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Surviving M55 Self-Propelled Howitzers

Last update: August 8, 2016

Listed here are the M55 self-propelled howitzers that still exist today.

"panzerpanther5" -

M55 "D’Josef" – Artillery Museum, Brasschaat (Belgium)

It was previously in Camp Elsenborn (Belgium)

Gian Luca Zanchetta, 2004 -

M55 – Caserma "Scalise" di Vercelli (Italy)

M55 – Caserma "Babini", Bellinzago Novarese (Italy)

Massimo Foti, July 2009

M55 – Museo della Motorizzazione Militare della Cecchignola, Roma (Italy)

M55 – Unknown location (Italy)

"Catalán" -

M55 – El Goloso Museum, Madrid (Spain)


M55 – Arkansas National Guard Museum, Camp Robinson, Little Rock, AR (USA)

"theCLB", November 2005 -


M55 – Fort Smith, AR (USA)

Alfred Hernandez

M55 – Arkansas National Guard Armory, Lincoln, AR (USA)

"Marker!" March 2008 -

M55 – Marine Corps Air Ground Center, Twentynine Palms, CA (USA)

M55 "Widowmaker" – Camp Roberts Historical Museum and Museum Annex,

Camp Roberts, CA (USA)

"Mark L.", Aprill 2009 -

M55 – Rock Island Arsenal Museum, IL (USA)

Paul Hannah, July 2011 -

M55 – VFW Post 4361, Maybee, MI (USA)

"bluthndr" -

M55 – Nashville, MI (USA)

Neil Baumgardner -

M55 – Artillery Annex to the Militia Museum of New Jersey, Lawrenceville, NJ (USA)

Michael Brickley, May 2012

M55 – Letterkenny Army Depot, Chambersburg, PA (USA)

Kurt Laughlin

M55 – Swoyersville, PA (USA)

Roger Davis, July 2009 -

M55 – Allegheny Arms & Armor Museum, Smethport, PA (USA)

"rnbock", December 2007 -

M55 – American Armoured Foundation, Tank Museum, Danville, VA (USA)

"Q McCart", February 2011 -

M55 "Tiny Tim" – Fort Lee U.S. Army Ordnance Museum, VA (USA)
This vehicle was transferred from Aberdeen Proving Ground MD, to Fort Lee VA
Mike Burton -

M55 – Fort Lewis, WA (USA)

Phil Ljunghammar, September 2014 -

M55 – Flying Heritage Museum, Everett, WA (USA)

The vehicle was previously part of Jacques Littlefield Collection, Portola, CA (USA). It was sold on auction in July 2014.
I'm looking for photos of those vehicles:
M55 – Comprensorio di Lenta (Italy)
M55 – Kingston, PA (USA)
M55 – U.S. Army Center for Military History Storage Facility, Anniston Army Depot, AL (USA)
M55 – Armory, Cherry Hill, NJ (USA)
M55 – Cannon Shop, National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey, Sea Girt, NJ (USA)

This document is a synthesis of photos and information published on the web.

I would like to thank the people who took these photos and put them on their websites, or
sent them to me, and also those who helped me doing this list (particularly people of the
AFV News Discussion Board).

Very special thanks to Pierre-Olivier Buan and Massimo Foti.

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