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- Starting Class Rank Grade 19

- Mission War (TG runs at certain times, every 4 hours).

- Saint's Forcecalibur Boss in LakeSide every Monday.
- Added more skill slots
- Added Episode 10 Skills
- Added Episode 10 Archridium Sets
- Added Episode 10 Archridium Weapons
- Added Episode 10 BM3 Synergys
- All debuffs status are increased.
- All upgrade skills status are increased
- New Custom of Mobs
- New Costume
- New Pet
- New Cabal Wings
- Added Chaos Infinity Dungeon
- Added Archridium Sets/Weapons drop from Chaos Infinity Dungeon
- YUL Event System Working.
- T Point Event System Working
- T Point converter to cash
- Added All entry dungeons Items on T Point shop
- Added 2 New Npc in DS and GD (Nation War Items)
- Added Guild Icons system
- Added T Points Reward for played time
- Added a new category for Beads / Wings on the Webshop
- Added Arcane Trace Map
- Added Arcana Trace Monster's
- Added Arcane Golem with custom start script
- Added Arcana Trace Drop
- Added new unique COSTUMES Angry Birds
- Added Accessories +8. (on drop too)
- Added New Hair Styles
- New Water Elemental Effect
- The Arcane Golem has been edited, now he has a proper movement animation as well
as for movement speed and ChaseSpeed, we hope that he now will be more responsive
and reactive.Also he will not reset anymore when lured.
- The Arcane Golem battle system has beed edited . Now te Golem will appear on
every 2 days , without nation bar.
- Added more 2 Slots on Upgrade Skills category

Updates Complete:

- Added Archidium Armor Set / Weapons support for the Auction House.(Epaulets are
included too)
- Added Imperial Armor Set / Weapons support for the Action House.(Epaulets are
included too)
- Added Archidium Weapons support for Change Apparance.(50%)
- Added Imperial Weapons support for Change Apparance.(50%)
- Added Key of Frozen Colosseum support for the Auction House.(DX Dungeons)
- Added New Imperial Armor Set
- Added New Archidium Armor Set Bonus Status
- Added New Imperial Armor Set Bonus Status
- Added New Imperial Weapons
- Added New Pets.(May,Claris,Bonies)
- Added Summer Costumes
- Added BM3 Nation Costumes
- Added Nurse Costume
- Added New MMOParadox Trailer
- Added Tower of the Dead (B3F) Dungeon.
- Added Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) Dungeon.
- Added Entry Items for the New Dungeons on Grocer in BloodyIce and Desert Scream.
- Added Cursed Leth Tyrant's Ring.
- Added Powerless Tempus Ring.
- Removed Key of Frozen Colosseum from T-Point Shop.
- Added Auction House Support for New Entry Items.
- Added New Entry Items on Drop in Arcane Trace, Porta Inferno and Infinity Chaos
- Fixed Battle Mode 3 FA Synergies.
- Removed Attack and Magic Attack Scrolls from T-Point Shop.
- Added New Assassin Costume.
- Added New Police Costume.
- HP Potion Lv. 4 will restore now 4000 HP.
- MP Potion Lv. 4 will restore now 2000 MP.
- Increasing T-Point Limit from 1k to 2k.
- Increasing the T-Point Time x2.
- Added New Cap Costumes.
- Added New Dialog Bubbles.
- Channel 7 Removed.
- Arcane Golem of Rage moved on Channel 6.
- Added New Hellfire Weapons.
- Added Agent Shop Support for New Weapons.
- Added 2 New Category in Agent Shop: Axe and Hammer
- Added New BloodyIce Lamps decor.
- Added New Craft Merchant Chole in Port Lux near Warehouse Keeper.(NOTE: You can
buy how many transmuters you want , but only the first one will WORK!)