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Nicholas Kocurek

Professor Vyvial


March 30, 2019

Gun Control

You can find them being used as props in movies, on the back of billboard signs

promoting a local gun show and even in the video games that children are playing today. They

can be located on the street you walk down and they are being carried by every law enforcement

officer in the nation. Guns were not meant to kill, but to allow one to protect oneself and their

property. Guns have been around for years but now gun violence is being reported at a much

higher rate than ever before. Gun violence is beginning reported daily on every major news

media station and is being addresses at the legislative level. The strict gun control laws are

responsible for the loss of many innocent lives.

Don’t point fingers, guns have not been the underline cause of mass shootings. “Although

high-profile mass shootings command our attention, they account for only about 1% of overall

firearm deaths” (Galea). Looking back almost two decades, the number of deaths by guns have

not had a dramatic change. Going even further back in history, the guns laws were significantly

relaxed to the point where people were not scared to walk around carrying gun on their hip. In

today’s world, you are able to receive your Licensed to Carry (LTC) permit but there are so

many restrictions on where one is allowed to bring a gun.

Gun policies and gun safety are to be in effect to fix problems, not to create more

problems. Did no one ever stopped to try to understand why this or that law was created and

what was its intended purpose. Legislators just kept creating new laws against guns and gun
control and thinking gun violence would be resolve. Just add another law, that will stop the

violence. This is only hindering those who obtain their guns lawfully. This restricting of laws

and rules for ownership will not fix the problem that this nation has, as it is only hurting those

who obey the law. That is not the issue, the problem is with those who use a gun illegally for

their own personal benefits either to rob or steal from someone.

Everywhere a mass shooting has taken place guns were to banished by all except law

enforcement officers. Our schools, banks, churches and other large “GUN FREE ZONE’s” were

to be safe places for all. But this allows certain people to do as they please, because they know

they can. You’re not going to see a person with a gun walk into a police station and start

shooting or start taken hostages.

People who know how to use guns properly, should draw no attention to themselves.

They are simply present in the room. They are not mad men. They are not savage’s, they are

ordinary men and woman who have had proper training and carry said weapon to protect

themselves and their love ones. The news doesn’t report the good Samaritan that saved a woman

who was being held at gun point. They look for the scene where gun violence was used against

good everyday people.

We are finding that the more laws and policies that are put into action are only making it

harder for the innocent to protect themselves from those who are not so innocent. Todays world

is in headed for a big disaster if we can’t put an end to this nonsense, that laws against guns will

be followed by all.
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