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Medium voltage service solution

Optimizing technology for a better future

Global ABB

ABB is a global leader in Power and Automation Advantage of ABB

technologies that enable utility and industry customers – 120 years of technology and innovation
to improve performance while lowering environmental – Unparalleled domain competence
impact. The ABB Group operates in around 100 – Global experience
countries and employs over 1,50,000 people. In India, – Complete solution capabilities
ABB serves customers with a complete range of power – Large installed base
and automation technologies. The company has a vast – Environment-friendly technologies
installed base, extensive manufacturing facilities and a
countrywide marketing and service presence. ABB Services
– Availability of new technology
As a part of its Power Technologies offering, ABB serves – Low investment compared to new installation
electric, gas and water utilities as well as industrial and – Increased personal safety & reliability with supported lab
commercial customers with a wide range of products, certification
systems and services for power generation, transmission – Less shutdown / Outage
and distribution. ABB’s system solutions include – No change of location- Foundations not disturbed
Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP) automation, controls – Less engineering and administrative coordination required.
and instrumentation, for power plants, bulk power – Long term availability of spares and world class service
transmission systems, turnkey substations, automation – Life enhancement
controls and instrumentation, utility automation and
power distribution.

1. Service Agreements
4. Spares 9. Extension, 10. End-of
2. Installation & 5. 7. Engineering 8. Advanced 11.
3. Training & 6. Repairs Upgrades life
commissioning Maintenance & Consulting Services Replacement
Consumables & Retrofits Services

Replacement Preventive Workshop Engineering Asset Software Decommissioning Replacement of

Installation On-site Training Parts maintenance repairs planning and optimization upgrades active
specifications Hardware products
Commissioning Pre-owned parts Predictive Op. excellence Resale
Classroom Refurbishment/ upgrades
Training maintenance Reconditioning Engineering reliability
Disposal and Replacement of
services system integration Extensions
Simulation E-Learning Parts Kits Process safety recycling non active
On-site condition
monitoring products
Programming Engineering Environmental Retrofit
On-site repairs
services Consumables Remote condition customization compliance Replacement of
monitoring third party
Corrective Engineering System
Exchange units Life cycle maintenance configurations performance products
assessment Benchmarking Energy
Technical and audits Efficiency
Extended Inspections &
support Maintenance
warranty diagnostics Project
Remote Trouble-
shooting Cyber Security
Parts and inventory
management Software as a

Data back-up


Available Services
Services to be launched

2 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Maximize your investment Service portfolio
We know the following industry trends are driving you to get
Field service 4
as much performance out of your assets as possible.
Installation, testing and commissioning 4
Trouble shooting and emergency service 4
Less capital spending
Environment, Health and safety 5
The big automation and information capital era is over. There
Maintenance 6
is significant pressure to lighten the balance sheet, increase
Predictive, Preventive and corrective 6
cash flow and improve earnings. You must focus on making
Annual maintenance contract 6
improved use of existing assets
Service contract agreements 6
Extended warranty 6
Fast technology change drives outsourcing
Power Care 7
The fast pace of change, and the continuing pressure to
MyRemoteCare 8
reduce cost by reducing personnel makes technology difficult
Retrofit 10
to manage. Companies today must look outside for the
One to one Breaker retrofit 10
expertise they use to have inside.
Module breaker retrofit 10
Relay retrofit 15
Emerging technologies demand new knowledge needs
Upgrades and Extensions 16
Emerging technologies increase the need for new knowledge.
Panel extension 16
Ensuring that your personnel can best utilize cutting edge
Adding safety to switchgear 17
technology is becoming more and more challenging.
Busbar Upgrades 18
RMU Motorization 19
Increased focus on core business
ARC Protection: Protecting human life and equipment 20
In today’s highly competitive environment, it is critical to
I s Limiter: The world’s fastest limiting and switching device 21
focus on core business activities and seek alternate means of
Revamp 22
handling non-core, yet essential, aspects of operations.
Spares parts and repair 23
Parts 23
These are challenging issues.
Legacy Support 23
We can help you to address them.
Training 24
Product training 24
Customer program 24
Training centre facilities 24

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 3

Field service

ABB is a global leader in switchgear, with many field

service partnership agreements around the world. Field
service programs are developed to improve maintenance
effectiveness by optimizing management practices, resulting
in lower unit production costs and operations expenditure.

– Increased asset effectiveness
– Reduced operating costs
– Sustained productivity improvements

AIS Panels

Installation, testing and commissioning

ABB certified service engineers provide expert on-site
installation and commissioning of Medium Voltage switchgear
along with its metering & protection system. Our start-up and
commissioning services range from installation support, to full
on-site project management.

– Smoother installations
– Highest Quality with ABB expertise
– Improved efficiency
– Highest Standards of Safety

Ring Main Unit

Trouble shooting and emergency services

Troubleshooting of MV products promptly, systematic search
diagnosis of a problem so that equipment and process can be
made operational again. Troubleshooting is needed to develop
and maintain complex systems where the symptoms of a
problem can have many possible causes.
After finding root cause of the problem the necessary repair
will be provided by the ABB expert service engineer.

MV Gas Insulated Switchgear

4 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Environment, health and safety
We at ABB are committed to providing safe and healthy
working environment for our employee and personnel working
for and on behalf of ABB. We realize our responsibility
towards natural world around us and take adequate steps to
comply with existing environmental regulations and standards.
We ensure energy efficient systems, products and service that
will enable customers to lower their use of energy and natural
resources along with reduction of our own environmental
impact. We work towards minimizing occupational risk and
hazards at our work location.

ABB provides the following field services for medium

voltage switchgears
– Air insulated switchgear Health and safety at work
– Gas insulated switchgear
– Indoor circuit breakers
– Outdoor circuit breakers
– Compact secondary substation (CSS)
– Ring main unit (RMU)
– Auto reclosers

MV switchgear

PPMV products

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 5


Our team of professionals provide prompt and efficient

response to customer service needs. Our service professional
are skilled and certified to mitigate downtime and get you
back on-line as quickly as possible. We know that the key to
providing world-class service is not only to respond quickly,
but also to provide better resolution than can be found

Predictive, preventive and corrective

Effective predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance
practices maximize the performance of your equipment.
ABB service personnel are trained in the diagnostic, repair
and maintenance practices to ensure high value for your
maintenance investment. Maintenance solutions such as
condition monitoring help to predict equipment failure and
prevent costly downtime.

Benefits Benefits
– Reduced mean time to repair – Enhance maintenance capabilities
– Increased plant performance – Improved equipment utilization
– Higher overall equipment effectiveness – Effective maintenance planning

Annual maintenance contract Extended warranty

We provide the various forms of annual maintenance contract The extended warranty includes the same benefits as new
(AMC) to our new and existing clients with Professional product has while purchasing. The period of extended
maintenance by our experts. warranty can be subjective as per terms and condition of ABB

Service contract agreements

We recognize that your specific service requirements are
based on the criticality of your assets to production, and the
level of in-house expertise you expect to maintain. An ABB
service contract agreement is custom tailored to compliment
your in-house expertise and provide the additional capabilities
needed to maintain site asset and its performance at required
level. Agreements ranging from call-up support services to
compliment self-maintainer maintenance strategy, to multi-
engineer resident service contracts, to complete maintenance
outsourcing are available to meet your unique maintenance
service needs.
Our experienced service professionals can help you to identify
and implement effective contract maintenance programs for
your operations that can reduce cost and improve uptime by
maintaining equipment at peak performance levels.

6 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Power Care

Power Care is the best, most convenient and guaranteed Power Care Agreement:
way of ensuring electrification system availability and Covers services to develop and maintain your personnel
reliability. Based on your company profile, ABB can skills. Product and application trainings aim to provide all
provide a wide range of service packages to choose from participants with the necessary skills and knowledge of
and customize an agreement to suit your company’s ABB equipment while coaching services help maintenance
needs. managers set up a strategy for continuous development of
The Power Care framework is based on a matrix of personnel skills.
service packages. You can choose services from the ABB
support services portfolio based on your actual needs at Provides you with rapid support in emergency situations.
the time of entering into a Customer Support Agreement. Single point of contact introduces a simplified process for
The services provided range from a single point of handling on-call support while technical support and callout
contact to full product engineering services. support ensure the response times that were agreed upon.
All services are provided by trained and certified ABB On site essential spare parts management can be included as
Service engineers and technicians. well.

The number in elements in an electrical system can be Covers your need to know the status of the asset and safety
very large and managing them can be challenging even for aspects as well as required risk mitigation actions. Periodic
experienced site managers. Power Care provides effective condition surveys and assessments or installation of a
access to ABB resources and allows you to get the maximum condition monitoring system is included
benefit from their use. Relying on ABB support services in the ABB package for this area.
maintains the electrical system at top performance and lets
you stay focused on core business Covers services that help you in self maintenance strategy
implementation for specific tasks. Your maintenance teams
Power Care for a power utility may include ABB support can gain confidence on non-recurring tasks by getting access
services such as remote technical support, on-line access to product documentation online,chatting with ABB experts or
to technical data of the installed equipment, instant access using the structured file storage space for asset documents.
to product installation and operational manuals, training for
equipment maintainers on site, etc. Once again the customer ABB provides background engineering and on-site labor for
is free to choose services that will complement the existing preventive maintenance tasks and maintains the equipment
maintenance strategy and portfolio on his site. in good condition minimizing the risk of power outages and
major electrical equipment failures.

The Power Care package matrix consists of five service areas and four service levels, where each service area targets
different customer needs and the ABB support content increases with the levels.

Power Care Entry Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Skills Development Services Product Training List Product Training Application Training Coaching Services
Emergency Maintenance Services Single Point of Contact Technical Support with Call-out Support with Essential Spare Parts
agreed response time agreed response time Assessment and
Diagnosis & Condition Assessment Preliminary Survey and Asset Condition and Risk Asset Monitoring Remote Asset Monitoring
Documentation of Installed Assessment
Self-Maintenance Services Installed Base Life Cycle Manuals and Instructions On-Line Support for Self- File Storage
Status Report On-line maintenance
Delivered Maintenance Services Technical Assessment on Protection and Control Switching Apparatus Full Switchgear Engineering
Yearly Basis Report Engineering Services Engineering Services Services

Should you need any further support on an existing Power electrification system. It provides you with direct contact to
Care agreement, you can find everything in one convenient your ABB contract coordinator and it is the gateway to your
place. Power Care portal is your personalized web page on-line services
that contains all the details on your support agreement and

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 7


Drastically reduce maintenance costs: predict availability When the real actual condition of working devices is
of your power distribution equipment and prevent failures continuously monitored and assessed, maintenance will
The condition-based maintenance service is the best be carried out timely and fast -
approach for the electrification system, guaranteeing high based on the signals of deterioration and increased failure
uptime, immediate response, focused maintenance and probability. Thanks to prognostic reports the occurrence
reduced life cycle costs. of serious faults is minimized, equipment care is done
MyRemoteCare is the remote condition monitoring system proactively, takes less time, the available economic resources
supporting this concept are optimally used, thus increasing the productivity.

MyRemoteCare enables the maintenance and operation

teams to have continuous supervision of the circuit breakers’
conditions, alarms, events and performance trends. ABB
service engineers analyze this data and define the proper
maintenance at the right time for each asset. This allows
maintenance to be planned only when it is required, therefore
reducing the need for purely schedule-based maintenance

MyRemoteCare collects diagnostic information from many

sources: intelligent electronic devices, smart circuit breakers,
specific sensors and integrated diagnostic systems.
Moreover, when these devices are not available, ABB provides
MySiteCare: a universal circuit breaker diagnostic unit.


8 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Condition monitoring

On-site Remote

Secure channel


Diagnostic units Private telecom MyRemoteCare ABB

Gateway infrastructure @ABB Data center Service Specialist

Installed by ABB on existing switchgear

ABB Service specialists

monitor the asset
condition and define the

Maintenance is
planned in relation to
the real asset



Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 9

Retrofit: Circuit Breaker

It provides the best option for replacement of existing Module breaker retrofit
outdated systems with the latest technology to improve
technical reliability & efficiency aspect of the system. A retrofit
activity includes exchange, replacement , refurbishment &
modernization of existing products & system.

One to one breaker retrofit

In a module retrofit solution, the circuit breaker

compartment is re-engineered.
– The old circuit breaker is changed with the factory
assembled & type tested breaker housing along with new
circuit breaker(VCB/SF6)
– New Breaker compartment is placed inside the existing
breaker compartment of the panel.
– The base frame is welded/bolted to the panel and side /top
covering sheets are mounted to avoid any gaps between
new housing and existing panel.
– The existing bus bars/ droppers are changed to match the
new breaker housing

– Cheaper than a complete replacement with enhanced
In a one-to-one retrofit solution the new circuit breaker is
– Minimum shutdown of the switchboard
– We provide a direct roll in retrofit solutions which are exact
– Service life extension
one to one solution for various existing/old makes
– Warranty on the conversion work
– Nothing is changed in panel
– Access to latest technology
– All parts are made with latest tools and designs to provide
– Spare parts availability for long time
maximum reliability
– Retrofit Circuit breaker is interchangeable with existing
Circuit Breakers

Note: A full range of one to one Vacuum Circuit Breaker replacements are
available for SF6 circuit breaker type HPA

10 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure


Till date more than 10000 numbers successful retrofit solutions

NGEF make MOCB retrofitted With ASEA MOCB retrofitted with Fuji make MOCB retrofitted with
ABB vacuum circuit breaker ABB vacuum circuit breaker ABB vacuum breaker

Unisafe module with ABB vacuum VHA 12 module with SF6 type VHA 36module with SF 6 type circuit
Circuit breaker / vacuum contractor circuit breaker Breaker

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 11

HB CB retrofitted with Russian CB retrofitted with Alind CB retrofitted with
ABB Make SF6 CB ABB Make SF6 CB ABB make Vacuum CB

ABB make HPA circuit breaker retrofitted Siemens CB retrofitted with Jyoti CB retrofitted with
with ABB make Vacuum Circuit Breaker ABB Make Vacuum CB ABB make Vacuum CB

12 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Retrofit: Presence in market

Major customers

Solutions of existing CBs

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 13

Retrofit: Relays and protection systems

The need to retrofit relays in utilities is becoming extremely ABB can provide the following to meet the present demands :
important due to the reliability threat posed by old protection – Replace complete metering box or metering door with
relay in MV system. The replacement of entire existing latest design.
switchgear is costly option. ABB is uniquely offering relay – Offer new comprehensive Numerical relays with latest
retrofit solutions to our esteemed customers. We come with technology.
effective and reliable solutions. – Offer new switches, meters & indication lamps along with
ABB offers various relay retrofit solution for upgrading of new wiring.
existing protection system. Our focus is on Relion series
relays which are based on IEC 61850. Modbus TCP/ IP and Benefit to customer
RTU / ASCII, IEC 60870-5-103, RS -485 and FO, DNP 3 TCP/ – New Relays shall be SCADA compatible with latest
IP and serial. communication protocol.
– Factory assembled metering box shall be offered, so that
Existing system at sites have: less commissioning time is required.
– Old Electromechanical relay-(Protection & Auxiliary) – Life & reliability of protection system will be enhanced.
– Aged Switches, meters & indication lamps – Better aesthetic looks of metering box/ door.
– Old metering cubicle wiring
– Damaged Gasket

New metering box - Relay Retrofit Numerical Relay

14 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Relay retrofit

Module A Module B Module C

Description Protection relays Protection relay Protection relays
retrofit along with along with retrofit
replicated metering box replicated door
1 Latest ABB make
protection relays suitable YES YES YES
to SCADA application
2 Replacement of Auxiliary
relays, meters , Indication YES YES NO
lamp TTB etc.
3 Replacement of terminal
block, AC DC switches, YES NO NO
Fuses, PVC channels ,
Toggle switches, MCBs etc
4 Aesthetic look Good Good Not up to the mark
5 Quality of physical wires Good Not up to the mark Not up to the mark
6 Installation Time 6 Hr 8-10 Hr. 8-10 Hr.

Station HMI

Optional if
Station HMI

Remote Maintenance Gateway

Central Control Room
( Web HMI ) COM600

Connectivity over IEC_104

WEB Connectivity

IEC 61850
100 Mbit/s Ethernet Fiber Optic Ring Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Switch Ethernet Switch Ethernet Switch

Numerical IED’s mounted in 11kV Switchboard Numerical IED’s in 66kV Panels

SCADA implementation (Module D)

Before retrofitting After retrofitting

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 15

Upgrades and extensions
Panel Extensions

Panel extensions
We support the MV switchgear products of our legacy brands
as well as brands of other manufacturers. Many of these
products are in service at your plant and operating satisfactorily.
Our extended service & product support will give trouble-free
operations in future.

We support in following range of MV Switchgear panel

– 11kV, 40 kA for 3 sec VCB switchgear (VHE type Panels)
– 11kV, 26.3 kA for 3 sec VCB switchgear (UniSafe type panels)
– 11kV, 40kA for 3 sec SF6 switchgear (VHA 12S type panels)
– 33kV, 31.5 kA for 3 sec SF6 switchgear (VHA36 type panels)



16 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Adding safety: Door interlocks & isolator replacement

ABB as an organization is committed to safety of life and
products. All ABB products exhibit highest standards of safety
and have all safety interlocks which ensure human safety. ABB
has extended its expertise to provide the safety interlocks
solutions to even non-ABB make switchgears. It is of utmost
importance that all modern interlocks are provided which
prevents any operator to get access to live parts unknowingly.
ABB safety solutions enable customers to incorporate rear
and front door interlocks, double bus Isolator replacement for
older panels.

Customer Need:
Human safety is of utmost importance to all organizations.
With the technological development, new panels have
all modern & enhanced interlocking systems which were
absent in older installations viz door interlocks, interlock for
manually operated isolators etc.. This stimulates concerns
for older installations. Hence, safety upgrades are of utmost Rear Door Interlock Implementation
importance as any accident or loss of life translates into huge
consequential losses.

Since Older panels with double bus bar system have room to
malfunction due to wear and tear in mechanical components.
ABB provides the new isolator design for older installations
to make them more safe to use & operate. ABB also provides
necessary kits for door interlocking system. ABB experts
commission the components in minimum downtime.

– Optimization of cost
– Makes panels safer to use

CB retrofit along with Isolator replacement at rear side

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 17

Busbars upgrades

ABB service provide customers with the option to upgrade the
existing busbars of the switchgear to a higher current rating
to handle more loads due to increase in demand. This activity
can be carried out, generally , in all types of switchgears
(ABB & Non-ABB) .Complete rating of the switchgears can be
enhanced by changing the busbars & circuit breakers. ABB
provides a complete life cycle support to customers.

Customer Need:
With continuous increase in demand of power, the old
systems are no longer sufficient to cater to the growing needs
. More often than not, clients are facing the need to enhance
the capacity of their switchgears and make them more safe
to use. Adding new generators and transformers to the
existing systems requires the busbars of the switchgears Old switchgear
to be upgraded to a higher current rating. In such cases,
changing/modifying/adding the busbars along with retrofit of
circuit breakers proves to be a good alternative rather than
changing or adding the new switchgear. This saves time and

ABB has expertize provide efficient on time installations of
new busbars into the switchgears. ABB supplies all types
of busbars as per existing switchgear which are the fitted
properly by ABB experts.All necessary testing is carried out at
site to certify the compatibility.

– Highest Quality with ABB expertise
– Saves time & cost

After Busbar Upgrade

18 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

RMU Motorization

ABB has supplied a lot of ring main units in Indian Market
as a leading supplier of distribution network equipments.
These ring main units are widely present in the network. The
Ring main Units were delivered in all configurations including
manually operated & motorized operations.

Customer Need:
Customers are requiring the arrangement where RMUs can
be operated through remote. To integrate the SCADA &
Remote operation, the Automation of RMUs is essential. For
customer, this proves to be time saving in their processes and
enhances their efficiency. In the process of Automation, the
motorization of existing RMUs is a mandatory requirement.
Indoor Safe-Ring RMU
ABB has expertize to automate the manually operated RMUs.
Motorization kit is supplied from ABB works with all necessary
equipments, tools & tackles. For SCADA compatibility
for extensible type of RMUs, ABB supplies the metering
module which can be added on to the existing RMU. Current
transformers & Voltage Transformers are housed into the
metering module along with the battery charges to use the
auxiliary supplies for metering purpose.

– Smoother Installations
– Highest Quality with ABB expertise
– Enhanced efficiency
– Better Control and ease of operation

Motorized RMU

Non-Motorized RMU

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 19

ARC Protection: Protecting human life and equipment

Upgradation of Ultra Fast Earthing Switch (UFS)

Ultra Fast Earthing Switch Draw-out unit

For any organization, safety of human life and equipment is of – 3 Primary switching elements for ultra-fast initiation of 3
utmost importance. In non-arc proof switchgears, it is a reality phase short circuit earthing after detection of a fault by the
that in the event of an internal arc neither the operator nor the electronic and thereby eliminating the arc by resulting the
equipment is safe. In the event of an Internal Arc where the breakdown of internal arc voltages
temperatures might go up to 20000 degrees celsius during It has an extremely short tripping time of <4 ms (after
which the metal burns & vaporizes, hot gases are released detection)
and heavy damages occur to the equipment and personnel in
vicinity. In such cases, the losses are very huge. Advantages of Ultra Fast Earthing Switch– Speed, Safety,
The latest technology Ultra Fast Earthing Switch(UFES) Speed – A question of (Operation-) time nearly immediate
provides extinction of an internal arc by fastest intervention of the Ultra
– Active internal arc protection in addition to available Fast Earthing Switch.
passive protection applicable for early all short-circuit Safety – Greatly enhanced protection for personnel,
proof, air-insulated switchgear switchgear and the environment. Drastically reduced internal
– Highest possible protection for switchgear in regard to the arc duration ensures minimized pressure and temperature
hazardous impacts caused by an internal arc rise. This leads, as a consequence, to minimal impacts at the
fault location.
The Ultra Fast earthing Switch (UFES) device has : Savings – The insurance for your switchgear greatly increases
– Electronic Tripping Unit for fast & reliable interface to system and process availability in combination with drastically
external arc detection systems and Tripping of UFES reduced repair costs.
primary switching elements

20 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

IS Limiter: The world’s fastest limiting and switching device

The rising demand for energy world-wide requires more Some facts about I S Limiter
powerful or additional transformers and generators, and an – The IS Limiter, a switching device with extremely short
Increasing interconnection of the individual supply networks. operating time, solves the high short circuit current
This can lead to the permissible short-circuit currents problem
for the Equipment being exceeded and thus parts of the – The I S Limiter consists of two parallel conductors. The main
equipment being dynamically or thermally destroyed. The conductor carries the high rated normal current (up to
replacement of existing switchgear and cable connections 5.000 A). After tripping, the parallel fuse limits the short-
by new equipment with higher short-circuit strength is often circuit current during the first current rise (in less than
technically impossible or uneconomical for the user. The use 1ms)
of IS-limiters reduces the short-circuit current in new systems – The I S Limiter only trips when the system is at risk. Small
and expansions to existing systems, thus saving cost. short-circuit currents are interrupted by the circuit-breakers
– Experience shows that an I S-limiter trips once every four
years on average (based on a statistic with approximately
3000 I S-limiters in service)

The function of the I S Limiter

Circuit-breakers cannot provide any protection against unduly
high peak short-circuit currents, as they are too slow. Only
the IS-limiter is capable of detecting and limiting a short-circuit
current at the first rise, i.e. in less than 1 ms. The maximum
instantaneous current occurring remains well below the level
of the peak short-circuit current. In comparison with complex
conventional solutions, the I S Limiter has both technical and
economic advantages when used in transformer or generator
feeders, in switchgear sectionalizing and connected in
parallel with reactors. The I S Limiter is in every regard the
ideal switching device to solve the short-circuit problems for
switchgear in power stations, in heavy industry and at utilities.
The world‘s fastest switching device

– Reduces substation cost
– Solves short-circuit problems in new substations and
substation extensions
– Optimum solution for interconnection of switchboards and
– In most cases the only technical solution
– Reliability and function proofed in thousands of installations
since 1960
– Worldwide in service
– The peak short-circuit current will never be reached
– The short-circuit current is limited at the very first current

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 21


As a part of Power product medium voltage service offering,

ABB also offers revamping of 11/33kV indoor & outdoor
substation. Complete turn key activities are carried out by
ABB which includes Design, engineering, supply, unloading,
shifting, dismantling, storage, installation, testing and
commissioning of substations. Following main activities are
carried out:
1. Dismantling of existing switchgear panel with its associated
equipments (like:-Battery bank, Battery charger and DCDB
panels, ACDB,UPS System & Lighting fixture etc).
2. Removal of Power cable, control cable etc
3. Supply of new switchgear panels and its associated
4. Dismantling of exiting base frame and modification of civil
foundation work.
5. Modification of power and control cable trench(existing).
6. Installation,testing and commissioning of newly supplied
switchgear panel and other associated equipment’s
7. Laying of power cable and control cable with cable
termination work etc

1. Low Investments
2. Less Outage of system
3. High standard of quality

Outdoor Switchgear

New Substation Old Substation

22 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Spares and repair service

ABB’s network is strategically positioned to provide parts Legacy support

and repair service throughout India. Our organization uses Our legacy support provides replacements parts and repairs
standardized processes, tools and metrics to ensure that for previous generations of ABB products including AIS, GIS,
components are delivered efficiently to your site. RMU, Indoor/ Outdoor Circuit breakers & Auto reclosers.
Repair and parts services for ABB legacy products are
available as long as they are technically and commercially

– Extended system life cycle
– OEM-ensured parts quality
– Reduced downtime

ABB offers complete portfolio of repair services for medium

voltage switchgear. These repair services are designed to
deliver trouble free operations and extended product life time.
Our service organization has an extensive range of experience
in switchgear and the applications where they operate. This
experience enables us to deliver improved availability and life
cycle portability to our customer

Spare part availability is critical to on-going operations.
We maintain a complete stock of certified ABB parts,
guaranteeing availability For emergency replacements
parts, our team personnel and partners are ready to provide
immediate response to your emergency parts request.

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 23


A skilled and efficient workforce is a plant’s most valuable

asset. We can help to increase workforce skill levels and
knowledge, providing more productive response to system
and process challenges. Our training programs for engineers,
programmers and maintenance and operations personnel
provide comprehensive and up to date technical expertise
for existing and new products, processes and technology
advances. Training is available on-site or at ABB training
facilities, locally at your plant site, or on line

Product training
Our operator and maintenance training ensures your
personnel, anticipate and respond correctly to system and
process challenges, avoiding lost production.

– Improved production
– Increased uptime
– Higher asset utilization

Customer programs
We offer customized curricula to address the unique training
requirements of your facility. We provide assessment, planning
development, and delivery of specialized programs to improve
performance and increase productivity.

– Increased employee productivity
– More focused use of the training investment
– Access to qualified training personnel

Training centre facilities

– Demo room with operating models
– Product benches for hands on training
– Sophisticated learning aids such as simulations, product
cutouts and multimedia presentation
– Well Equipped class rooms with an instant access to ABB
group e-learning sites

24 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure


Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 25


26 Medium voltage service solution | Service brochure

Service brochure | Medium voltage service solution 27
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