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Daftar kata-kata untuk GRE.

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- A -
ABASE Merendahkan (seseorang)
Defeated, Queen Zenobia was forced to abase herself before the
conquering Romans.

ABASH Mempermalukan
He was not at all abashed by her open admiration.

ABATE Mereda (badai / debat)

Rather than leaving immediately, they waited for the storm to

ABDICATE Menyerahkan (tahta / jabatan) ke orang lain

When Edward VIII abdicated the British throne to marry the
woman he loved, he surprised the entire world.

ABERRANT Tidak normal atau melenceng jauh

Given the aberrant nature of the data, we doubted the validity
of the entire experiment.

Chromatic aberration can be observed by placing a prism over
a white light.

ABET Membantu / menyemangati seseorang untuk berbuat kejahatan

She was unwilling to abet him in the swindle he had planned.

ABETTOR Orang yang meng-ABET (lihat di atas)

The abettor of the indicted criminal was also punished with 2
years in jail.

ABEYANCE Tindakan yang tertunda

The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival.

ABHOR Membenci (dengan amat sangat / jijik)

She abhorred all forms of polygamy.

ABJECT Keadaan memelas / tertolak / terbelakang

On the streets of New York the homeless live in abject poverty,
huddling in doorways to find shelter from the wind.

ABJURE Menolak (scr formal) dengan sumpah

He abjured his allegiance to the king.

ABLUTION Mencuci / mandi (istilah formal)

His daily ablutions were accompanied by loud noises that he
humorously labelled "Opera in the Bath"

ABNEGATION Pengorbanan diri

No act of abnegation was more pronounced than his refusal of
any rewards for his discovery.

ABOLISH Mengakhiri / menghapus

The president of the college refused to abolish the physical
education requirement.

ABOMINABLE Menjijikkan / sangat buruk

Mary liked John until she learned that he was dating Susan;
then she called him an abominable man.

ABORIGINAL Yang asli / yang pertama di daerahnya

Her studies of the primitive art forms of the aboriginal
Indians were widely reported in the scientific journals.

ABORTIVE Gagal / tidak berbuah

Attacked by armed troops, the Chinese students had to abandon
their abortive attempt to democratize Beijing peacefully.

ABRADE Aus / menggosok supaya aus

The sharp rocks abraded the skins on her legs, so she put
iodine on her abrasions.

ABRASIVE Bersifat membuat aus (seperti kertas gosok)

An abrasive paper can wear away a shiny finish.

ABRIDGE Mempersingkat
Because the publishers felt the public wanted a shorter version
of "War and Peace", they proceeded to abridge the novel.

ABROGATE Menghapuskan (= ABOLISH)

He intended to abrogate the decree issued by his predecessor.

ABSCOND Menyelinap pergi / pergi diam-diam

The teller who absconded with the bonds went uncaptured until
someone recognized him from his photograph on "America's Most

ABSOLVE Pengampunan atas kesalahan / dosa

Father Jericho the confessor absolved him of his sins.

ABSTEMIOUS Sangat menghemat dalam hal makanan / minuman (krn tak mampu
atau alasan keagamaan).
Concerned with her vegetarian son's abstemious diet, the
worried mother pressed vitamins on him.

ABSTINENCE Bertarak makan atau minum sesuatu

The doctor recommended total abstinence from salted foods.

ABSTRUSE Tidak jelas / sulit dimengerti

She carries around abstruse works of philosophy, not because
she understands them but because she wants her friends to
think she does.

ABUSIVE Berkata-kata kasar atau membahayakan secara fisik.

An abusive parent damages a child both mentally and physically.
ABUT Batasan / lingkaran batas
We must build a fence where our estates abut.

ABYSMAL Tak berdasar (bottomless) / utk mengekspresikan sesuatu yg

sangat rendah.
His arrogance is exceeded only by his abysmal ignorance.

ABYSS Jurang yg sangat dalam / besar (spt tak berdasar)

Darth Vader seized the evil emperor and hurled him down into
the abyss.


If I accede to this demand for blackmail, I am afraid that
I will be the victim of futrue demands.

The sportscasters acclaimed every player's brilliant
performance regardless the outcome.

ACCLIMATE Menyesuaikan (diri/sesuatu) dengan iklim

One of the difficulties in studying abroad is that students
have to acclimate themselves to their new environments.

ACCLIVITY Tanjakan tajam

The car would not go up the acclivity in high gear. So, switch
to the lower gear.

ACCOLADE Hadiah atas prestasi

In Hollywood, an Oscar is the highest accolade an artist would

ACCOMODATE Membantu seseorang; Menyesuaikan diri; Mengharmoniskan sesuatu;

Menyediakan (fasilitas)
Mitch always did everything possible to accomodate his elderly
relatives, from driving them to medical appointments to helping
them with paperwork.

ACCOMPLICE Partner (Dalam kejahatan)

Because he had provided the criminal with the lethal weapon,
he was arrested as an accomplice in the murder.

ACCORD Persetujuan
She was in complete accord with the verdict.

ACCOST Mendekati dan berbicara secara agresif

When the two young men accosted me, I was frightened because I
thought they were going to attack me.

ACCOUTRE Memperlengkapi
The fishermen was accoutred with the best sporting goods.

ACCRETION Pertumbuhan
The accretion of wealth marked the family's rise in power.

ACCRUE Terkumpul (karena pertambahan)

You must pay the interest accrued on your debt.

ACERBITY Kepahitan (dalam bicara atau sikap)

The meeting was marked with such acerbity that the analysts
were skeptical of reaching any useful settlements.

ACETIC Asam / kecut / bersifat masam

The salad had an exceedingly acetic flavor.

ACIDULOUS Berasa agak kecut; tajam (kritik)

He was unpopular because of his sarcastic and acidulous

ACME Puncak
His success in this role marked the acme of his career as an

ACQUIESCE Menurut / setuju secara pasif

Although she appeared to acquiesce to her employer's
suggestions, I could tell she had reservations about the
changes he wanted made.

The economy will reach an acquiescent point once the supply
and demand are equal.

ACQUITTAL Membebaskan dari tuduhan

His acquittal by the jury surprised those who had thought him

ACRID Tajam (bau)

The acrid odor of burnt gunpowder filled the room after the
pistol had been fired.

ACRIMONIOUS Menyengat / Tajam (bau/kata2/rasa)

The candidate attacked his opponent in highly acrimonious

ACROPHOBIA Takut akan ketinggian

A born salesman, he could convince someone with a bad case of
acrophobia to sign up for a life membership in a sky-diving

ACTUARIAL Berdasarkan perhitungan / statistik

According to recent actuarial tables, life expectancy is
greater today than it was a century ago.

ACTUATE Memotivasi
I fail to understand what actuated you to reply to this letter

ACUITY Ketajaman
In time his youthful acuity of vision failed him, and he needed

ACUMEN Kelihaian
His business acumen helped him to succeed even in the times of
the country's financial difficulties.

ADDLE Membusuk; Menjadi kacau; Mengeruhkan

This idiotic plan is confusing enough to addle anyone.
ADDRESS Pidato langsung ke; Menangani / mendiskusikan tentang
This economic meeting is to address the issues of low-income

ADEPT Pintar / Berkeahlian

She was adept at the fine art of irritating people.

ADDUCE Menghadirkan sebagai bukti / contoh dalam diskusi, analisis,

atau di peradilan.
The shards of dinosaur bones were adduced to support Dr. Jones
hypothesis that it was indeed true that dinosaurs lived in
that country millions of years ago.

ADHERE Berpegang erat (terutama pada peraturan)

As a citizen, you should adhere your country's law.

ADHERENT Pendukung / pengikut

The adherents of the conflicting sects were arrested on a
fight yesterday.

ADJUNCT Tambahan (lebih bersifat inferior / tak penting)

Although I don't absolutely need a second computer, I plan to
buy a laptop to serve a an adjunct to my desktop model.

ADJURATION Sumpah khidmat / permohonan yang amat sangat (yang sering di-
terapkan ke orang lain)
The king adjures: "No one shall eat until we defeat our foes
from our land."

ADMONISH Memperingatkan
The prophet admonished the people: "Turn thee from thine evil
ways and God shall forgive thee."

His adroit handling of the delicate situation pleased his

ADULATION Pujian (Jilatan)

A wise king should be able to differ adulation from sincere

ADULTERATE Menodai / Membuat jadi tidak murni

One drop of ink would adulterate the whole bowl of milk.

ADVENT Kehadiran / Kebangkitan

The year of 1960 marked the advent of rock and roll.

ADVENTITIOUS Secara kebetulan / informal

He found this adventitious meeting with his old friend
extremely fortunate.

The young wrestler struggled to defeat his adversary.

ADVERSE Tidak menguntungkan; Hostile

The economic recession brings an adverse effect on the
currency system.

ADVERSITY Kemiskinan; Ketidakberuntungan

We must learn to show charity to those in adversity.

ADVERT Mengacu pada (dalam pidato atau tulisan); Mengalihkan

perhatian ke
He adverted to the problem in the opening paragraph.
The board next adverted to compensation issues.

ADVOCATE Mendukung (dengan sangat); Pengacara

The feminist group in that country advocates the senate to
push bill of emancipations.

AEGIS Tameng / Perisai dada dari dewa-dewa Yunani

The child whose welfare is now under the aegis of the courts
has recently been transfered to a foster parent.

AEON Kurun waktu yang sangat lama (beribu-ribu tahun)

I've been waiting for aeons to watch this show.

AERIE Sarang burung pemangsa (spt elang)

The mother eagle swooped down on the unwitting rabbit and bore
it off to her aerie high in the rocky mountains.

AESTHETIC Estetik (berkaitan dengan seni)

The beauty of her stained glass appealed to critique's
aesthetic sense.