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1. What was the general topic of your Senior Project?

The general topic of my senior project was sports and athleticism.

2. What was your Research Paper topic?

My research paper topic was on whether football is too dangerous for children to play or not.

3. What was your mentor-supervised activity?

My mentor-supervised activity was the soccer camp.

4. How did your research paper connect to your activity?

It connected to my activity because it’s sport related.

5. Did you discover anything unexpected while conducting your research? If yes, explain what you
I discovered that football helmets alone don’t do much to prevent injury to the head, and you would assume it
does since it’s such a big deal to be apart of the uniform.

6. Did your position, opinion or thesis change as a result of your research? If yes, explain how your
position, opinion or thesis changed.
No, my opinion did not change.

7. How much time did you spend researching and writing for your Research Paper?
I spent about two weeks researching and writing for my research paper.

8. How much time did you spend completing your mentor-supervised activity?
I spent twenty-two hours on my mentor-supervised activity.

9. Did you use the Senior Project Timeline to meet deadlines and to plan ahead?
Yes I did, thankfully didn’t turn in anything late.

10. If you could do your Senior Project again, what would you do differently?
I would probably try to spread the word out more and bugged more people to come to my event. Honestly
though, I was pretty content with the outcome.

11. How will you prepare yourself for the Oral Presentation?
I will be making a slideshow and practicing in front of my english class.

12. Did you encounter any problems or challenges? If yes, explain how you dealt with them.
Yes, only mainly getting people to come out and getting a key to the field. I had to figure out myself how I was
going to get into the field. I got some friends to come out for the older camp. For the younger kids had some
family friends come out.

13. What are your thoughts, ideas or reflections on the whole experience and the final outcome of your
Senior Project?
I had a lot of fun actually hosting the camp. I was told by the participants that they all had a lot of fun. I’m
really glad it ended up being a success,

14. What did you learn about yourself through the Senior Project experience?
I learned that I am capable of preparing and hosting an event without too much help. I’m much more
independent than I thought I was.