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None can avoid the gaze of Tempest’s Eye. by Kharadron Overlord privateers, overwhelm
The mountaintop city’s planar observatories the foe with a blistering aerial assault. Tempest’s
can see past even the most complex illusions Eye has formed a strong bond with the skyfaring
and obfuscations, and thus its Aetherguard Kharadron, who earn considerable profits
detachments and allied forces enter battle alert at the city’s bustling ports. The sight of their
and forewarned. They strike with the precision bulky Ironclads appearing on the horizon, the
of a hunting hawk, aiming to snatch the eyes and graceful forms of winged Stormcast Eternals
cut the throat of their prey before it can react. flitting between their great spherical endrins, has
Fast-moving infantry and cavalry detachments come to be greatly feared by the city’s enemies.
advance and eliminate key threats upon the Whether in the skies or on the ground, the
battlefield, while flights of Stormcast Eternal armies of Tempest’s Eye eliminate their foes in a
Prosecutors and Swifthawk Skycutters, supported single, lethally precise assault.

Alert and Forewarned: You can add 2" to the Move A Tempest’s Eye army can include units and/or warscroll battalions
characteristic of units in a Tempest’s Eye army in the first with any of the following keywords:
battle round. Add 4" to the Move characteristic instead if the
unit can fly. In addition, add 1 to the save rolls of units from a • Stormcast Eternals
Tempest’s Eye army in the first battle round. • Free Peoples
• Kharadron Overlords
• Swifthawk Agents
• Eldritch Council
‘Cold steel on the cold wind.’ • Dispossessed
• Ironweld Arsenal
- Motto of the Aetherguard