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Please attach to the original proposal & submit Friday 5/10/19.

Names: _____________________________ & _______________________________

Directions: Answer each question clearly and legibly in complete sentences. Proposals that do not get approved will
need to be resubmitted for partial credit. Proposal is due Monday, May 6th (one proposal per group).

1. What is your “interesting question”? Be creative and make it meaningful (see project description).

2. Why did you choose this question, and why is it meaningful to you and your audience?

3. What/who is/are your population(s)? Are they people or things? Are you looking at one population, or two
populations? Describe the individuals in your population(s) carefully.

4. Are you gathering quantitative or categorical data? Remember: quantitative data are measured (if possible, try to
get a set that can be measured to the nearest tenth of a unit), and categorical data can be classified into one of a
group of categories.
5. Is this a study or an experiment? What are your explanatory and response variables?

6. How many subjects/units will be in your study? Where will you obtain your subjects/units? The more complex
your experiment/study is, the fewer samples you will be able to take. A minimum of 30 is required but more will
give you better results. Remember – this is a representative subset of your population(s).

7. Do you need to go anywhere (i.e. the mall or the park) to obtain any data? Do you need to purchase anything or
use any particular equipment to conduct your experiment? Be specific.

8. How will you go about drawing your sample or recruiting subjects? Be specific and go into detail using your
statistical procedures. If you use a survey form, remember your wording. Any group using a survey must show it
to Ms. Voinea before gathering data (surveys are discouraged though).

9. Is your data collection ethical? How so? For example, you should not impose any sort of treatment to animals or
humans that cause them discomfort, pain, or illness.
10. What inference procedure(s) will you use to analyze your data? You are expected to perform both a significance
test and also construct a confidence interval. Make sure you choose the correct procedure and explain why you
chose it.

b) Significance Test: _____________________________________________________________________________

i) Detailed reasoning for this choice:

ii) State your hypotheses:

b) Confidence Interval: ___________________________________________________________________________

Detailed reasoning for this choice:

I expect that both team members participate in the collection of data equally, and descriptive visual
evidence need to be taken (multiple live action pictures or videos – the more the better). FYI: selfies
and/or pictures of you sitting on your bedroom floor “thinking” do not count.
Examples of real visual evidence include:

• Both partners at the mall counting the proportion of females shopping in Victoria’s Secret versus Footlocker
• Pictures of your 30 bananas’ progression of ripeness throughout 7 days (where half the bananas’ stems are covered in
plastic film, and the other half are not) or a time-lapse video of bananas throughout the week
• Pictures of both partners sampling the water at the drinking fountains of WGHS and Bellarmine HS using a pH test
such as litmus paper or a probe (show close shots of the probe results or the litmus paper color to include in your
• Time-lapse video of green glow sticks versus red glow sticks in length of time that they last