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Abdoul Barry

April 5th, 2019

RCO 390-03
Critical Reflection

Writing and research:

 How do you feel about your research topic now that your project is completed?

- I feel that my research project came out how I expected it to be although I did have a lot
of trouble working through ideas and getting a proper flow to my writing.

 In what ways did writing help you think through complex ideas raised during your research?

- Writing helped me greatly because It allowed me to think through my thoughts and get
some more clear thinking ideas to use for my writing.

 Describe your research process. What steps do you do when tackling a research project?

- When I start a research project I usually spend my time formulating my idea and then
constructing something like a body for with as many details that come to mind. After I
get the details and idea I usually look for sources and sort them out by the ones that
interest me or speak to me the most. I then take those sources and use them in the
construct of my paper by also drawing ideas from my sources.

 In what ways have you developed your ability conduct research?

- I have gotten better at finding sources that work better for research papers instead of
just pulling sources off of random websites and using them.

 What was it like being part of the Research Expo and sharing your research with others?

- Overall I think it went fairly well I found it really interesting when I viewed some of the
others research how in-depth and well thought out some of them were.

 Describe your writing process.

- I usually spend my time formulating my idea and then constructing something like a
body for my paper with as many details that come to mind just kind of free writing and
then later constructing it into clear thought.

 What do you like about it and why? What will you will change and why?

- I like my way of free thought because it allows me to come up with some good ideas
and help me flow out my paper.

 What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?

- I would say that my strengths are I am a pretty well placed writer I have proper
grammar and usually clear ideas that get my point across. My weaknesses would be that
well I can be well placed I struggle really badly with writers block which really inhibits
my writing process.

 What strategies will you employ to address your weaknesses?

- I write down random thoughts that I later put together to make up for my writer’s block.

 What is the relationship between writing for school and writing for your future or current
professional life?

- I would say that I would probably enjoy writing more for myself than for school or my
professional life.

Your Final Website Project:

 Describe two or three moments when you made intentional decisions when curating your work.
What contributed to those decisions?

- I made choices such as detailing my abstract to help in writing out the ideas for my
paper. I also chose to use certain sources that detailed what virtual reality was to better
make my argument in my research.

 What was the best part of doing the website?

- I would say the best part about doing the research was creating the design for my
website and filling it out.

 What was the most challenging part of the website?

- The most challenging was just knowing where to put certain things and structuring my

 If you had more time to work on these projects what would you do differently and why?

- If I had more time I would specifically set aside more time to get the necessary, work
done that needed to be done.

 In what ways has your project furthered your personal, academic, or professional goals?

- I would say my project made me more aware of my bad scheduling habits where I
always had to make the choice on whether I had time to work on my project or to
prepare for other things.

Sustainability and Fieldwork:

 Define Sustainability.

- It is the process by which you determine whether something is efficient to you or your
surroundings on a community, personal, or even global scale.

 Define Fieldwork.
- The process by which you work onsite or personally to gain information to be used in
your research.

 Describe what you have learned from your own interactions with sustainability and fieldwork.

- I learned what my limits and also learned that the limits I set for myself are not what I
have to keep them as, with more focus and attention I am sure I surpass those limits.

 Describe one connection that you see between your research project and the broader definition
of sustainability.

- My research project was mostly set on the idea that there is an efficient way for you to
understand the workings of virtual reality.

 Which fieldwork methods do you feel most comfortable with and why?

- I would say that hands on fieldwork such as interviews works better for me because I am
better at gaining results and more information through speech interactions.

 What fieldwork would you like to see yourself improve and why?

- I would not mind getting better at using surveys because I struggle with making clear
questions for people to answer.

 In what ways do you see sustainability as a political issue that affects your education?

- I believe that sustainability is a huge political issue that affects education because it is
something that in our society today is not really deemed important or spoken about.

Strong College:

 What has been the most important part of your experience at Strong and why?

- I would say the community I made a lot of good friends in Strong and it helped enjoy
living and taking in the dorm a bit more than if I did not know anybody.

 What would you do differently if you could change anything about your experiences?

- I would try to help out with more committees earlier and be more involved.

 In what ways did you see connections between your Strong courses and other UNCG courses?

- I felt that my Strong courses were more enjoyable than some of my UNCG courses
probably because of my professors.

 In what ways did your experiences at Strong extend outward to help others inside Strong or
outside in the community of UNCG or beyond?

- I helped out a bit with the community in Strong and it allowed me also to get used to
other communities outside of Strong.

 Which contributions to Strong (committees, quality of student work ethic, attendance at events,
leadership, or good community citizenship, for ex.) are you most proud of and why?
- I would say that whenever I saw someone needed help nearby I was usually the first to
help out.

 How has your experience at Strong impacted your ethical approach to engaging with others who
are different from you?

- It has made me be able to engage with others more and be more open in my
interactions which has gained me a lot of friends.

Education and studenthood:

 How well did you turn in your assignments on time? Why or why not?

- I generally was able to turn in my assignments on time although near the middle of the
semester I hit a bit of a bad spot because of stress from other classes and exams which
caused me to lose track of my submissions.

 How well have you followed directions this semester for your assignments? Why or why not?

- I feel that I usually followed directions pretty clearly just to get the necessary work

 What are your goals for your yourself as you pursue your education and why?

- I want to get better at my understanding of my classes because I have hit a point where
I have trouble registering most of the things I learn in class and it affects me severely in
my work.

 In what ways did you contribute to meeting those goals?

- I worked at getting better in keeping track of myself and working towards getting better
at my understanding.

 If you could change something about your student life so far, what would you do differently?

- I would try to be less lazy and more productive in my everyday life so that I can get more

 Any final thoughts you want me to know as I read through your project?

- Nothing much really I just want to say thank you for being understanding especially with
the late assignments.