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Loan Application No: LN280160000098735 Application Date: 04/01/2016

Employee No: 49958500 Employee Name: EVANGELINE CAMPOS JURADAS

Birthdate: 06/20/1960

Gender: FEMALE Age: 55


Mobile No: 639302908776

Loan Details
Select how much loan you want to avail, the term of the loan and how much you want to save per pay period.
Loan Amount: Php 84,000.00 Term: 36

Auto-Save Amount: Php 100.00 Payroll Period: SEMI-MONTHLY (15TH-EOMONTH)

Review Loan Amortization and Auto Savings

Below is the computed loan amortization based on the loan details provided above.

Interest Rate: 10.0%

Amortization per Payroll Period: Php 1,355.22

In addition to your loan obligation above, the auto-save amount will be taken from your salary every pay period and
will be deposited to your auto-save account.

Auto-Save: Php 100.00

Total Auto-Save Upon Maturity: Php 7,200.00

Monthly deduction from your payroll will be as follows:

Monthly Amortization: Php 2,710.44

Monthly Auto-Save: Php 200.00

Total Monthly Deduction: Php 2,910.44

Review Finance and Non-finance Charges

Landbank will collect the following fees and will be deducted from your loan amount

Loan Amount (Gross Amount): Php 84,000.00


Finance Charge: (to be determined upon approval)

Credit Life Insurance Premium: Php 1,535.35

Documentary Stamps: Php 0.00

System Fee: Php 420.00

Others (Renewal): Php 0.00

Total Fees: Php 1,955.35

Net Loan Proceeds: Php 82,044.65

*Please note that the loan details are still subject to the final decision of Landbank.


Mobile Loan Saver
Promissory Note

I hereby apply for a Loan in the amount of ( Php 84,000.00 ). I hereby swear that:

1. I am up-to-date in the payment of my existing loan;

2 I have no pending application for retirement or is not due for retirement within the term of
the loan from date of execution hereof;

3 I am a regular/permanent employee /elected official /co-terminus/appointed official of the


4 I am not a respondent/party of any pending administrative or criminal cases; and

5 The statements declared above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that the
application is made for the purpose and consideration expressed above. I agree that should
there be any misrepresentation discovered, the Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK)
may cause the outright disapproval of the loan application and if the loan has already
been granted, LANDBANK may immediately declare the loan due and demandable.

I promise to pay to LANDBANK the amount applied for in accordance with the terms and conditions, which I
acknowledge to have read and clearly understood.


Mobile Loan Saver
Terms And Condition For The Salary Loan

1 I hereby agree that the Loan shall be payable in 3 year(s) in equal semi-monthly amortizations payable
through auto-debiting of my ATM Payroll Account maintained at LANDBANK.

2 I hereby agree to pay LANDBANK’s interest on loan at 10.0% per annum. The interest shall be paid in
arrears and shall be computed monthly based on outstanding balance:
I hereby agree that all fees and other charges payable under this Agreement/Note may be increased or
decreased by the Bank at any time during the term of the Loan, pursuant to the regulations of the
Monetary Board of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and based on LANDBANK’s cost of funding and/or
maintaining the loan or other factors including, but not limited to, any special reserve requirements,
exchange rate fluctuations and changes in the financial market. I shall be notified of the increase or
decrease which shall take effect on the next scheduled amortization period following such notice.
I hereby agree that the foregoing provision shall constitute my express agreement/consent to the rate
of interest that may be charged during the life of the Loan. Should I disagree with the interest rate
adjustment, I shall so inform the Bank in writing and within thirty (30) days from receipt of LANDBANK’
s notice of rate adjustment, prepay the Loan in full together with accrued interest and all other
charges which may be due thereon. If I fail to prepay the Loan as herein provided, LANDBANK may, at
its option and discretion, treat my failure to prepay as my consent to the adjusted interest rate.

3 I hereby agree that other fees such as Credit Life Insurance (CLI) premium, Documentary Stamp Tax
and system fee shall be paid by me.

4 I hereby agree that at the option of LANDBANK, my re-availment of the loan may be allowed on the
anniversary date of the loan provided that the loan payment for the 12th month was received by
5 I hereby agree that I may opt to prepay the Loan provided that I shall not be entitled to rebates on the
interest paid.
6 I hereby agree on a penalty fee of 3% per month shall be charged for past due (principal)

7 In case payment is more than the semi-monthly amortization due, each partial prepayment shall be
applied to the semi-monthly amortization in an inverse order. (i.e. to the last maturing amortization or
installment of principal and interest).
8 I hereby agree and authorizes LANDBANK to deduct directly from my ATM payroll account the
amortization due thru DMVAL facility; and in case of my termination or resignation I authorize my
Employer to act as my agent to deduct from my other remunerations the full amount due to
LANDBANK, and my Employer shall remit the same to LANDBANK.
9 I hereby agree that in case of my transfer of work station within the same Agency, (a) my account shall
be transferred to LANDBANK’s servicing branch nearest my new work station (if necessary); (b) my
servicing branch shall transfer the outstanding loan balance to the new servicing branch; (c) my new
servicing branch shall deduct the loan amortization from my payroll account thru DMVAL facility.

10 In the event that the Borrower is terminated or separated from the service of his/her Employer, or
transferred to another Agency, a) the Borrower's outstanding loan shall become due and demandable;
b) the borrower hereby agrees that all his salaries, bonuses, separation/gratuity pay, retirement
benefits and all other benefits due to him from his/her employer and from any other source shall be
withheld by his/her employer and remitted to the Bank to settle the Borrower's outstanding loan to the
Bank; c) if the outstanding loan plus all interest thereon have been fully settled, the Borrower shall
submit to his/her employer a Certification from the Bank certifying that all outstanding obligations to
the Bank have been fully settled by the Borrower.
11 When required by LANDBANK, the Loan shall further be secured by the joint and several signatures of
the principal officers of the Employer (the “Solidary Obligors”) to be evidenced by the Joint and Solidary
Agreement to be executed by the Solidary Obligors in favor of LANDBANK, in form and substance
acceptable to LANDBANK (for private institutions/entities only).
12 12. I hereby agree that in the event (a) I failed to pay LANDBANK when due, any amount which I am
obligated to pay under this Agreement/Note and other documents contemplated herein, or (b) any
representation or warranty by me hereunder or under any certifications, applications for loan or other
documents given to LANDBANK in connection with the Loan is shown to have been incorrect and
misleading in any material respect, or (c) I failed to perform or violates any of the covenants and any
provisions of this Agreement/Note, then LANDBANK may, by written notice to me, declare the Loan
together with the accrued interest thereon and any other sums payable hereunder to be immediately
due and payable without presentment, demand, protest or notice of any kind.

13 Whenever I have several obligations to LANDBANK, including, but not limited to the obligations
hereunder, LANDBANK shall have the right to apply to the payment of any of my obligation which
LANDBANK may, at its option, select, whether or not any one of such obligation is more onerous than
the others, any and all sums LANDBANK may receive from me or from other parties for and in my
behalf, as well as all monies on deposit or account with LANDBANK belonging to me or to my credit.

14 I hereby agree that any legal action, suit or proceedings arising out of or relating to this
Agreement/Note, or the other documentation contemplated hereby may be instituted by LANDBANK at
its option, in the appropriate courts of Manila or any other jurisdiction where my assets or properties,
may be found. I hereby irrevocably submit myself to the jurisdiction of such courts.

15 I hereby agree that I shall pay LANDBANK reasonable attorney’s fees which shall be in an amount equal
to ten percent (10%) of the total amount due, regardless of whether or not LANDBANK institutes a suit
for purposes of collection and any and all costs of litigation in the event LANDBANK is constrained to
institute a court suit to enforce collection of amounts due hereunder or for breach of any terms of this

16 I hereby agree that the beneficiaries declared in my GSIS/SSS insurance policy shall be the same
beneficiaries of Group Credit Life Insurance applied for.

17 I hereby declare and agree that all personal information contained on the loan application is full,
complete and true. In the event that I undergo a medical examination, the statements and
representations thereunder shall take place for the purpose of this application.
18 I hereby understand that the insurance applied for will not become effective until this application is
approved by the Insurance Company at its Home Office.
19 I hereby further declare and agree that, while I am insured in accordance with the terms of the Group
Credit Life Insurance Policy herein applied for, the amount of insurance in force at the time of my
death and not exceeding the maximum amount specified therein, shall be applied as payment to
reduce or extinguish my indebtedness to my Creditor/Assured LANDBANK OF THE PHILIPPINES and,
any excess of the amount of insurance over my indebtedness shall be paid to my beneficiary,
pursuant to the contract of insurance issued by the Insurer, The Philippine American Life and General
Insurance Company.

20 I hereby understand that LANDBANK, as a result of its evaluation or assessment of my online loan
application, may change the loanable amount or the term of loan that I applied for or may deny my
mobile/online loan application without obligation on its part to notify me of the reasons of such
21 I hereby authorize LANDBANK to obtain and disclose information about me from and to any branch of
LANDBANK, my Employer, any credit reference source, or any third party, for purpose of, among
others, evaluating, verifying and risk management assessment and other requirements with regards
to my online loan application. Further, I hereby confirm and acknowledge that I shall not hold
LANDBANK from any liability that may arise from obtaining or disclosing such information or in
violation of R.A. 1405 or the Bank Deposits Secrecy Law or in violation of RA10173 or the Data Privacy
Act and any other applicable laws.

22 I hereby authorize LANDBANK to disclose information to its third party service provider about my
personal profile including my auto-savings and loan account, for purpose of, among others, access
to, and utilization of the database, which shall be limited solely to the extent necessary to perform
the services with regards to the implementation of the loan application. Further, I hereby confirm and
acknowledge that I shall not hold LANDBANK from any liability that may arise from disclosing such
information or in violation of R.A. 1405 or the Bank Deposits Secrecy Law or in violation of RA10173
or the Data Privacy Act and any other applicable laws.


Mobile Loan Saver
Deed of Assignment

I hereby assign in favor of LANDBANK my salaries, allowances, bonuses, retirement benefits,

separation/gratuity pay, monetary value of my accumulated leave credits and any other moneys/deposits
or benefits (collectively referred to as “Receivable”) due them from my employer or from whatever source.
My liability under this Agreement shall extend to all renewal/s and/or extension of time of payment of the
Loan plus all interest thereon.

To effect the above assignment, I hereby irrevocably appoint and constitute LANDBANK as my true and
lawful attorney-in-fact with full power and authority to apply or use the proceeds of the Receivable in
payment of the Loan plus interest thereon, to collect the amounts due hereunder and endorse any checks
or other instruments and to file any claims or institute any procedures which are necessary to protect
LANDBANK’s right under this Agreement.


Mobile Loan Saver
Authority to Deduct

I hereby authorize:

LANDBANK to debit my ATM Payroll Account No. 2807075520 for the following:

• payment/application to the monthly amortization on this loan, until the loan and all interest and fees
related thereon are fully paid.

• monthly auto-save amount and credit the same to my auto-savings account

The Accounting Department or Collecting Officer/Treasurer of my Employer/Government Unit to deduct the

full amount of my outstanding loan balance including interest and other charges from my salary or from any
form of benefits due me for payment/application for the full payment of my loan obligation and remit the
same to LANDBANK


Mobile Loan Saver
Auto Save Clause

I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions governing the Auto-Save Deposit Account:

1 The signature of the payroll account holder as indicated in the Specimen Signature Card on file with the
servicing Branch shall also be considered as the signature for the Auto-Save Deposit Account.
2 The Auto-Save Deposit Account shall be considered a virtual account and no ATM card/passbook shall
be issued to the account holder.
3 The account holder authorizes the Bank to debit his/her payroll account with the amount of savings
he/she chooses.
4 Balance inquiry may be done through mobile inquiry, LANDBANK iAccess or BancNet online/mobile
5 ATM withdrawals, LANDBANK ATM/iAccess fund transfer and BancNet online/mobile banking fund
transfer using Auto-Save Deposit Account as source account are disabled.
6 Additional deposits to the Auto-Save Deposit Account as destination account may be done via OTC
deposit, iAccess fund transfer and BancNet online/mobile banking fund transfer.
7 The Auto-Save Deposit Account shall have a minimum ADB of P500 to earn the prevailing savings
8 The Auto-Save Deposit Account shall have a minimum maintaining balance of P100, otherwise, a service
fee of P200.00 per month shall be charged.
9 The Auto-Save Deposit Account shall be subject to a dormancy fee of P200 per month if the account
does not have a deposit or withdrawal transaction for a period of two (2) years.
10 A service fee of P200 per withdrawal shall be charged in excess of one (1) withdrawal per month.
11 The maximum withdrawable amount for the second and subsequent OTC withdrawals per month shall
be net of P100 maintaining balance and P200 service fee per withdrawal.


Mobile Loan Saver
Land Bank of the Philippines
Mobile Loan Saver Program
Disclosure Statement
(In compliance with R.A. 3765 - "Truth in Lending Act")

Loan No: LN280160000098735


Complete Address: BRGY. CONEL GSC


Agency Address: GEN. SANTOS - HI-WAY

Gross Loan Granted: Php 84,000.00

Loan Term: 36
Interest Rate: 10.0%

Finance Charge: (To be determined after loan approval)

Total Finance Charge: (To be determined after loan approval)

Non-Finance Charges:

Insurance Premium (CLI) Php 1,535.35

Documentary Stamps Php 0.00

System Fee Php 420.00

Other Fees Php 0.00

Others (Renewal) Php 0.00

Total Non-Finance Charges: Php 1,955.35

Total Deductions from Loan: Php 1,955.35

Payout Amount: 0.00

Net Loan Proceeds: Php 82,044.65


(1) of Central Bank (CB) Circular158) EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE (EIR) IS AT 10.47% WITH A NOMINAL RATE OF


(Schedule of Amortization)

No. From To Interest Due Principal Amount Total Amortization Outstanding Balance

1 04/30/2016 05/15/2016 345.21 1,010.01 1,355.22
2 05/15/2016 05/31/2016 368.22 987.00 1,355.22 82,002.99
3 05/31/2016 06/15/2016 337.00 1,018.22 1,355.22
4 06/15/2016 06/30/2016 337.00 1,018.22 1,355.22 79,966.55
5 06/30/2016 07/15/2016 328.63 1,026.59 1,355.22
6 07/15/2016 07/31/2016 350.54 1,004.68 1,355.22 77,935.28
7 07/31/2016 08/15/2016 320.28 1,034.94 1,355.22
8 08/15/2016 08/31/2016 341.63 1,013.59 1,355.22 75,886.75
9 08/31/2016 09/15/2016 311.86 1,043.36 1,355.22
10 09/15/2016 09/30/2016 311.86 1,043.36 1,355.22 73,800.03
11 09/30/2016 10/15/2016 303.29 1,051.93 1,355.22
12 10/15/2016 10/31/2016 323.51 1,031.71 1,355.22 71,716.39
13 10/31/2016 11/15/2016 294.72 1,060.50 1,355.22
14 11/15/2016 11/30/2016 294.72 1,060.50 1,355.22 69,595.39
15 11/30/2016 12/15/2016 286.01 1,069.21 1,355.22
16 12/15/2016 12/31/2016 305.08 1,050.14 1,355.22 67,476.04
17 12/31/2016 01/15/2017 277.30 1,077.92 1,355.22
18 01/15/2017 01/31/2017 295.79 1,059.43 1,355.22 65,338.69
19 01/31/2017 02/15/2017 268.52 1,086.70 1,355.22
20 02/15/2017 02/28/2017 232.71 1,122.51 1,355.22 63,129.48
21 02/28/2017 03/15/2017 259.44 1,095.78 1,355.22
22 03/15/2017 03/31/2017 276.73 1,078.49 1,355.22 60,955.21
23 03/31/2017 04/15/2017 250.50 1,104.72 1,355.22
24 04/15/2017 04/30/2017 250.50 1,104.72 1,355.22 58,745.77
25 04/30/2017 05/15/2017 241.42 1,113.80 1,355.22
26 05/15/2017 05/31/2017 257.52 1,097.70 1,355.22 56,534.27
27 05/31/2017 06/15/2017 232.33 1,122.89 1,355.22
28 06/15/2017 06/30/2017 232.33 1,122.89 1,355.22 54,288.49
29 06/30/2017 07/15/2017 223.10 1,132.12 1,355.22
30 07/15/2017 07/31/2017 237.98 1,117.24 1,355.22 52,039.13
31 07/31/2017 08/15/2017 213.86 1,141.36 1,355.22
32 08/15/2017 08/31/2017 228.12 1,127.10 1,355.22 49,770.67
33 08/31/2017 09/15/2017 204.54 1,150.68 1,355.22
34 09/15/2017 09/30/2017 204.54 1,150.68 1,355.22 47,469.31
35 09/30/2017 10/15/2017 195.08 1,160.14 1,355.22
36 10/15/2017 10/31/2017 208.08 1,147.14 1,355.22 45,162.03


No. From To Interest Due Principal Amount Total Amortization Outstanding Balance

37 10/31/2017 11/15/2017 185.60 1,169.62 1,355.22

38 11/15/2017 11/30/2017 185.60 1,169.62 1,355.22 42,822.79
39 11/30/2017 12/15/2017 175.98 1,179.24 1,355.22
40 12/15/2017 12/31/2017 187.72 1,167.50 1,355.22 40,476.05
41 12/31/2017 01/15/2018 166.34 1,188.88 1,355.22
42 01/15/2018 01/31/2018 177.43 1,177.79 1,355.22 38,109.38
43 01/31/2018 02/15/2018 156.61 1,198.61 1,355.22
44 02/15/2018 02/28/2018 135.73 1,219.49 1,355.22 35,691.28
45 02/28/2018 03/15/2018 146.68 1,208.54 1,355.22
46 03/15/2018 03/31/2018 156.45 1,198.77 1,355.22 33,283.97
47 03/31/2018 04/15/2018 136.78 1,218.44 1,355.22
48 04/15/2018 04/30/2018 136.78 1,218.44 1,355.22 30,847.09
49 04/30/2018 05/15/2018 126.77 1,228.45 1,355.22
50 05/15/2018 05/31/2018 135.22 1,220.00 1,355.22 28,398.64
51 05/31/2018 06/15/2018 116.71 1,238.51 1,355.22
52 06/15/2018 06/30/2018 116.71 1,238.51 1,355.22 25,921.62
53 06/30/2018 07/15/2018 106.53 1,248.69 1,355.22
54 07/15/2018 07/31/2018 113.63 1,241.59 1,355.22 23,431.34
55 07/31/2018 08/15/2018 96.29 1,258.93 1,355.22
56 08/15/2018 08/31/2018 102.71 1,252.51 1,355.22 20,919.90
57 08/31/2018 09/15/2018 85.97 1,269.25 1,355.22
58 09/15/2018 09/30/2018 85.97 1,269.25 1,355.22 18,381.40
59 09/30/2018 10/15/2018 75.54 1,279.68 1,355.22
60 10/15/2018 10/31/2018 80.58 1,274.64 1,355.22 15,827.08
61 10/31/2018 11/15/2018 65.04 1,290.18 1,355.22
62 11/15/2018 11/30/2018 65.04 1,290.18 1,355.22 13,246.72
63 11/30/2018 12/15/2018 54.44 1,300.78 1,355.22
64 12/15/2018 12/31/2018 58.07 1,297.15 1,355.22 10,648.79
65 12/31/2018 01/15/2019 43.76 1,311.46 1,355.22
66 01/15/2019 01/31/2019 46.68 1,308.54 1,355.22 8,028.79
67 01/31/2019 02/15/2019 33.00 1,322.22 1,355.22
68 02/15/2019 02/28/2019 28.60 1,326.62 1,355.22 5,379.95
69 02/28/2019 03/15/2019 22.11 1,333.11 1,355.22
70 03/15/2019 03/31/2019 23.58 1,331.64 1,355.22 2,715.20
71 03/31/2019 04/15/2019 11.16 1,344.06 1,355.22
72 04/15/2019 04/30/2019 11.16 1,371.14 1,382.30 0.00


No. From To Interest Due Principal Amount Total Amortization Outstanding Balance






Disclaimer: The loan details are indicative of the loan amount applied which shall be subject to final evaluation and
approval of the bank. The finance charges shall be determined after the loan approval and to be deducted from the
Gross Loan Granted, among others.

**Finance Charges is computed from the date of loan approval up to the day prior to the beginning of the first
amortization period at a rate of 10.0% per annum.