning Skills of Customs Admin- Table 01 Brand name 3.2 Agree
istration Topnotchers and its relation to their
EXAMINATION Licensure Examination Results.
Mean assessment of the
Respondents on the Contribu-
Wide array of Choices 3.26 Strongly Agree

RESULTS This includes nineteen (19) top-

notchers of Customs Administration Top-
tory Factors in Patronizing
Second-hand Garments and
Strongly Agree
notchers from 2009-2016 of International Textiles
———————— Total Mean 3.24 Agree
School of Asia and the Pacific which em-
ployed descriptive-correlation research design The table 01 shows the mean assessment of the Respondents on the Con-
Agustin, N., tributory Factors in Patronizing Second-hand Garments and Textiles. It’s shown in the
using Standard instrument. Mean average
Aman, M., statistical table that the respondents strongly agreed on the Price, Wide array of Choic-
and Pearson-r were used to statistically quan-
es and Quality factors and agreed on Brand name and Availability factors as reflected
Cariaga, B., tify the data of respondent. Results shows in the table. Furthermore, table 01 show that the number one factor is the price, fol-
Marcos, D., that the respondents are always using and lowed by wide arrays of choices, Quality Brand name and Availability respectively as
inclined of the following intelligence; Inter- reflected to their mean assessment.
Tauro, J., personal (2.50), Intrapersonal (2.50), Spiritu-
Tayaban, J., al (2.61), Environmentalist (2.61). As to their Discussion
Verdadero, M., Learning Styles, majority of them is frequent- Patronizing of second- garments and textiles as sories that may be bought
ly using auditory (3.76), visual (3.92) and hand garments and tex- reflected on the table in relatively high-class
CB Kristine C. Tenefrancia tactile (3.68) learning styles. Participants are tiles may be influence by above. Thus people of stores and shopping
_____________ always inclined on the test strategies as to various and external fac- Tuguegarao City patron- malls. That people bought
their study skills. Further analysis shows that tors. Factors are some- ized these products main- these items at lower cost
the result of their board exam is significant to thing that helps to influ- ly because of its cheap which can save them an
International school of ence and cause some- and affordable price. It is amount of money. Sec-
their Multiple Intelligence (p70.05), Learning
Asia and the Pacific style (p70.05)and study skills (p70.05). this thing happen. Generally, further explained by a ond prevailing factors is
study concluded that Multiple Intelligence, factors have a vital role research conducted by Wide array of Choices as
Alimannao Hills, as it deals with the be- Abueg 2005 that ukay- the second highest. It is
Learning styles and Study Skills is not a con-
Penablanca, Cagayan havior of a person in deci- ukay is a very affordable social acceptance that
tributory factors to the board exam result of
sion making. Patroniza- source of fashion yet du- motivates them, rather
the topnotchers. tion is an act of being a rable clothing material for that the possibility of con-
This study therefore recommends frequent or regular cus- those with relatively low structing a new identity
that instructors should further investigate the tomer or user of a certain incomes. Some people throught a total makeover
consistency of their study to the board pass- productions. Based on the would resort to buy ukay- or disguise. The look cre-
ers who are not topnotchers. result of the study, Price ukay items because the ated by wearing top of
Keywords: multiple intelligence; learning factor is the highest and latter are relatively ho- the line clothing, even if
number one factor in pat- mogenous with the brand only second-hand, enable
styles; study skills; general average
ronizing second-hand new garments and acces- them to achieve signs of
26 23
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

respectability that protect them from

social disapproval,( Investigating Second Recommendations Based on the foregoing findings, there are
-hand fashion trade and consumption in contributory factors affecting the patroniza-
the Philippines: Expanding existing dis- The following are recom- tion of secondhand garments and textiles. This study concluded that price
courses, Veronica L. Isla) Followed by mendations offered by the re- as a factor is the number one contributory factor followed by wide array of
Quality factor which people evaluated
searchers: choices, quality, brand name and availability respectively. This study also
ukay-ukay products are made with fine
revealed that seller and buyer has different perception in ukay-ukay prod-
materials which they may use it in a long
period of time. According to the study of Researchers recommend ucts in term of wide array of choices and quality factors.
Garovillas (2009), ukay-ukay nowadays for the Government of Tuguega-
is fashionable with durable material for rao City, Cagayan base on the
those with relatively low incomes. Even finding of this research to inform
the items are second-hand; consumer
may still prefer them because they feel
the locality of Tuguegarao City, REFERENCES
like winner after a successful bargain Cagayan how these ukay-ukay Enumerated below are references which used as a basis and source of information in
hunt. A product with good quality does products being patronized by the order to finish this research study. An act to safeguard the health of the people and
not only satisfy the customers but also maintain the dignity of the nation by declaring it national policy to prohibit the com-
folks and how these products af-
makes the customers patronized the mercial importation of the textile articles commonly known as a used clothing and
fects the industry of Tuguegarao rags(R.A 4653)
where in the boast about the product
and encourages their friends to try, (W. City. Base on the findings, Luisito Abueg, (2005) Economics of secondhand Retail Trade: An Analysis of the Mar-
Edward Dem-ing). Brand name is also Tuguegarao City Government ket for Ukay-ukay
considered as one of the main reasons must conduct seminars and activi- Valdez, J.A.P., B.R.L. Acosta & B.V. Ramos(n.d) Competitiveness, Viability, Economic
why people continuously patronizing ties who talks about the dis- benefits and Difficulties of Ukay-ukay.
ukay-ukay products. It is also helps con-
sumers to identify and locate product
advantage of buying ukay- Vernonica L. Isla(n.d) Investigating second-hand fashion trade and consumption in the
with less information processing and Philippines: example existing discourses
ukay not only in the economy in
decision and time because of the ex- Bulatlat(n.d) The economics of ukay-ukay
pected quality from accumulated brand particular but in the country in
Ate Glo bans ukay-ukay imports in Philippines Star . Retrieved 2002, 07 February.
knowledge (Pelsmacker et. A1, 2004). general.
On the Availability factors people see Consumer confidence in RP down in Philippine star . Retrieved 2002, 07 February.
this kind of selling even in shopping Researchers recommend Cabreza, V. (2001). Wagwagan fashion pushed for Pinoys in Philippines Daily Inquire
malls in big cities in the Philippines. to the seller of brand new gar- Dickson, P.R. and Sawyer , A.G. (1990). The price knowledge and search of supermar-
However, the things one finds at real ments and textiles to use the find- ket shoppers. Journal of Marketing, Vol. 54 No. 3, pp. 42-53.
ukay-ukay stalls along dusty side streets
and often crowded alleys can be surpris- ing of this research as a basis how Summerour, J. (200). Season for supercenters. Progressive Grocer, Vol. 79 No. 9, pp.
ing. Furthermore, not only on the street, the people behave in buying prod- 32-4
malls but also you may see selling ukay- ucts especially in terms or gar- Beck, E. (2000). Stores told to lift prices in Germany. Wall Street Journal, September
ukay in the internet or social media. ments and textiles. 11, p. 27. Crosby, P.B. (1979), Quality is free: The art of making quality certain, New
Furthermore, clothing retailers can be American Library, New York, NY.
grouped according to social categories: Researchers recommend Miriam Grace A. Go(n.d.) The Business Characteristics of Ukay-Ukay Enterprise in Da-
on the upper scale are retailers of de-
to the future researchers to con- vao City Ukay-Ukay: Cheap, Branded-and Smuggled
signer, high-end brands who have some-
how become connoisseurs of fashion duct studies of the same or relat- F. Villa, J. Bautista, J. Parecto, R. Rivera ( Factors Associated with the Patronage of
experts, facilitating brand consciousness, ed to the present study and this Ukay-Ukay Products in Davao City
selling only the best goods and choosing serve as basis or a source of re- Garovillas. (2009). Retailing Management. Retrieved
location in the more upscale areas of the view which can help future re- Locsin, R. (2007). Fashioning a Culture through Baguio City’s Ukay-Ukay. Paper from
city; and on the lower scale are retailers
selling backstreet ares and catering to searchers to improve the research the conference “INTER: A European Culture Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) in
Norrkoping 11-13 June 2007”
less discriminating customers ( Locsin, they wish to make.
2007). W. Edwards Deming(n.d.) Quality Productivity and Competitive Position.

24 25
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

continuation on discussion...
information and intelligence. In main the same for today’s student –
providing a wider range of learning they fail because they do not know
activities and experiences, he believes how to study. Further study shows
that learning can be enhanced the relationship between the multiple
(Linsenbach, 2000). intelligence of the topnotcher-
respondents as to their general aver-
Table 02 is about the mean
age in the licensure examination,
distribution of topnotcher-
whereas the only significances are:
respondents’ assessment as to their
different learning styles. Generally, There is a significant differ-
topnotcher-respondents “frequently” ence between the logical/
by the categorical mean of 3.76 adopt mathematical intelligence as to the
the auditory learning style. “Learning general average. Customs broker li-
Style” has been defined by various censure examination constitutes sub-
scholars mostly as a signal of individu- ject areas like customs procedures
al differences. These differences may and documentation and practical ap-
manifest itself in “life styles” and even plications (computation) requiring
in personality types (Zhang and Stern- inner logical analysis of situational
berg 2005). Kolb (1984) and Honey problems and abilities to solve num-
and Mumford (1992) describe learning bers, hence it shows on the high gen- INTRODUCTION
style as an individual preferred or ha- eral average obtained is a product of
Academic performance of skills.
bitual ways of processing and trans- good intelligence.; and there is a sig-
forming knowledge. nificant difference between the Musi- students has been the subject of
Pouring knowledge ac-
cal/Rhythmic Intelligence of the top- intensive research over the
Table 03 is all about the quired over years of studying into
notcher-respondents as to the Gen- past years. It has become an
Mean Distribution of Topnotcher- a single examination is never
eral Average. Howard Gardener, a issue of standards and quality in
Respondents as to Study Skills. easy. The thought of a looming
professor at Harvard, introduce his education as judged from the
Among others, topnotcher- licensure examination can relent-
theory of multiple intelligences in performance of students in na-
respondents regarded the test strate- lessly torture an examinee physi-
1983. Multiple Intelligences is a theo- tional licensure and board
gy/Test anxiety Skills part an “always” cally and mentally so with the
ry about the brain that says human examination.
compared to the Concentration/ high pressure of expectations
beings are born with single intelli-
memory, information processing and
gence that cannot be changed, and is The outstanding perfor- among people. As such, this top-
Motivation/Attitude meaning that top-
measurable by a psychologist. Gar- mance of Bachelor of Science in notchers were looked upon with
notcher-respondents always uses
dener believes that there are eight Customs Administration Top- great wonder. Through this re-
strategies while taking tests/
different intelligences in humans. The notchers from 2009-2016 in licen- search, Multiple Intelligence,
examinations. The study of Osa-Edoh
eight are verbal linguistic, visual spa- sure examinations has important Learning Styles, and Study Skills
and Alutu (2012) which examined the
tial, bodily-kinesthetic, mathematical
usefulness of imbibing in the students’ ramifications to educators, school of topnotchers will be elaborated
logic, musical, intrapersonal, interper-
study habit, states that only when and the educational system in to know if each or all has relation
sonal, and naturalist.
students imbibe or cultivate proper general. Hence, there is a need to their impressive performances
study habits that their academic per- The study portrays the rela- to look into the factors that con- as they paved their own way to-
formance can be improved upon. tionship between the Learning Styles tribute to the academic perfor- wards to the top.
Progue (2000) did a research to de- of Topnotcher Respondents as to their
mance of the students whether
termine the reasons for students’ general average in licensure examina-
faling grades. According to research, tion wherein there is also no signifi- such is affected by multiple intel-
the reasons from thirty years ago re- cances found. ligences, learning styles or study

30 27
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344
Majority of the topnotcher-
respondents have ages around 20-
The researchers
RESULT DISCUSSION 23 as shown in 73.7 percentage.
No topnotcher-respondent aged
Table 01. General Mean Distribution of the Topnotcher- above 31 year old range. Among
utilized a descriptive corre- respondents As To Multiple Intelligence the nineteen (19) respondents,
lational research design in twelve (12) of them are male and
conducting this study. The MEAN
Table 01 is about the Mean the other seven (7) are female.
three variables were corre- Linguistic/Verbal Intelligence 2.14 Along the years, Top 1, Top 5 and
Distribution of Topnotchers- Top 8 were differently topped by
lated unto which effects the
Logical/Mathematica Intelligence 2.20
other or which has impact Respondents as to their Multi- three (3) topnotchers for each spot.
to the dependent variable- Spatial/Visual Intelligence 2.17 ple Intelligences. Among the While for Top 2, Top 4, Top 6, Top
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 2.22 nine (9) classifications of How- 8, and Top 9, two (2) names hailed
the licensure examination
for each spot accordingly. Nine of
results if there is a signifi- ard Gardener, results shows
Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence 2.24 the topnotcher-respondents are Ro-
cant association. The re- that respondents are always man Catholic and no one is a Mus-
Interpersonal Intelligence 2.50
spondents of this study using and inclined on the fol- lim. When it comes to ethnicity,
Intrapersonal Intelligence 2.50
were all the nineteen (19) lowing intelligence; Interper- Ilocano has the greatest number of
Customs Broker Licensure Existential/Spiritual Intelligence 2.61
sonal (2.50), Intrapersonal eleven (11) while there was no
Examination Topnotchers of Naturalistic/Environmentalist
Ibatan or Igorot among them.
Intelligence 2.61 (2.50), Spiritual (2.61), Envi-
different years from 2009- Table 01 is about the Mean
ronmentalist (2.61).
2016 of International School Overall Mean 2.37 Distribution of Topnotcher-
of Asia and the Pacific re- Respondents as to their Multiple In-
ferred to as “topnotcher- telligences. Among nine (9) classifi-
Table 02. General Mean Distribution of topnotcher- cations of Howard Gardener, the
respondents”. Three (3) respondents As to Learning Styles
standardized questionnaires Linguistic, Logical, Spatial, Bodily-
LEARNING STYLES CATEGORICAL Table 02 is about the mean Kinesthetic and Musical were regard-
were used to process the MEAN
distribution of topnotchers- ed to as “sometimes” being observed
outcome of this research. by the topnotcher respondents. On
Auditory Learning Style 3.76 respondents’ assessments as to
These were the Latest Ver- the other hand, the intrapersonal,
Visual Learning Style 3.92 their different learning styles. As to
sion of Multiple Intelligence interpersonal, spiritual and naturalist
Tactile Learning Style 3.68 their Learning Styles, majority of
Profiling Questionnaire by classifications were regarded as
them is frequently using auditory
Tirri and Nokelainen 2008, Kinesthetic Learning Style 3.26 “always” being practiced. As a child
(3.76), Visual (3.92) and tactile
seeks and acquires new experiences,
Learning Style inventory, Overall Mean 3.66 (3.68) learning styles.
developed by Dunn and new synapses will grow and
strengthen in the brain. If the num-
Dunn (1996); and Study
Table 03. General Mean Distribution of Topnotcher ber of stimulating, new experiences
Skills Questionnaire from -repondents As To Study Skills drops off, the number of synapses
the UHCL Counselling Ser- will diminish and be lost, breaking
CATEGORICAL Table 03 is all about the Mean
vice. The researchers uti- LEARNING STYLES some of the Learning connections.
lized the Non-Probability Concentration/Memory 2.99
Distribution of Topnotcher- Those synapses that are not used
Sampling method in this Test Strategies/Test Anxiety 3.27
Respondents as to Study Skills. regularly are pruned off in the sec-
particular study. Infor- Among others, topnotcher- ond decade of life, and they are lost
Information Processing 3.21
mation and data gathered respondents are always inclined forever. Though much about the
Motivation/Attitude 3.20 brain remains a mystery, scientist,
were treated statistically as on the test strategies as to their
Overall Mean 3.17 study skills.
psychologist, and behaviorist contin-
per Frequency Distribution,
ue to learn more about the way it
Percentage and Mean. function and processes (continue on page 26)

28 29
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344
Table 02. Evaluation of problems/issues being encouraged in the selectivity system In the outcome of this study, mul-
Aquino, L. (2011). Study habits and attitudes of
tiple intelligences, learning styles and freshman students: implication for academic
in terms of screening, targeting and profiling of high and low risk shipment. study skills of topnotchers have differ- intervention programs. Journal of Language
ent relationships as to their licensure Teaching and Research, Vol. 2 (5). 1116-1121.\
Questions Score Interpretation examination results. Outcomes were: Demir, S., Kilic, M., & Dogan, A. (2012). The
Slow process of Non-intrusive examination of x-ray multiple intelligence has no association effect of curriculum for developing efficient
2.97 Prevalent to age and religion, learning styles studying skills on academic achievements and
has no relationship with profile varia- studying skills of learners. International Electron-
Spot checking of shipment which are tagged Moderately bles of topnotcher-respondents except ic Journal of Elementary Education, Vol. 4 (3),
"GREEN" prevalent ethnicity, and study skills only varies on 427-440

Routing of shipments without any bad records as age and sex. Multiple intelligences and Almeida, L. S., Prieto, M. D., Ferreira, A.I., Berme-
2.27 Prevalent learning styles has no association with jo, M. R., Fernando, M., Ferrandiz, C. (2010).
high risk Intelligence Assessment: Gardner Multiple intelli-
each other so with multiple intelligenc-
Routing to low risk shipment due to the default gence theory as an alternative. Learning and
es and study skills but learning styles
2.60 Prevalent individual differences. 20(3). 225-230
lane and study skills do have connection.
Gardner, Howard (2006) Changing Minds. The
Routing to high risk shipment due to outdated Finding however revealed that the
art and science of changing our own and other
2.80 Prevalent result of the licensure examination is people’s minds. Boston MA.: Harvard Business
parameters of the risk management office.
considerably affected by each type of School Press.
Routing to high risk shipment due to outdated multiple intelligences. Kornhaber, M. L. (2001) ‘Howard Gardner’ in J.
2.67 Prevalent The topnotcher - respondent’s
parameters of the account management office A. Palmer (ed.) Fifty Modern Thinkers on Educa-
learning styles and study skills has no tion. From Piaget to the present, London: Rout
Routing to high risk shipment because of previous Moderately effect with regards to the outcome of
2.47 Ledge.
records or entry declarations tagged as "RED" prevalent their licensure examination result. Pablo Fernandez-Berrocal, Danielle Martines,
Routing to high risk shipment because of the low Natalio Extremera Pacheco. Assessment of Emo-
tional and MultipleIntelligences(6/10/2008).
quality of screens (i.e., too general selection crite-
2.90 Prevalent RECOMMENDATION Logan, Katherine. (2013). Help Students Develop
ria) due to inability to undertake account-based Good Study Habits. Retrieved from http:/
The following are recommendations
monitoring and analysis.
offered by the researchers: good-study-habits.html
Routing to high risk shipment because pf the non- Researchers recommend for the Amora, S. A. V. P., (2013). Study Skills of
specificity of screens causing a significant number 2.67 Prevalent future researchers to conduct studies Grade V and Grade VI Students in Baluarte Ele-
of entries to be channeled into the red lane. of the same or related to the present mentary School, School Year 2012-2013. Re-
study to have a total enumeration or trieved from http:/
Routing to high risk shipments because pf the in-
a larger number of respondents to
sufficient updating of screens due mainly to inade- 2.80 Prevalent expand future the results of the pre- FINAL_RESERCH_PAPER1
quate inputs. sent day. Mendezabal, Marie Jean N. “Study Habits and
Researchers recommend the pre- Attitudes: the Road to Academic Success.” Open
Science Repository Education Online, no. open-
sent and the future students of Bach-
access (February 15,2013) : e70081928. Re-
elor in Science in Customs Administra-
CONCLUSION tion to excel more on their present
trieved from
study. attitudes-the-road-to-success.html.
This study there for found out that the selectivity system Researchers recommend the ad- Acaling, G and Tababa, R.J. (2013). Research
ministration and the faculty to main- Paper Regarding Study Skills. Retrieved from
of the Philippines is ineffective. Furthermore, this study tain the present competitive teaching http:/
strategy to improve it. research-paper-regarding-studyhabit/61940
found that there are problems encountered in the sys- Topnotcher - respondents have Rochford, R.A. (2003). Assessing Learning Styles
to improve the quality of performance of stu-
recommendations for students too as
tem which are prevalent. setting for the top spot in the exam
dents in developmental writing programs at an
urban community college. Community college
means going into every detail while in Journal of Research and Practices, 27 (8), 665-
school. 677

34 31
Vol. 1 / ISSN: 2672-3344

Lyceum EFFECTIVITY OF THE SELECTIVITY SYSTEM OF that contains, in addition to the risk linked to the elements declared to the
current transaction, the potential risk related to the participants in the trans-
action. This means that the custom' intelligence database must take into ac-
Philippines SCREENING, TARGETING, AND PROFILING OF count the history of the participants in the trade chain.
BELERAN, kizha Vhan T. | POJAS, Kathleen Trisha S. | Sales, Robert Constance L.
This study is conducted mainly to determine the effectiveness of the
criteria selectivity system specially in screening, targeting and profiling being
implemented and the applied in the bureau of customs in its practice. This
also aims to provide references to the bureau of customs for the evaluation
its risk management based selectivity system at par with the globalization
The integration of tech- and competitiveness of the world while maintaining sound and harmonious
nology resulted to an revolution of The problem and its background system.
the selectivity system of customs
administrations. Each custom Currently, all of the members of the world
administration, based in their own
system in compliance with the customs organization have developed their respec-
tive Modernized selectivity system after the imple-
regulation and system formulated
from WCO. The Philippines is ment of the risk management system under the This study utilized the descrip- selectivity system, and bureau of cus-
prone to smuggling according to
Revised Kyoto Convention. However, with the tive quantitative research in gathered toms' Employees, who are implement-
the hearing conducted on the 3rd information. Quantitative methods em- ing the selectivity system. The survey
of August, 2017, said by Majority growing volume of daily transaction in the interna-
Leader Rodolfo Fariñas. There's a tional trade, even the Modernized system some- phasize objective measurements and were distributed to the brokerage films
problem on the risk management the statistics, mathematical analysis of located to the Intramuros and Binondo
times fail to check every consignment.
system, especially, the selectivity data collected through polls, question- Manila, and at port of manila last Octo-
system of the Philippines. The risk management system was devel- naires, and survey, or by manipulating ber 2017.
This research study was oped to guide the countries to have an effective pre-existing statistical data using com- The data gathered from the
conducted mainly to determine the custom control at borders through usage of the putation techniques. This data for this survey were tabulated and analyzed
effectiveness of the parameters of research gathered through interviews
appropriate selectivity criteria on a non- using the percentage formula and
selectivity system of the Bureau of and survey.
Customs in the Philippines specifi- discriminatory basis for controlling imports, ex- weighted mean. The percentages for-
cally in screening, targeting, and ports, transit of goods, and means of transport. This respondents of this study mula was used in determining the per-
profiling of high and low risk ship- This system also allows for a better distribution of were thirteen (13) Filipino Licensed centage of each variables in the study.
human resources, increase customs venues, and Custom Brokers, thirteen(13) Custom While weighted mean was used to de-
This study utilized yhe improves compliance with laws and regulations. In representatives/Declarant and four(4) termine the weighted average of each
descriptive quantitative research in imposters, who rare currently using variables of the study. A four-point Lik-
accordance with WTO agreement on trade facilita-
gathering information. The data of
tion, the Philippines has adapted accordance with e2m system and are directly affected by ert scale was also used in measuring
this research were gathered
through interviews and survey. the WTO Agreement system for its custom con- lane selections of the bureau's the answer of respondents.
Gathered data were tabulated and trols. For the continuous development of the sys-
analysed using the percentage
formula and weighted mean. The
four-point likert scale was used in
tem, it created different laws, rules and regulation
for the effective implementation band application.
measuring the answer of the re-
spondents. Under the risk management system is the Selectivity System Mean Interpretation
application of selectivity system, which is a proce- Table 01.
The researchers have Mean assessment of the
found out and prove that there is a dure being applied to every shipment through an Profiling 2.52 Ineffective
respondents on the dif-
significant relationship between appropriate selectivity criteria. Such selectivity cri-
the effectiveness of the selectivity Screening 2.36 Ineffective ferent parameters of the
teria may include, inter alia, the Harmonized sys- selectivity system in
system and the problems encoun-
tered by the stakeholder, based on
tem code, nature and description of the goods, Targeting 2.03 Ineffective terms of profiling,
the results oh the survey, whereas country of original, country from which the good screening, and targeting
the selectivity system of the Philip- were shipped, value of the goods, compliance rec- Total Mean 2.30 Ineffective high and low risk ship-
pines in screening, targeting and ord of traders, and type of means of transport.
profiling of high and low risk ship-
ment is ineffective. This system aims to fight fraud and smuggling.
Thus, Customs must create and maintain database

32 33
RECOMMENDATION strict and enforced control mechanisms
and improve coordination among the
Based on the summary of findings, the RMO, AMO, MSTG to allow them to play
conclusion that there is a significant rela- crucial roles in the risk management sys-
tionship between the effectiveness of the tem in a well-coordinated manner.
selectivity system and the problems en- The Customs Brokers should comply with
countered by the stakeholders. Thus, the all the requirements necessary as pre-
following recommendations were suggest- scribed by the bureau. They should retain
ed: the learning from the code of ethics, up-
Update regularly the criteria/parameters hold the pillars/values namely, compe-
of selectivity system through screening, tence, integrity, justice and fairness, and
targeting and profiling of high and low risk compliance with the R.A 9280.
shipment; A study about the suspension of the green
Lessen the human intervention in the lane, its short and long term impact on
selectivity system; trafe facilitation, its effect on businesses
and challenges it will pose to logistics
Course red lane as a default lane in order
to lessen the probabilities of any kind of
fraud; A study on the Super green lane and su-
per green lane plus entries, an exemption
Adopt an efficient cargo clearance system
to the selectivity system it's effectiveness
which builds on a well-functioning infor-
and problems posed in the implementa-
mation technology (IT) system and effec-
tion of such trade facilitation measure.
tive selectivity system;
An informative study whether the RMO
Strengthen information database on im-
has developed a good information system
porter through a well-coordinated system
to really detect customs fraud and en-
Improve management supervision and hance trade facilitation.

Jereos, George M. Philippine bureau of customs CUSTOMS COOPERATION COMMITTEE CONFERENCE beijing, china,
21-24 april 2004
PHI-Experience Paper.pdf